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 Do the allergy-free goose feather comforters work?
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i accidently took 4 benedryl. i missread the box and thought it said take 4 every 6 hours.

it said take EVERY 4-6 hours.

i feel kinda woozy and dizzy but otherwise fine.

 Are people who are allergic to cat hair always allergic to dog hair too?

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Milk susitute for 19 month old?
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 development of nut allergies?
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 Question about Allergy Testing?
i went to a doctor office who said they will test me for environmental allergies but not food. i want to test for everything, do some places test for both? also they said that i have to come back 5 ...

 allergic reaction to period pads?
apart from pretty bad situational stress.

over past year or so, if i wear a period pad, at any time - period or no period - i get a pretty strange reaction, my blood pressure drops, ...

 Fear of having a food allergy?
When I was in high school I witnessed a fellow classmate who was from mexico having a severe allergic reaction to a salad dressing she ate. Her throat closed up and she ended up going to the hospital....

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 What is the best allergy medication that doesn't cause drowsiness?

 Can people develop allergies?
When I was born the doctors said I was not allergic to anything.
And I guess they were right because I never had any symptoms during allergy season and I never had to got to the hospital because ...

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 I am choked with catarrh i am a non-smoker its driving me mad anyone any advice?

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Me, Myself, and I
Professionals, please - two questions about allergies!?
1) Without going to the doctor, how can I tell if I'm getting a cold, or developing allergies?

My nose is continuously running, I keep sneezing, and my throat hurts from the random drainage. My eyes are perfectly fine. My sister (who has bad allergies) says that if your snot is clear it's allergies, if it's colored it's a cold or sinus infection. Is this true? If it is, then I have allergies, I guess.

2) If it's allergies, is there an over the counter drug that can help?

My nose is driving me (and my coworkers) crazy! Plus, if I blow my nose too hard, too often, it starts bleeding (has all my life). I'm quite sick of it, to say the least.

I would really appreciate constructive advice on this one!

As far as snot is concerned, yes, allergy snot is usually clear, but snot is also usually clear at the start of a cold, and sometimes it never turns green or yellow. In general, the snot rule is right, but the rule of thumb for allergies is that they are persistant where as a cold will go away in about a week or so. Often, allergy sufferers will have dark circles under their eyes, a crease across the bridge of their nose from chronic nose wiping and tiny lines underneath the eyes (Dennie-Morgan folds)- all of which are highly correlated with allergic disease. The inside of your nose tends to be red and inflamed with a cold, and with allergies it tends to be pale, almost white.
The first thing you should do is go get an allergy test. It's known as the scratch test.. basically they take about 80 common allergens and scratch them into the surface of your skin. If you are allergic, then your skin will swell,itch and turn red in that area. Once you know what you are allergic to, you can try to avoid (i.e. if a certain type of flower, you can avoid planting that flower in your yard). OTC meds are available. It used to just be benadryl, which is really a great drug, but it makes you SUPER sleepy (it seriously knocks me out worse than narcotics). Now, there are all kinds of allergy drugs on the market. I speak with a lot of people who like Claritan D. I personally use Zytec, both of which you can get over the counter. Different meds affect people different ways. Some people don't like claritan because it's dries their mouth out too bad... some people say zytec makes them sleepy... just find one that you like and that works for you.... you'll feel much better! Allergies are horrible, and it seems like mine get worse every year. I have actually sneezed so many times while I was driving, that I had to pull over because I couldn't see out my eyes, so trust me, I know what you're going through.

Your sis is correct on the allergy part.
Simply put what you need is an antihistamine, and a non sedative one at that.
In my opinion levoceterizine ought to work best in that regard.

1) it's almost certainly true, although clear mucus can also mean it's a virus
2) claritin is available otc in the US

Well, there is no test you can do at home to determine- Are you stuffy/sneezy all the time or during certain times of the year? Does anything seem to "trigger" the attacks? Here's a good website to look at: http://quickcare.org/resp/alergies.html

OTC drugs that have helped me are claritin and Zyrtec- you may want to consider using a saline spray for your nose- it may help to keep your nasal passages moist and lessen the bleeding issues.
Also, a trip to a Doctor that specializes in Allergies may help. They can find your "triggers"- if it is an allergy, and discuss ways to help treat you-

cameron w
Please don't take offense to anything that I am saying, I am being very serious and if you want proof, please read the following statement. By Kevin Trudeau author of Natural Cures. "They" Don't want you to know about.
Please read the following. I can't put into words exactly for there would be many, but I can suggest to you that you need to detoxify your body first and formost, I would say that you eat a lot of dairy products? If so, I would say to stop for one week, and during that week get some "Mangosteen" with Goji and Pomergranate, it will cost somewhere between 25 and or 30 dollars a bottle. I am saying this only to help detoxify your body, we are filling ourselves with so many different toxins daily that our bodies can't pass them fast enough and really we are becoming storage containers for the food companies. Don't believe me alone on this, research for yourself, you can ask any doctor about what is left in our collins when we die, they are full to about 80% full of toxic materials when we die, and it weighs anywhere between 15 to 25 pounds, yes, I am talking about the chemicals that are on/in our food. the food companies are using chemicals so as to preserve food long enough and keep it fresh looking longer so we the consumer will buy it and they know this. anyway, if you would like to know more, give Kevin Trudeau a try and read for yourself what can change your life and keep you from ever getting sick again.

Queen of the Dust Mites
The most inexpensive way to tell if it is cold, allergy, or the flu is to take your temperature. You can run a fever with cold or the flu (or secondary infection). However, allergy is caused by a defect in the immune system whereby benign proteins are mis-identified. Allergy NEVER causes fever. The consistency of your discharge can vary based on many things, the least of which is how well hydrated you are.
I don't blame you for being sick of having to blow your nose all the time, that does get painful and even in your case bloody. You have to be careful with the OTC allergy meds, because many of them have side effects. The safest to start with is to look for loratadine. No need to buy the name brand, just get the generic loratadine (read labels that is the active ingredient in Claratin). Stay away from the combo drugs with pseudoephedrine because while effective, they can cause major side effects that you don't want to deal with while you are trying to work.
I'm including a link to an article that goes symptom by symptom if you have allergy or cold. If this is something that just now flared up, it is probably seasonal allergy.
Hope you feel better soon....cold or allergy!

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