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Sadie S
Possible allergy to hair?
Shortly after my fiancee and I got together I noticed i would start having hive outbreaks in various parts of my body, (never all over at once only isolated) A few months after we were together i realized it was from his hair on his head. My fiancee shaves his head bald so he doesnt have much hair. When the stubble starts growing, anytime it comes into contact with my skins(arm, leg, face) I start to get an outbreak at the site that itchs very bads and gets multiple little bumps.His hair on his face, that is also cut short except for small beard and mustache, dont cause an outbreak. Anyone have a similar experience? know what causes this? I'm 22 and never had this experience with anyones hair.

Abhilash S
probably cause of the protein in the hair which can act as a allergen. it's unique to every individual.. so it's ok..better have a antihistamine with you or tell your boyfriend to go bald for the rest of his life ;)

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