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mandi l
Please help, my allergies are killing my eyes.?
My tear ducts itch so freaking bad right now I can’t stop itching them. They itch soooooo bad I just want to stick my nail in there. How do I make this stop? I hate, HATE taking pills but at this point I’ll pop pills like a raver just to Stop itching!! Can anyone recommend anything? Preferably not cold meds.


antihistamines like benadryl or claritin works well for that. I have bad allergies too, like when the grass is freshly cut, My eyes get itchy and throat has this annoying tickle.

So yeah try one of those and it should work, and if not I would recommend getting your eyes checked as there could be something other than allergies like an infection. OHHH maybe polysporin eye drops could work too...Try that :)

Good Luck.

Visine for Eye Allergies

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