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My son has a peanut allergy?
Hi everyone! I gave my 15 month old son a little bit of peanut butter, and he broke out with a rash around his mouth and his right eye got puffy. It was scary. We got some epipens from my doctor, and I have an appointment with an allergist on Tuesday.

I was wondering if any of you have experience, or know someone who has a child with a peanut allergy. Can children grow out of it? Do you know much about going through a food challenge? What are some of the things to look out for?


Hon, I feel your pain. My son was diagnosed with severe peanut allergy (as well as nut allergies) at age 3. His allergist tests him every 2 years (he is 13 now) and he still comes up as severely allergic. My understanding (from personal experience) is that children for the most part do not outgrow peanut allergies. I am going to give you a few links to websites that will help you with this issue. For the most part, your child's pediatric allergist should be able to work with you during this trying time. I know it isn't easy with a toddler, but you can and will learn to cope with this. Good luck!
Sites are: http://www.foodallergyinitiative.com
Hope this helps. Good luck!

My son was diagnosed the week before his 3rd birthday with allergies to corn, soy, wheat, egg, milk, and peanut. He is seven now. He has outgrown all but the peanut allergy, but he has added pineapple. He is anaphylactically allergic to both. We found out about the peanut allergy when his older brother came home from school after having eaten peanut butter crackers for snack, kissed the younger son on the cheek, and the younger one broke out in hives and immediately started having an asthma attack. We now carry epi-pens everywhere we go. He also wears a Medic Alert bracelet. I recommend that you get a Medic Alert bracelet for your son as well.
As for the food challenge, our allergist never put our son through that due to the multiple allergies, and the fact that reactions to peanuts are often so life threatening. He simply wasn't willing to take that chance with my son's life, and neither was I. He never did a skin test for peanuts either. His opinion was, if my son was reacting to peanuts and peanut butter, that was proof enough of an allergic reaction. No need to possibly put him into anaphylaxis just for the sake of a skin test.
For children as young as your son, their reactions may or may not be the "standard" allergic reactions. For some, they may become hyperactive in response to exposure to the tiniest amount of the allergen. If he talks he may say things like "it feels hot" or "spicy" or "makes his throat feel small". Things like that. On the FAAN website, there is a page that tells the way that small children describe allergic reactions. It may be helpful to you. There is also an entire section for the newly diagnosed.
The peanut allergy will be a part of your son's life from now on, but it doesn't have to be a detrimental thing. If you want to find a wealth of information, I highly recommend the FAAN website. They have tons of resources, information, and an online store where you can purchase books for both you and even coloring books and things for your son. Alexander the Elephant who couldnt eat peanuts is very very popular at our house (we have the stuffed elephant, the coloring book, the movie, and the stickers). I wish you the best of luck learning to adapt to your son's new diagnosis. It will be a challenge in the beginning, but you will be great. After all, you're his mom, who else is his best advocate?

Yes, children are lucky to grow out of their food allergies, but it doesn't happen for everyone. The most imporant thing is not to "test" it to make sure his allergy has changed. Keep him away from all peanut containing products. I didn't develop a peanut allergy until I was in my 30's, so there is no going back now. My allergies have been the same for 5 years now, it's quite annoying, and the list keeps growing. A simple blood test will tell you what you are allergic to. I have never done a "food challenge"..but my sister did. I don't like the idea of it.

Hello! Kids with nut allergies rarly outgrow it. I believe another answer had it right. 10-20% chance. I know that's not what you want to her though. I myself have peanut and treenut allergies. I developed them when I was about to turn 20. At first , making changes is tough. You spend longer in the store , reading ALL the labels.When you go out, you ask what oil they use, alert them to allergies, etc. But after a little bit, it gets easier.

My biggest peice of advice is to keep alert. ALWAYS read every label.All of it too, not just the allergy alert. I bought a Healthy Choice meal that had allrgy info, but they forgot to put the Almond oil in the alert. ALWAYS ask servers about oils, and the threat of cross contamination. Just today I went to out to a place where I have eaten before, but today we had to leave because they started to use peanut oil. f I hadn't alerted them and asked, I would have eaten it. That would have been bad!

SOme great places to get things from are peanutfreeplanet.com, Vermont Nut free chocolate,skittles, smarties(USA, not the chocolate ones from Canada and Briten) and Enjoy Life brands. Remember too, if the label doesn't list any allergy info,but it contains something thats a common allergy (like soy, dairy, wheat, etc.) it's probably not safe. According to an act they are SUPPOSED to label foods, but some places still don't. Like Hershey.

Good Luck to you.Know that your son is not alone. There are alot of us allergy sufferers.And there are alot of families that have to adjust too. Do your research online, and email if you have any other questions. I would be glad to help!

I do know that your son has only a 10-20 percent chance of outgrowing it, so chances are its a for life thing. Although I am sure your allergist can make some recommendations for you.

sheila f.
my niece has peanut allergy, she's now in her 20's and never outgrew it. fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of it, manufacturers pay attention to it now when labelling their products, etc. I had such a hard time many years ago (in the 80's) when I had to take my niece places because i would oftentimes ask food servers if they know if the food they serve has peanuts, and they would look at me like I am crazy or something. Now it's a standard thing for them to declare if there are peanuts or even traces of it in their products.

when your son is bigger, teach him everything that he should know about avoiding foods that can possibly harm him.

tell him not to take food being offered to him without having you check first.

when he goes to school, tell the teacher or the office about his allergy, schools have standard procedures now.

if his allergy is severe, even being near someone who'd just had peanut butter for example will trigger the allergy.

research. learn more. good luck.

I'm 47 & am anaphylatic since my 1st peanut at age 1.
Over recent years I have had to look for warnings on everything I buy. Split green peas which the ingredients label as having ONLY peas also have nut warning. I am unable to eat chocolate anymore as a plain bar of chocolate is cross contaminated & I can taste it.
Check everything & don't risk your son's health.
My daughter is asthmatic & has never had anything with msg in it in her 20 yrs. We used to make a game of looking at labels to see what they had. If you teach your son he will learn what he can eat.

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