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 what are you allergic to?
i'm allergic to bandaids, dust, and pollen.

just curious :)...

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No medicine has ever worked for my allergies except for Allegra BEFORE they changed the formula. I've also tried the shots, but I went into anaphylactic shock 3 times, because the doctors ...

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Since i was a kid i'm often allergic to dust. When i go to sleep i often wake up usually after only 4 or 5 hours of sleep and i have asthma and sometimes cold too. When i feel that, it's ...

My nose won't stop running and I can't stop sneezing!!!!!!!!!!! HELP!?
I've tried pseudoephedrine and antihistamines.. NOTHING IS HELPING! It's driving me insane. Any suggestions?
Additional Details
I just had the flu for like a week. This is something new..........

JUST GO TO THE DOCTER. there no tellin how old you are so ask someone 2 take u or go 2 ecwerds or walgreens they will help u.


Dustin Q
Really hot candy usually works to clear up my sinuses.

try Claritin or Alavert. if you don't get any relief, see your doctor.

Dust in the wind
There is no way of telling where you live, and if the spring plants are greening up there, but that surely sounds like asthma to me, and we have a lot of it in may family. If you really want help, I fear you will need to see the old DR. Sorry!

joanne m
It depends on your other side effects, do you have mucus on your chest, do you have a cough? If so this could mean you have an infection not treatable by using cold and flu type medicines.
If you suffer with this type of thing seasonal it is most likely to be hayfever. I would try phenergan 25mg. This is also a antihistimine, it will make you drowsy so take it at night or during the day if you do not have to do anything and you can just sleep. It often helps me if I get hayfever to bad. Good luck

Get a hot shower to help clean you out. And the drug stores sell the shower therapies that help clear out your nose. When you are in the shower blow your nose too! It will get all the junk out! And then get some Claritin D. It works pretty good! And maybe sleep with a humidifier at night to keep the air that you are breathing moist!

been there done that....(that was last week) This week I get the pleasures of having aching muscles..headache and swollen body parts. AAAAH...life doesn't get any better I tell ya. OH...still got the runny drippy sneezy snotty nose. (I'm dieing and nobody cares) LOL (sniff, caugh)

maria j
Buy Non-Drowsy Claritin-D...you can get it at any drug store or pharmacy it is now available over-the-counter...works miracles on alergies.

[email protected]♥
this probably isn't much help, but i learned that if ya don't wanna sneeze...then just pinch that skin like right under your nose. lol, it works, i did it the other day. and for the runny nose part, like if your at home alone or ne thing, stick some tissue up there. lol...yeah, i know that sounds weird, but it helps hehe

Take a warm shower...

srsly...make some plugs out of tissue and leave them there for 30 mins to an hour and it will stop

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