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My mom seems to be the only one slightly allergic to our cat, does vaccuming help?
Does vaccuming the house every other day help relieve the symptoms? My mom isn't like crazily allergic, she just has slightly watery eyes sometimes and sneezes a few. I know the best way would be to get rid of our cat, but we had a cat a while ago and she was fine --- plus we're in Texas, where weather makes allergies worse....also, this is our Christmas present...suggestions, pleasee!!

The weather will NOT make a allegry to cats worse!!!!!!! And you'll have to vacuum 7 days a week. Christmas present ? Give the cat away !

yes, i am very slightly alergic to cats, also my father and sister, and if i touch a cat then touch my face, i get itchy eyes and my face itches. she should be a lot better as long as you vaccum every day or every other day, because the fur and stuff in the fur(im not an expert obviously, so im not sure exactly what it is) is what irritates people.

do you replace the air filter in the central heat and air system in your home? you need to vacuum at least 3 days a week with animals in the home plus replace the vacuum bag once a week. an air purifier and a dehumidifier inside the house will help also. the air ducts in your home probably have never been cleaned so call a professional carpet cleaner and have him/her check the air ducts and also give you an estimate to clean your carpet. I hope this works.

Jesus Saves!
Your mom can check with her doctor, there are allergy shots available. Vaccuming does help, also keeping your cat groomed which will limit the amount of cat hair throughout the house. One last thing, many times if someone is allergic to an animal after being exposed to that certain animal for a while it eventually will not effect her as bad (possibly). Hope it works out!

Hello =)

Rather than getting rid of your mother, or the cat, why not get rid of the carpeting??

The reason people get allergic to cats is usually because cats are so crazy clean, that they lick themselves constantly. The saliva dries onto their fur, and then the dried saliva becomes aireborne (yeuchhh!!!) This dried saliva then accumulates in carpeting, rugs, and furniture.

You would have to be very vehement about vacuuming your carpets, washing your rugs and pillows, and vacuuming your furniture to deal with it. You would also have to use a HEPA vacuum, and change the filters appropriately.

All in all, it's difficult to live without upholstered furniture, but hardwood floors, with simple rag rugs that you can toss into the washer once a week are very nice.

Keep up the vacuuming with the furniture, though, and keep your air filters running, and change the filter elements as per the manufacturers recommendations.

It still won't remove 100% of the problem, but it's a good compromise. And it is better than getting rid of your mother.



I am (slightly) allergic to cats and I have three cats. My children love the cats--my grandchildren love the cats--I like the cats, so I've learned to live with the occasional sneeze and watery eyes. If, however, it's mom or the cat, I would keep mom and try to find Fluffy a new home. Your mom is probably ultra-wonderful and is willing to suffer (slightly) since she is, after all is said and done, a mom. (I also vacuum daily with a machine that has allergen containment filters and that really seems to help.)
Much happiness on the new addition to your family!

tell mom to take allergy pills and cat should stay if worse comes to worse put mom out.

Yes, vacuuming and dusting with a damp cloth would help. So would helping your kitty by grooming her frequently so she doesn't have so much loose fur on her, if she'll let you.

Enjoy the holidays, and good luck with the cat!

Vacuuming may help a little but if she is allergic she will still have symptoms if the cat is around the house.

i think that along with that vacuming u should pick up an air purifyer.

The best thing - keep that cat out of her bedroom. Having cat dander under her nose 8 hours of the day while she sleeps is bound to make her miserable. Yes, Vacuum everyday.
Also, Google "cat allergies" and you will find alot of other tips.

But if that doesn't help - do her a favor and find the cat a good home.

There are drops you can get a your vet's that you put in the cats water. It is an enzyme in their saliva that causes a lot of allergic problems. My husband is also allergic to cats. When a cat licks itself the saliva & the dander are the culprits that cause all the problems.

vacuuming helps but will not totally relieve it, u should have an ionizer and she has to take anti-allergy medications and i can relate on the solution of getting rid of the cat, i will probably have severe anaphylactic reaction from my cat allergy but i will not get rid of them. i'll just take medications

Nick B
Vacuuming definetely helps. I'm allergic to cats and can't STAND being at someone's house who has cats, except one of my friends. She vacuums like every day (I think she's OCD), and I usually get absolutely no symptoms at all.

Yup Yup & Shamrock's Revenge
Getting rid of the cat works the best. I'm allergic to all animals with fur so I don't even mess with them.

yes and no it will help somewhat but the cat dander is in the air what needs to be done is the cat would have to go or maybe put in a room that your mom dont ever go cause its the dander shes alergec to wish there was more to say but thats it sorry hope you get to keep the cat

Vaccuming and you should get air purifiers for the rooms that she uses and that will constantly take the pet dander out of the air.

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