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 Can you be allergic to Egg?
The last few times I have eaten egg... say on toast or scrambled or an omelette or something I have been really sick and thrown up. But i have eaten things containing egg and been fine... is it ...

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 my son's hands have been all red since about dinner time. he says they hurt. what are some possibilities
it could be? are there allergies that can cause this? he had been bitten by an ant on the hand. they did not swell up....

 can someone be allergic to water?
i don't know really?...

 A cat scratched me! Now its red and swollen?
Okay so my cousins cat scratched me a week and 1 day ago. From what I know, they have never taken the cat to the vet before to get checked up. When the cat scratched me, my wrist didn't bleed ...

 I'm allergic to detergents,what should I do about it?
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 can you get a sore/ itchy throat when you have allergies?
its spring and my throat is a little bit itchy....if you have allergies, can you have an itchy throat and no runny nose (mines not running)........my throat isn't severely itchy but im worried ...

 How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.

 Should I get a nose job?
ok so PLEASE do not tell me stuff about:
being superficial

please just tell me if you think that ...

 Sore Nose? Any advise?
Okay. So two days ago, I woke up with the right side of my nose sore. If i touched it, flared it, or wrinkled it, it would hurt. It feels like a got hit, but the thing is I didn't. Should I see ...

 Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
My boss claims that she is, so we can't eat it in the office...I've never heard of that before...do smell allergies exist?...

 Is there a test you can take to see if your allergic to cats?
can your doctor do a test to see if your allergic to cats? I think my daughter is allergic to ...

 I don't have a cold so why is my nose constantly clogged?
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 Don't you think that all these people who claim they have a food allergy is all a big con?
it was unheard of 30 years ago. now you have people who are allergic to nuts, mils , eggs, even if they see nuts or smell them they claimthey can have an attack....

 what's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?

 my eyes are itchy;my throat hurts; stuffy nose and i've been sneezing ALOT;?
since this is allergy season; maybee its that right?
what shouldd i do soo that they GO AWAY!...

 Help I'm allergic to anything made of matter. What do I do?

 am i allergic to chapstick?
i've been using it my whole life (well i'm thirteen)

and i dont know why but i found this cool looking chapstick
so i bought it,
it was this silver looking one.

 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
Hello I have a really bad case of, I don't know if it is hives but there are a lot of bumps that are making me itch and a really bad stomach ache and it started since I ate two bowls of popcorn ...

Okay my WHOLE body itches. Literally, head to toe. I have not changed soaps, laundry detergant, and I lotion my body A LOT so I do no think it is dry skin.AND it is NOT an allergic reaction. Even my ...

My daughter has just been diagnosed with wheat, egg, milk, soy, and corn allergy. Anyone have any advice?
90% of what she eats has just been eliminated and we're struggling to find things she can and will eat.
The itch episodes and respiratory problems she was having led us to get her tested.
Please offer suggestions.
Additional Details
And also peanuts.

When you have another child dont get them vaccinated. Thats likely the problem. Look up kids who have never had vaccines or drank fluoridated water and see they rarely get sick and have higher IQ's

feed her cardboard

Looked Down and I was Smoking
Tell her to eat Pizza for breakfast .

Chgritq J
dont give her any ???

Penguin Angel
dont let her eat any of that. Give her processed tofu in a blender

Kjfv D
dont feed her all that stuff.

Uh-Oh, it's Sexy Time
Okay, chances are she's not equally allergic to all of them - try testing again to see which foods produce the worst allergic reactions. Perhaps she should eat the less noticeable or harmful ones. I'm supposedly allergic to milk, as it causes slight mucus buildup, but that doesn't stop me.


you can make it healthy, and very good.
just make sure you get the organic kinds

you can find it in the produce section in Publix.

poor girl :(

its like being allergic to nuts, you have to check the labels on anything before buying it

its gonna be hard, but theres nothing more you can do than to be careful

oh that's tough. I'm sorry I don't have much to advise, but did the doctors give you any suggestions on a new diet for her. Or you may be able to google different dietery restrictions and see what is suggested. It's really hard to stay away from those things, good luck!

There are lots of gluten free pasta, breads and biscuits in most supermarkets. You could make bread and pizza bases & buscuits with wheat and corn free flower. Another option would be to cook more veg...make soups...

Are you struggling with specific meals?

that is terrible and i am sorry...

however, if she is still young, it is fairly common for children to "grow" out of these allergies. Keep hope!

Absolutely get a second opinion. That's a huge diagnosis to trust one source with making.

Almond and rice milk are both great, and there's plenty of gluten-free products available. Look into vegan cooking, and you'll have a lot of luck. (As far as baked goods, I really recommend "My Sweet Vegan," it's wonderful) Really read labels carefully, milk especially likes to hide in everything.

May M
Apple sauce!
Fruits and Veggies!

Did she get tested for peanuts? My Son has food allergies, but peanuts are the worst and would kill him.

I think RICE is one of the safest foods. you don't give her age, but there is baby rice cereals, and anything rice based. Mashed potatoes are also good, and they are loaded with vitamins..I would make all natural potatoes, minus the milk/butter, use water to thin it down. Carrots should be food too. Meats rarely have allergic reaction, turkey/chicken/lean ground beef prepared accordingly for her age. You may want to try plain Cheerios for snack (if she is old enough) and Cheerios are fortified with vitamins. Mashed bananas, also healthy.

Laura C
maybe you could take a look at this cookbook:

Wow, that's pretty scary!

I have a friend who has similar allergies. She has to go on a purely vegan diet. You might try other vegetables and mushrooms, and fruits and nuts- provided that they won't cause a reaction. You might still be all right with oatmeal, but check with an allergist to be sure.

Good luck!

Amie F
you could ask a dietition

Almond milk is a great substitute. You can also find gluten free products in health food stores. Take her to an allergist as well!

I would query the valididty of the test that was done. Just make sure that is was a reliable person that done the test such as local doctor or paedrician. There are many many quacks out there cost a fortune and only put the patient at very high risk of nutritional deficincies. Be careful

for grains - rice or rice noodles
for protein - there are lost of legumes like lentil, beans & chick peas
also meats.
for starches - potatoes or sweet potatoes, dasheen, cassava etc. (can also make breads from some of these)
Eat lots of vege & friuts.

She may need to take a calcium supplement.

EDIT: I saw someone say TOFU - No!! Tofu is made from Soy.

Diego Maradona
Special companies make certain, non-allergenic, foods for people with allergies. Don't worry, she will probably outgrow some of those allergies. I outgrew my egg allergy around 5-6 years old.

Try this website. It has been very helpful for our family. It has lots of great advice, tips for eating in, eating out and just living day to day with these types of allergies.

Food Allergy Initiative


1. Hopefully this is only temporary.

2. Seek a few more professional diagnoses.

3. Be positive that she has not been bitten
by a poisonous insect or reptile...?

4. Fruits, especially cranberries, peaches, and grapes...
are excellent for people that suffer from allergies...

5. Beef, poultry, fish, and various crustations should be okay.

6. Unleavened bread such as pita bread might be okay.

7. Potatoes, bananas, and mushrooms are good for potassium.

8. Name brand peanut butter such as Jiff should be okay.

9. Green vegetables should be okay.

10. Veggie pasta and tomato based sauces should be okay.

rice products are plenty.

wow, i'm sorry to hear that. Try vegan cookbooks, they have alot of good recipes not containing those products and a substitute list for others.

I'd rather be at the beach
I'm so sorry to hear about that!!! We've got the same sort of issues in our family.

My little niece is allergic to all the things you've just listed (except corn) and my son is allergic to soy and intollerant to dairy, oats and apples

Allergies can come and go, which is great! My cousin was terribly allergic to corn when she was 1-2 years old. Now she's 3 and it doesn't bother her at all! So she may outgrow some of these (maybe all of them!)

My son drinks goats milk (since he can't have dairy or soy) or rice milk. They also make rice cream (for ice cream) and he eats goats cheese. I saw on the carton they make goat's butter, but I've had trouble finding it around here. So I'm just using coconut oil, instead of butter, for him. You can also use 100% pure maple syrup as a sweetener

There's a great book called the Dairy free, egg free, wheat free diet (I think that's what it's called!) and they give lots of great recipes. Rice checks are a cereal she can eat, or oat meal. Maybe Kix?
I would have her eat a lot of fruits, veggies, meats, soups, stews, that sort of thing. She's going to be one healthy girl! =)

Corn is really tricky I think! Corn syrup is in everything!! It's even in medicine like Motrin and tylenol (because of corn syrup they use for flavoring) My aunt would have the pharmacy mix up medicine for my cousin. There are actually support groups online for parents of children with corn allergies.

Once you get into the routine, and once you figure out what she's able to eat, it gets easier.

I wish you the best of luck!!!

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