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 Can't stop Coughing?
i've been coughing for a couple weeks
no symptoms of cold or fever
any advice please?
Additional Details
also have no allergies, despite the mistakened ...

 Mosquito's?? What is the best way to stop them biting? Without using Deet?
I get a bad reaction andend up with lumps the size of eggs. They itch and are unsightley. I am going to the Carribean in the New Year. Please help....

 i get a tight chest when theres dust in the air is it serious?

 i think my stuffed animal is sick?
i had the flu 12 years ago. and i think my stuffed gumdrop is coming down with it. (poor Mr.Bean)
what ever shall i doo!?...

 i have been sick, and now both of my eyes are blood shot red,what do i do to get get rid of the red eye?
they some times hurt,but i went to bed last night and when i woke up it was really hard for me 2 open my eyes because eye burger type stuff was in them,but now they are just really red....

 Help! Woke Up With Bloody Nose..?
Just today, when I woke up, I got up to get a tissue to blow my nose and found the my nose was bleeding...my nose hasn't bled in a long time... Why do you think I woke up with a bloody nose? I ...

 My eye keeps itching me really bad. How can i make it stop?
i guess it is sprin allergies or something but it really itches and after i itch it it gets all red and itches more....

 i have a habit of picking my nose and eating it and i can't stop!!!?
please help me! my girlfriend caught me, and now she is thinking of leaving me over it. whats a good way to stop doing it?...

 What type of shower is better for itches; hot or cold?
I have some type of rash that makes my whole body itch. Is it better to take a really hot or cold shower? Could the rash be from sunburn, working with tobacco leafs, or a pesticide on the tobacco ...

 what are you allergic to?
i cant eat fish. ...

 Can a school ban all kids from brining food w/nuts if one kid is allergic to nuts?

 What are you allergic to...?
and how you get by everyday?...

 Best medicine for Allergies?
My allergies have acted up so much recently, this year in particular. I've tried Claratin with next to no help, it worked at first but now... not so much. What is, in your opinion, the best?

 i have a wheeze sound inside an it have me coughing a lot?

 Can you recommend a good treatment for hayfever?
This is the first time I've got hayfever so don't have a clue what to buy. bendryl, piriton, clarityn, eurux cream, lanacane cream, various nasal sprays....it all confuses me. Just need ...

 What's the best thing to drink while you have a cold???
I have a little cold, and was wondering what the best thing to drink while I'm sick is?...

 If I am allergic to cats will I be allergic to rabbits/bunnies too?

 i'm sick what do i do?
i'm sick right now is there anyone that can tell how to unstuff my nose and stop my itchie throat if my mo doesn't think that i'm really sick but i've been throwing up everyday ...

 What can ease itchy hayfever eyes? I've woken up with mega itchy eyes it driving me crazy!?

 whats the worst thing to be allergic to???
ok so i want to know what u guys think is the worst thing there is to be allergic ...

My boyfriend has 4 cats...... I'm allergic to cats...what should i do??

Voice your concern to your boyfriend and see if he will compramise and help you find a solution.

Meds meds meds.. or have him just always come to your place after stopping and showering and getting a new set of clothes every time

There are always medicines to take care of your allergies. Never make someone choose between their animals and you! That's just wrong.

4 cats?... a guy with "4" cats, well if you really like the guy tell him your allergy problem and tell him to get rid of them (nicely), if he doesnt, leave him or SHAVE THE CATS!

Definitely don't ask him to get rid of them unless you are severely allergic and have tried all your options. One would be to make a safe-room, have one room in the house where the cats are not allowed, set it up with an air purifier, have a cleaning company or yourself steam all the upholstery, including the carpets and blinds, vacuum that room every day. Meanwhile, see your doctor and have him prescripe allergy medication. While in his house, wash your hands constantly, even the people most allergic can sometimes tolerate cats if they aren't touching them, which also means not touching couches, chairs, and then rubbing your eyes or touching your mouth.

joanna w
he probably wont give up the cats

4 cats? That's a cat person.
here are some options:
1) Dump your boyfriend.
2) Go to the doctor and buy the medicine you need
3) Kill the cats


get rid of b/f or get rid of his cats..
take them out in the country where you can drop them off in a nice farmyard when he isnt home to know.
Then go buy him fish.

well, if you want to keep your bf then go to the doctor and have him prescribe you an allergy medicine...do not ask your bf to get rid of his cats, that would be too selfish of you if the cats were there first

loving father
Find a new boyfriend who likes dogs instead?

Get a new boyfriend !!!

Goddess Princess Minky
take allergy medication. They've got over the counter ones or you can go to your doctor for prescribed ones.

find a new boyfriend that respects your allegies

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