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 Best medicine for Allergies?
My allergies have acted up so much recently, this year in particular. I've tried Claratin with next to no help, it worked at first but now... not so much. What is, in your opinion, the best?

 i have a wheeze sound inside an it have me coughing a lot?

 Can you recommend a good treatment for hayfever?
This is the first time I've got hayfever so don't have a clue what to buy. bendryl, piriton, clarityn, eurux cream, lanacane cream, various nasal sprays....it all confuses me. Just need ...

 What's the best thing to drink while you have a cold???
I have a little cold, and was wondering what the best thing to drink while I'm sick is?...

 If I am allergic to cats will I be allergic to rabbits/bunnies too?

 i'm sick what do i do?
i'm sick right now is there anyone that can tell how to unstuff my nose and stop my itchie throat if my mo doesn't think that i'm really sick but i've been throwing up everyday ...

 What can ease itchy hayfever eyes? I've woken up with mega itchy eyes it driving me crazy!?

 whats the worst thing to be allergic to???
ok so i want to know what u guys think is the worst thing there is to be allergic ...

 What could i be allergic to?
My nose clogs frequently, i am already allergic to dust, mold, ragweed, dander, pet fur, (cat and dog) and mildew. what else could i be allergic to? my eyes water and itch alot when my nose also ...

 Ive ate really expired mayonnase.?
I ate some mayonnase or however you spell it and I got a really bad stomach ace before I read the expirary date and it expired in 2007. If you cant see this is in 2009. Is there anything bad that ...

 How can I minimise dust in my bedroom?
Ok we have one of those air purifies downstairs and I don't really want one in my bedroom because I hate the sound it makes. Is there anyway I can minimise the dust without an air purifier?...

 For the past two years I have been clearing my throat and nothing seems to help me overcome it, what's wrong?
I have tried medicines and nothing works. It seems to happen more after I have eaten. It is not painful but rather painless fixture in my day. Any advice or help?...

 Can allergies (runny nose, sneezing & watery eyes) turn into a sinus infection?

 what's the difference between a cold and allergies?

Additional Details
wow all great answers thanks
my son has allergies and he has them all year we got a apt to find out what exactly causes it i think dust and this house gets it ...

 Why do I get hives if I'm not allergic to anything?
They just appear usually on my head. Then I take prednisone which I don't like. Any reason or treatment?...

 I just found out my son is allergic to dogs and cats, but I don't want to get rid of my animals.?
Is there any way to manage his symptoms?...

 Why do I get light headed around cigarette smoke?
I work around smokers in a machining plant... The past few days I have been getting light headed around the smoke. When I go home I am fine. I walked into work today and felt fine. I started working ...

 Can you be allergic to Benadryl?
I took 2 pills one hour ago and now I am dizzy and nauseous. Is this normal?
Additional Details
Thanks everyone! Turns out that it was making me incredibly sleepy. That was definitely ...

 For those of you with food allergies, what would you have done?
When a grocery store is giving out free samples, if you ask the person in charge if it contains a certain ingredient because you are allergic to it; if the person assures you that it does not and you ...

 Help .. Red itchy kind of swollen eye?
ok, well it's like an on&off symptom really. If i dare touch my eye i know it will start to get very irritated and start to itch and then i start to rub it, and afterwards it would be quite ...

Mosquito's?? What is the best way to stop them biting? Without using Deet?
I get a bad reaction andend up with lumps the size of eggs. They itch and are unsightley. I am going to the Carribean in the New Year. Please help.

dolly doo
sorry i don't know if your a lady or a gentleman but my doc said don't wear an purfums and have a shower with a citrus based shower gel i used to get bitten really bad i tried this way last year and never got bite its worth a try and its cheaper than spray's that don't work have a good holiday

rub some citrus (either orange or lemon) to your skin. insects will keep away from you (as well as cats).

jackie m
Take antihistamine tablets every day for 2 weeks before you go, - Last year in Greece a Greek woman told me that the only thing to keep them away is your own urine?

Well, this may not help, given your destination.

If you were going to the high mountains where aspen trees grow, the "chalk" on the bark of aspens, when rubbed on a person's skin is a "natural mosquito repellant".

Take a garlic pill from the health shop every day that should stop them.

Not sure how to stop them apart from the plug in machines that give out a vapour, this works for me. If you do get bites, the quicker you can rub some alcohol on the bite the better. I used to get these a lot and the alcohol helps reduce the itch and the swelling.

Randy O
Nontoxic Bug Repellent

Citronella oil is an alternative to DEET. It's sold commercially but is thought to be less effective than DEET. If the alternative, however, is lumps the size of eggs (a very vivid picture!), then citronella may well be the way to go.

It's sold over the counter in the US - just check the labels. Be sure to check for skin reactions first - dab a little on the forearm prior to the travel. If, after a few hours, there's no reaction, you should be OK to smear it all over yourself.

Happy trails!

Curiously, bugs, mosquitoes and flys all the hate the scent of lavender and peppermint !! if you have essential oil of either one put a few drops into a spray bottle of water and shake well. Then simply spray affected areas to repel the bugs. chemical free, very cheap and very effective for protecting our sensitive little bodies.


Take alot of vitamin B1 it is natural, and mosquitos can detect it and won't bite.

George G
agree with Penelope and rub down with lemon juice or any other citrus oil they are great deterrants

Take a B-Complex Vitamin every day, its good for you. Within a week mosquitoes will hate you.

I get the same reaction. I guess you're looking for a natural repellent. Lemon eucalyptus oil is probably the best, if you can get hold of it. I think it's called simply "Repel". Geranium & soybean oil (marketed as Bite Blocker) is also good. There are many others - some like clove oil thyme oil should NOT be applied directly to the skin without dilution. Vitamin B1 has (in some studies, found to be useless) and so has eating garlic, but you have to consider the social effects of that!

Take some anti-histamines with you for when you do get bitten - that'll help relieve the symptoms.

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