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All I see is that people get red or get red blotches on their skin....

Caryn M
Milk subsitute for 19 month old?
Your Question
Milk susitute for 19 month old?
He has not been doing well on Pediasure, it is lactose free, but still milk based, no appetite, loose stools, got his appetite back on soy milk, but loose stools got worse and he was very fussy. He does just fine without any milk but he does not eat enough and is losing weight. he is olny 20 lbs right now. We tried giving him whole milk because he had had it before in small amounts and did fine, but now the loose stools are back and he again has no appetite. Is there anything else I can give him??? He is on a multi vitamin too. Propessionals only please. We have been to his pediatrition and are currently working with doctors at doernbeckers, but they are shrugging their shoulders. He does fine when he eats cheese and stuff though. He does not like yogurt, so that wont work. He doesnt like certain textures, he completely skipped baby food cuz of the tecture. According to the doctors goat milk is not a healthy subsitue. Lactaid really isn't much different than pediasure in the milk part, they are both lactose free. So we know it is not the lactose.

Additional Details
The doctors have already prooved he is not lactose intollerant

soy milk isn't good for babies. it messes with their hormones. what about rice milk or almond milk?

Try Hemp milk. Also, you may want to go to a Naturopath. Western doctors know next to nothing about nutrition. Cow milk it not very healthy in the first place.

maybe hes lactose try lactaid
or cheese :)

Soy milk can be bad for a child because of estrogen levels. Rice milk is another alternative, but can take some getting used to. Have you tried giving him bread or another absorbent food when he has milk? My nephew does much better if he has bread before a bottle.

Don't try almond milk it is a high allergen food!

Try soy milk.

Lady Grinning Soul
Been through something very similar. Consider taking him to a gastrointerologist ( doctor for digestive system) They also have a new product out called something like yogurt melts. You should find them in the baby food section.. I am not quite sure why you are focusing on dairy. If it is because it will help boost his calorie intake there are alternatives. At any health food store there are powder mixes that supplement vitamins and minerals. Many of them are good to mix in juices. Your real issue is finding the reason for his intestinal distress. See a GI specialist in only to continue the process of eliminating possible causes

Stephenie B
My son is 16 monts old and SEVERLY allergic to all milk and cheese products and also has a stomach enzme issue that he cannot handle alot of foods on his stomach. But we do formula; Simulac Isomil Go and Grow for 9-24 month olds mixed with his soy milk to help him gain weight. And it has worked wonders for us. I also make smoothies us using tofu and fruit. Its very filling, healthy and you can put anything you want in it blend it up. My kids love it. Tofu has alot of calcium and protein in it. I hope that I could be of some help. Best of Luck I know it gets frusterating trying to help your children. You are in our Prayers.

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