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 Can I use Benadryl cream on my infant's face for a rash? I think it is an allergy to wettness from saliva

Additional Details

 Any way to physically stop yourself from sneezing?
Sorry its a stupid question lol, but was just wondering if there is an actual way to stop it? Besides drugs and meds? I mean something like holding your nose lol...anything like that? Thanks.

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I was just wondering.....If someone is allergic to bee's (Bee sting) can they or will they be allergic to Honey?...

 Help! My eyes are VERY swollen from what I think is allergies. Can anyone recommend something!?
I've taken Claritin and Claritin eye drops and they do not seem to be helping the swelling AT all. My eyes are almost swollen shut, I'd appreciate any advice!...

 Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking Desloratadine?
I had an allergic reaction on Saturday because of animal bites, and my doctor told me to take Desloratadine. I've been taking them since Sunday, and I still need to take 5 more pills in the next ...

 allergy symptoms. help?
ok, i think i got an allergic reaction to something i ate, but i dunno.

it started out w/ small white itchy bumps, like hives, on my arms 2 days ago. later that day, my feet started to ...

 Is it true that if you're allergic to cats you're allergic to dogs?

 What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink?
What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink? Soy? Almond Breeze? And what are some alternatives to sour cream and cheese?...

 Constant blocked up nose.?
Hi everyone, i always have a constant blocked up nose. I mean i can breath out of it but the canals feel very small and not as open as they should be. Could this be down to sleeping with a fan on ...

 Nosebleeds, nose up or down?
Recently i had a nose bleed and my parents said put your head up and get a tissue then head down.
But like last month when i had it in school the teachers told me to keep it down at all times.<...

 My nose is always blocked everyday. My mom says it has something to do with when i sleep (Around 12 A.m)?
just not enough space..is she correct?...

 Earache, headache, Blocked nose?
I have earache, headache, blocked nose, coughing, itchily nose & eyes

It's a month I am taking some pain killers, etc from Pharmecy.
Today I went to see my GP and he said it&#...

 My throat is really sore & im losing my voice.. Anything i can do to make my voice better?
I really don't know how i got sick. first it started witha runny nose but i figured it was just allergies. then one morning i woke up with a really sore throat. it was so sore that i couldnt ...

 My boyfriend is a snot eater! ?
My boyfriend eats his snot all day. He will pick and eat, sneeze and eat, and blow his nose on his hand and eat it. I am being serious. No Joke. Surely this is not healthy. Why would you do that?

 If I'm allergic to shellfish, but not regular fish can I eat imitation crab?
Or does it have some actual shellfish in it, even ...

 Why won't doctors give my boyfriend an allergy shot?
My boyfriend has allergies and has gotten allergy shots before. When he asks doctors to give him allergy shots now, they always say no and prescribe him some medication that won't work. He ...

 Can one overcome a cat allergy?
If you're around cats enough, do allergies tend to dissipate? I had a friend that was very allergic to cats and when she came around my house that used to have 8 cats, she seemed to get less ...

 Is it possible for one's allergies to go away?

 what are histamines, or what do anti histamines do ?

 Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Every time I drink water I get really dizzy, and the next day I have red blotches all over my skin. Like this is only when I drink water, just water. Not milk or juice or anything, which I know has ...

Heyes' Gal
Milk Intolerance?
I have an unusual intolerance to skimmed/semi skimmed milk. More than the amount used in a cup of tea/coffee gives me stomach cramps. I'm perfectly ok with whole milk. Does anyone else suffer this or know what causes it.

skimmed and semi-skimmed milk goes through various processes to make it lower in fat, whereas whole milk is more natural and less processed. various reports have suggested that skimmed and semi-skimmed milk is not pasteurised as effectively, this might be what is causing you a problem.

Hey. Its probably a lactose intolerance to milk, perfectly normal. Not sure why you don't get it with whole milk though!!
Humans ar enot desgined to drink milk, only as babies till weaning and that is only human mother milk. We don't have the correct enzymes to digest the milk from a cow, its crazy really that we take milk from another animal and expect out body to be able to process it.

Intolerance means your body can't digest the milk. Eating yogurt helps because the cultures in the yogurt digest the milk.

Terror Storm-see on Google Video
Give up the milk. The studies which say it's so great for us are paid for by the dairy industry. Nature makes it so you stop drinking milk as a baby. After this if you don't need human milk, you sure as hell don't need cow's milk. All of the following is true; check it out for yourself...
Cow's milk has a phosphorus to calcium ratio of 2:1. Phosphorus is an absorption competitor of calcium, so when consumed at the same time and in this ratio, which one do you think will dominate?

Also, cow's milk is high in protein. Consuming too much protein creates acidic blood, which forces the body, in it's infinite wisdom, to donate calcium from the bone matrix to the blood as a buffer so that tissue doesn't get damaged. Over time this leads to low bone density as the bone matrix becomes porous, also known as osteoporosis.

In order to absorb calcium, the body needs comparable amounts of another mineral element, magnesium. Milk and dairy products contain only small amounts of magnesium. Without the presence of magnesium, the body only absorbs 25 percent of the available dairy calcium content. The remainder of the calcium spells trouble. Without magnesium, excess calcium is utilized by the body in injurious ways. The body uses calcium to build the mortar on arterial walls which becomes atherosclerotic plaques. Excess calcium is converted by the kidneys into painful stones which grow in size like pearls in oysters, blocking our urinary tracts. Excess calcium contributes to arthritis; painful calcium buildup often is manifested as gout.

Now let's think of the dairy industry. We all know that huge corporations don't care about the end consumer. So aside from the horrifying cruelty that dairy cows endure, dairy farmers inject the cows with growth hormones, steroids, antibiotics. This is to ensure that the cows produce an unnatural amount of milk, and to "prevent" them from catching the diseases that run rampant throughout the factory. We know that most substances pass through breast milk, and the same is true here. When we drink our cow cappucino or eat bovine butter, we are consuming concentrated sources of antibiotics, pesticides (that the cows ate), growth hormones (that accelerates cell growth, including tumours), as well as pus, feces, blood, and urine that contaminates every serving.

"Vitamin" D3 which is added to milk to help calcium absorption (which doesn't occur anyway), is also known as calciferol. Calciferol is also what is used to kill rats and mice.

Casein, the protein that is found only in milk/dairy is also used as an industrial glue. And EVERY human is allergic to it... histamine is released by white blood cells when casein is eaten, and because it is so sticky, it cements our intestines to block the absorption of real nutrients.

Cow's milk by law has to be pasteurized. This means heating the milk to high temperatures to destroy some unwanted organisms. This process also destroys the natural enzymes present in raw milk that assist in it's digestion (although meant for the calf). Human beings do not produce the enzymes necessary to fully break down another species breast milk... aside from lactase which is produced by our intestinal reserves of acidophilus (found in dairy).

You can be tested for lactose intolerance when you see an allergy specialist. It's odd that you would be ok with whole milk and not skim - maybe it's some additive in the skim milk. Best to check it out.
If it is true lactose intolerance, there are pills you can take before you consume dairy products which help stop the cramping/runs.

Sounds like a lactose intolerance, it is caused by your body being unable to produce an enzyme called lactase which is used to break down the lactose in the milk. This chemical then causes cramps

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