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 I need some help with people who are highly allergic! I'm afraid of what would happen...10 POINTS?
I work at a sandwich store and someone asked for sandwiches and one of them can't have tomatoes or touch tomatoes because he is highly allergic. My co-worker told me to just take off the gloves ...

 fragrence allergy???
theres a possiblity i have a frangrence allergy, however i dont often use fragranced items, however i do have purfumes in my room, is it possible im reacting to them even though i dont use them often?...

 Eye crust and redness in the morning
I wake up in the morning with crust all around my eyes I try to remove it but when i do it gets bigger and eyelashes comes with them and my eye gets red both inside and out and sometimes the corner ...

 What can I put on it to stop the itching..?
I have these two really huge insect bites...well im not sure if its an insect bite but thats what it looks like..Picture two enormous mosquito bites...they are located right above my pelvic area but ...

 how to stop dry mouth?
I get a really dry mouth / tongue when waking up and one side of my nose is always stuffed as the day goes on my nose clears up and my mouth isnt dry. What can i do to help breathing through my nose? ...

 I have started drinking Soya Milk instead of Cows Milk?
I have started drinking Soya Milk and in 2 days I have noticed that I don't feel as bloated as before but I do have a bad headache? Is this caused by the withdrawal from Cows Milk?...

 I get sick the day after I drink alcohol?
I just asked this in the 'beer, liquor, sprites" category, but they aren't being very helpful and just keep telling me to ask my doctor.

Well I am not going to ask my ...

 Why does my throat close when I eat peanut butter?
I love it so much, cant get enough of it.....I just dont know why my throat keeps closing and i keep taking nosedives onto the linoleum shortly after....

 My son is allergic to rice,corn,wheat, oats,gluten,chocolate,peanuts,green peas,and egg yolks. Can you help?
I am in need of recipes, other terms for these products on a nutrition label.
Additional Details
Thank you for the last two answers. The first one is not quite so funny-water and a ...

 Are chick peas related to peanut allergies at all?
Like if you're allergic to nuts, are you allergic to chick peas?
I've heard this before, so I was just wondering....

 What dose this sound like??? (10 points for best answer (ASAP!!!)?
Ok so I need to know wheather to take cold or allergie medicine.
For the past four days my nose has been really stuffed up I can't breath through it at all. My eyes arn't ichy but, I ...

 How to get rid of a stuffy nose!! and fast?
ok so im on a budget and i need to get rid of my stuffy nose! I have 5 performances coming up this weekend and i cant sing very well with my nose all plugged! Nothing i have is working, help!...

 how many times have you vowed never to drink again?
alcohol that is....

 do i need to wear an identity bracelet if I'm allergic to penicillin?

 I am allergic to chocolate shold i eat a chocolate cookie? (this was to see what people answered xD)?

 Hii Everyone :) can someone please tell me if malt o meal cream of wheat contain gluten?
im going gluten free very much appreciate good answers have a great day everybody :)
Additional Details
since i got diagnosed with Gastoparesis have to stop eating certain foodsi stop ...

 Is it possible for someone to be allergic to eggs?

 Possible to be allergic to only cats?
I know I'm allergic to cats does this mean I'm allergic to dogs as well?...

 am i allergic to skittles?
in school we got these skittles, and i ate them. a minute later, my eyes were waiting, and i had a hard time breathing. when all the skittles were away from me, i was soon fine. but then on the bus ...

 Help! Why are my cheeks always so bright red?
I am always blushing, often when i'm embarassed or hot.
But most of the time, it's very dark pink, for no reason, at random times.

It's on my entire nose, my cheeks, ...

Itchy Legs after exercice ?
i get itchy legs the day after i go to training (at like 10am), its not the skin, it feels like its under the skin like muscle, its REALLY itchy sometimes any suggestions?

[email protected]
It just means that you aren't used to doing that much exercise. It's simply your blood circulating. No worries :) Keep working out and keep up the good work!

its called sweat!when you play a sport,you sweat.its when you start to cool down it reacts and you scratch like crap!its horrible,shower straight after with a good scrubbing lotion,it works!

it could be that excercising is removing some of the toxins in your bladder which is coming out through your skin. When i was ill recently, i had a problem with my liver and it started releasin toxins which entered my bloodstream, came to the bottom of my body and made my feet and calves itch like mad. it's a natural process, it could be that the toxins in your body are coming out via sweat? i dunno though, thats my theory...

hope i elped

like the last answer, it's just sweat. i think i am allergic to it also. i get red blotches on my legs and chest/stomach when i exercise and they get itchy

Mini ipod
well if u play sports or watever in the grass it might just b gnats

Gilly B
i'm always itchin for something when i'm with Frank b

FRANK B the famous english one
i get itchy legs to but i only notice it when am near gilly b

Robin P
It happens to me after I go on runs. When you work out there is a juice called the lactic acid that comes out of your muscles. That why you get sore. The itchness is coming for the acid which is making your muscles sore and therefore itching is a way for you body to relieve the pain of your sore muscles.

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