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Is this normal?
For the last few weeks both the undersides of my breast keep coming out in hives .The itching is driving me mad .Has any other woman expirienced this please


I've experienced itching but not in that area. I switched my laundry detergent and the problem stopped. Try that. Good luck!

Star City Girl
Not hives, but I did get a rash on my breast b/c of a bra I was wearing!!!

I have never experienced this. Have you recently changed your body soap or the laundry soap you use? Tide is great for stains but if you have sensitive skin it can be harsh. Since it just started happening in the last few weeks I would try to pin down something you recently changed.
Good Luck

I understand that women approaching menopause experience this quite frequently, sensitivity to the metal/plastic in the bra, the underwire part. Try switching to a bra without underwire and see if that help. Virgin coconut oil (organic) helps the skin rash heal quickly. It's actually great on skin. Anything you can ingest, you can use on the outside = you are what you eat.

Remember; the more you scratch, the more it will itch. And also you are increasing possibility of getting an infection. First try and see if there's new clothing you're wearing (specially a bra), which might be giving you an allergy.

It is not uncommon for women to get this, especially if a bit overweight. Of course, there could be possibility of a virus. I recall being told by a doctor once that a strange yellowish thing I suddenly developed on one side of my face, was the same that would develop right under the breasts.

I can't recall the name, but it had the word GOLD or GOLDEN in it. And he'd explained we all carry this virus with us, except that for some reason it develops into these nasty things. So if your condition persists or worsens go to doctor immediatedly. Oh, I just thought that maybe you should just go anyway, just in case it is a case of the shingles, which so happens to be a virus that we also carry and can turn really bad.

If a person has had CHICKEN POX, they can develop SHINGLES; if they haven't then they will get the chicken pox!!!!

A friend of mine had something similar happen. She tried a new brand of faberic softener and was allergic to it.

did you change detergents? or maybe it's the bra.

i have had that happen from my bra. just because it was too hot.

you could be allergic to your laundry soap, the material of your bra or maybe you are sweating to much under your breasts

try wearing bras made of different material, using different laundry soap/softner or putting some deoderant on under your breasts

otherwise, see a doctor

Most likely a yeast infection. Wash and dry well-use a blow drier to ensure complete dryness. At night sleep with a cloth under your breasts to keep moisture away from the skin. Avoid lotions or anything that will prevent air from getting to your skin.

could be herpes or shingles at the worst sanero

Have you changed washing detergent or soap or bought a new bra that you havent washed yet?

See your doctor.
It could be a yeast infection (yes, yeast), it could be hives - a reaction to the bra that you're wearing. It could be the underwire in your bra irritating your skin.
It could be the detergent you use, and because your bra rubs right there it's creating sore places right there.
Any one of a number of things could be responsible for this.
See your doctor.
Good luck

sounds like you have a skin yeast infection. Try drying it out with goldbond powder first. If That doesn't help, ge monistat or another otc yeast infection cream and apply that.

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