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 is my nose really horrible?
i am really obsessive about my nose! i think its horrible! i mean people say im pretty and what not but some people just tell me i would be gorgeous if it wasnt for my nose. i think im going to get a ...

 How do i know if im allergic to milk?

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I dont get rashes or anything but if i drink a little glass of it, it makes me feel really sick so if i drank abit more id probally be sick what do you think?...

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 if someone is allergic to bee stings, what happens to them when they're stung?

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its actually my little boy and he has a severe nut allergy. He has an epipen 4 that but i was just wondering if it would be the same kind of ...

 My nose keeps bleeding y?

 where do you ITCH right now? (10 points to whoevers itching same place as me).?
first to mention the area. No more that 2 areas each plz!...

 What relieves a cold??

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Please answer!...

 I have bought some new shoes & they have caused an allergic reaction?Am I entitled to a refund?

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How can I prove it was the shoes?...

 Help me please!!! Sunburn itch, contemplating suicide?
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 why some people get scared of a peanut?
i threw a party at my house and this girl i know who is 26 fainted due to a peanut on my floor. she had to go to hospital. i heard of people having phobia by eating peanut butter but never heard of ...

 Question about the common cold!?
Hey everyone! i got this cold..well actually my nose is just runny and all that...but anyways i was just wondering how do you get a cold other then from somebody else? and what do you do to get rid ...

 Do you pick your nose?
Every morning?

 I have runny nose what is the fastest way to get rid of it?
my nose is so runny and i used a hole roll of toilet paper. what can i do for it to go away the fastest, is it safe to use flonase until it goes away for this runny nose?...

 What Are You Allergic Too?
me nothing that i have come into contact with or smelled or tasted yet but im sure if i go somewere outside the us i will find something im allergic ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to water?

 My nose has been stuffed for like 3 months?
No temperature, no coughing...
I always need Nasal Spray before I go to sleep and the stuffed nose wakes me up.
3 or more months! is this normal???...

 Is there a way to avoid a runny nose?
I keep getting a runny nose during class and its really annoying because sometimes our classroom is out of tissues (sad huh?) and I'd rather not raise my hand to ask for a tissue instead of ...

 What are the most common side effects for someone allergic to dogs?

 Drinking milk when you're lactose intolerant - can it kill you?

 Can you develop a food allergy from food you've never had problems with?
I've eaten shrimp my entire life, but last night I ordered some at a mexican restaurant, and after I had eaten a few, my tonsils felt tighter, like maybe my throat was beginning to swell shut. I ...

Is it possible to be allergic to water or the chlorine in the water?

Daniel C
It is possible to be allergic to anything

some people are allergic to sunlight! so any thing's possible!

crabby abbie

Only the Chlorine.

It's totally possible to be allergic to chlorine water. You know Vanessa Hudgens? She's allergic to chlorine water.

yes you can be Alergic to Water. there was a story on Today tonight here a few weeks ago with a girl that come up with big welts on her skin after only being in the water 5mins and it lasted hours..

i doubt its possible to be allergic to water... but yes you could be to chlorine or any other chemicals they put in pool water

I eat your socks
I dont think to water but to the chlorine in the water because it is very strong.

water=it's in your body

So just chlorine

No, it is not possible to be allergic to water, but the chlorine in the water, yes. it is actually becoming common these days.

yea it is there was a program on tv about people being allergic to water i thort it was amazing

coz u never think such things


Harrison P
Chlorine. You wouldn't be alive if you were allergic to water. If it's your pool try switching to baquacil.

Terra Evans
no about 70% of body is water


Kunal A
most likely cuz 1 of my friend is allergic to the cold and another 1 is allergic to the sun


p.s. i think people can get allergic to chlorine even though its an element but not water cuz its a resource

You would die if you were allergic to water.

<-Me and My Answer->
yes especially if there is too much of it. if its a pool of your own id test it to see if theres too much of a certain chemical thats making you allergic

It is very possible to be allergic to one or to both of those. If you experience welts, swelling, itchiness or a rash, you should seek a doctor's help. It could just be a chemical reaction to additives in certain water.

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