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Danielle LaFrance
Is it possible to be allergic to water?
My friend will get hives on his torso & only his torso when he sweats, swims, showers or has any contact with water. It happens once or twice everyday & when he went to the doctor they had no clue what to say. Any help?

That doesn't happen when he drinks it does it? if so, you have a serious problem.
I think that it might just be something that is in the water. like chlorine or maybe even salt water.
Have him ask his doctor to test him to see if he is allergic to chlorine.

»ćhεℓα.я | ♥
it's possible to be allergic to anything

It could be, it's no impossible. But if a doctor is puzzled about what it could be, then im not sure what use we could be to you?
Maybe the doctors should do some tests on his blood levels, that may have something to do with it.

Good luck!

Sometimes water isn't 100% pure. Since our bodies ae made of of 70% water yes that's impossible. It depends on the impurities of the water he is using. Sweat can also have some impurities based on what you consume. He should pin point it depending on what chemicals are in the pool he swims in and the type of water that's being filtered into his shower. Also he should watch what he eats.

it might be something that is in the water

i dont think so cuz we r made of 90% water

no, because your body is made up of 70 percent water. If you were allergic your insides will swell up and you wouldnt even be created. Though he may be allergic to SALT because salt is in pools and when you sweat and possibly, where he lives maybe in the water.

Yes it is, it is very rare. I a TV episode of Maury where the person was allergic to water and could not get wet. The person would blister when in contact with water.

wait what are we talking about.
i doubt he's allergic to water itself, cause he'd literally die without drinking it...
but maybe there's something in the water supply in the area he lives that he's allergic to?

no your body is made up of 90% water he would be a walking hive.

JulkaWilCZuR ツ
Actually believe it or not u can be!
Heres sum more info if u wanna read it ^^


ora r
The body releases histamine when it has an allergic reaction. If he was exposed to a food, pollen or other allergen the hives may be delayed.
When the body becomes over heated, by exercise, exertion, hot shower, or sun the histamine is released again. Sometimes even cold will cause the body to release histamines.
It could be a food he is eating and the histamine release is delayed until he exerts himself, and his body heats up. Thinking it's the sweat when really it's the heat causing the release.

One of the things my allergist did was to take his fingernail and scrape - not scratch gently on my skin. If reactive I will immediately see a red streak, when normal I see a white streak where the fingernail scraped along the skin.

Sometimes the cause of hives is difficult to find. keeping a diary of what he eats may help. When did it first start? Is there a new fruit or vegie in season he started eating. Is he using a new body soap or shampoo? Maybe a new laundry soap, or just switching to a fragrance free, dye free, may help.

My son quit using dryer sheets, and now puts 1/2 cup vinegar in with his fragrance free/dye free soap for a fabric softner, no more itching or hives.

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