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Is it possible to be allergic to fruit?
I LOVE fruits but recently I had watermelon and I had a orange in the past few weeks and they made my lip swell and my throat itchy. Is it possible I'm allergic to some fruit?

Yes, i got the same thing. That's allergies

yep its possible my mums allergic to strawberries lol. sometimes allergies come with something you werent alergic to before aswell. you can be alergic to anything. go to the doctor get it checked they will give you some antihistameans and tell you if you should eat the fruit again or not lol

yes it is definitely possible, and has happened, don't listen to the person that says it's ludicrus!!! alot of people are allergic to the melon family.......watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew.......

alot of people are allergic to oranges, grapefruit/citrus and dont realize it........

stay away from it, your body changes all the time, seems april thru summer when people's allergies are worse is when they start being allergic to certain foods.......

you can buy digestive enzymes to help break down the allergens in your system, also be sure to drink lots of water which helps clean out allergens as well.........

always keep benadryl on hand in case you accidentally eat something with those fruits in it......

also take buffered vitamin c and chelated magnesium this helps your body immunity........must be buffered....... (try twinlab allery c) and (solgar chelated magnesium or carlson's chelated magnesium)

google magnesium benefits you will be surprised how much your body needs it and the problems you can have without enough of it, allergies being one of them !!!!!!

watch out for strawberries too...

mr hott

yea strawberrys and kiwis are biggy ones, try them again in small amounts if you get a reaction thats your answer make sure youve got some antihistamine to hand you'll be fine n maybe call in on your doctor for allergy test :)

some girl
um yes, you are difinitely allergic to fruit. I know alot of people who are. Even I myself am a little bit. but i can still eat them because it's not very severe, like bananas and Nectarenes. If your throat is getting itchy it could be an anifilactic (meaning it could close your lungs making it impossible for you to breath) do not eat any more fruit until you go to a doctor and get tested for allergies!

Professor Chaos >:)
Some people are allergic to citrus.

skinny mini
Very possible. My sister is allergic to strawberries. Go get an allergy test done by your doctor.


well my brother in law is like deathly allergic to raw fruit. if its cooked or steamed he can eat it fine. you might be allergic to fruits... try to steam them or something and eat it again and hope you don't swell up again. or you could simply ask a doctor. but yes it is possible to be allergic to fruits.

It is called oral allergy syndrome. It is linked to pollen allergies. They say watermelon is related to ragweed. If you are allergic to ragweed, then you may be allergic to watermelon as well.

yes specially oranges.

Yes. Lots of people have food allergies, including fruit.

Yes it is possible to be allergic to fruit. Maybe u should go to the doctor n take an allergy test to see what u r allergic to

Yeah my friend is allergic to anything that grows off of trees, it's kinda funny if you think about it. But go and see an allergist :)

Depending on how much you eat (pineapple and oranges are great examples) some fruits have a natural "attack". They have *poison* (It's really just enzymes that begin to eat you) that breaks down your mouth and lips. If you only eat a little, nothing should happen.
It might of course also be the stuff they spray the fruits with (pesticides etc.) that you might very well be allergic to.
It's unlikely that you are allergic to all fruits (fructose-intolerant) because then you would have died from eating anything :)
Good luck

yes people have all type of allergies

It is a possibility!

Aitan G
of course you can be allergic to fruit, it is extremely common.
See your doctor and he can do a test to see what things you are allergic to. So that you will be able to eat your fruits without getting allergic reactions.

its highly possible
but go to your doctor just to make sure

Book worm
Yes, but you're probably not allergic to fruit in general. It's probably just a specific one.

yeah my friend's allergic to oranges

Opal W
i think it is possible one of my old friends was allergic to Orange

Very possible. My husband is allergic to all fresh fruits. There is an enzyme in fruit that he developed an allergy to. Heating the fruit inactivates/kills the enzyme and he can eat them, so pie, jam etc are ok, just not fresh.

Yes my friend is, very rare but maybe get it checked out just to be sure?

Of course it is, you can develop allergies to anything over time.


my aunt is allergic to strawberries, and my uncle is allergic to bananas.

Mickey Mouse
Yeah, but don't ask us, go to an allergist and take a test.

possibly. see a doctor


Yes, my mom is allergic to kiwi.

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