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He is very thin and it is a daily struggle to find tasty and healthy meals due to the elimnation ...

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 what are you allergic to?
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 Can a school ban all kids from brining food w/nuts if one kid is allergic to nuts?

 What are you allergic to...?
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Is it possible for something to go into your nose and then it ends up down your throat?
Right now i was riding my bicycle and out of no where a tiny fly or mosquito went into my nose. My nose was burning for about a mintue and i felt the fly go down my throat.

Is that possible, to swallow stuff through your nose?

Yes. You are lucky.

Years ago, one of my sons (at that time a preschooler) stuck a macaroni in his nose. I saw him do it and by the time I got to him, he said it's no longer in his nose. We left the house bound for the drop-in clinic. He coughed, and said the macaroni went int his mouth and he swallowed it. Well, the doctor examined him and said it was fortunate that the macaroni did not end up in his lung. We would then have had a medical problem. So we learned from that experience that it is potentially dangerous to even inhale foreign objects.

Stolstice is right. I did not know until today that even the eyes are connected. I just started a regimen which involves taking 2 medications via drops in my eyes throughout the day. After the drops go in my eyes, it only takes a minute or so and I can taste the bitterness in the back of my throat if I am walking (in an upright position)..

Anna L
Yes, you know when you have a stuffy nose and you swallow after sniffing? there's holes on the roof of your mouth, you can feel with your tongue, and they attach your nose to your mouth. If you've ever disected a frog then you'll know. :D
So yes it is pretty much possible. It happened and happens doesn't it and didn't it? :D lol

Johnny And C
yes it's possible. some people drink milk through their mouth and then laugh and it comes out their nose.

the mouth and nose and throat are all connected. there's no reason to make it any more complicated for you.


here's a diagram. everything that is red is an open space. you can clearly see how your nose and mouth are connected in the back of the throat. then from the throat you can go 2 ways. either to the stomach or the lungs.

Relentlessly Wrong
Sure...straight shot all the way down

Brett N
God, no. This is a symptom of a severely abnormal anatomical problem. You will remain perpetually unhappy until you have major surgery. Actually, it is probably OK. You'll be just perfect. Maybe not. I dont know. I really shouldn't be answering this, I guess. Maybe I'll ask a question instead. What is the funnest bacterial infection to get in the knee?

It's very possible.

♪ʞɔoɹ ʇı ʇ?ן♪
yes..its possible...
throat and nose are connected...hasnt a drink ever come out of your nose when you laugh?

...it's not the most pleasant experience! but yes. definately

Jenny M
yes because your nose and throat are connected. they put feeding tubes in through your nose.

Rae K
How do you think you breathe through your nose?

yep, why do you think you get snot in your throat when you have a cold? it's when you don't blow your nose it starts heading down to your throat:]

Yes! It's all connected. Eyes, ears, throat and nose.

warrior soul
you bet cha it's possible it's all open to one another. The sinus, the esophogus and the mouth. So yes you can get stuff up your nose and swallow it.

Mo Fayed
YES! A cool party trick is to snort a condom up your nose and spit it into your beer.

Another one you can do is to bet everybody you can drink a pint of custard the same way.

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