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 How long before you know you're allergic to a medicine?
I just started a new medicine tonight, topamax for migraines. I took it 2 hours ago, and I'm worried I might have an allergy to it because my throat feels a little swollen... I can still breathe ...

 Can strawberry make you itchie and cause allergy?

 Does this seem like an allergic reaction to a shot to you?
Swelling and a lot of redness right where the vaccine was given and it only got worse in both swelling/size and redness in the next two days. It looks like a huge lump and it's feels pretty hard....

 What are allergies ? Are they harmful?
Now a days more and more people are suffering with different kinds of allergies.Some of the commenest are dust,pollen ,food etc allergies.some allergies even cause suffocation which may even lead to ...

 everything i eat makes me sick?
ive noticed for the past two weeks or so that everything i eat makes me sick to my stomach and i feel like i wanna throw up but i dont...
what is this?...

 Why does my mouth itch whenever I eat certain foods raw?
I can eat plums, pears, apples, carrots and almonds cooked or with something else; but I want to know why they always make my mouth and gums itch when I eat them raw....

 I think i'm allegic to fruit......?
Is that wierd?? Everytime I eat fruit either my throat gets ichy, my stomach hurts, a starts feeling week, or i get heart burn. Are there any doctors out there that can tell me whats going on??...

 How do I stop a cold in it's tracks?
I think im getting a cold and i want top stop it before it gets worse!!!...

 What can I be allergic to?? Completely perplexed.?
I went to an allergist and did scratch testing for about 40 different common allergens. Everything came back negative, but I am experiencing terrible allergy symptoms. Has anyone had the same ...

 Is everyone in the world allergic to poison ivy? VOTE!?
My friend(bob) says everyone is allergic to poison ivy because they have a reaction to it. I(Fred) say that everyone will have a reaction but the people who are allergic will have a more severe ...

 I'm Allergic to Bananas, any solution?!?
I haven't had a doctor conclude I'm allergic but I'm pretty sure seeing how every time I eat them:
1. my throat gets itchy
2. my nose gets stuffy
3. my stomach hurts

 Please name some antibiotics medician for allergy.. Thanks!?

 Sinus Infection, Sinuses, Mucous & Drainage..?
Alright, so, for probably about the last week or so, I've had what I think is a horrible sinus infection. Every 5 seconds, I'm hacking and spitting up post-nasal drip. I hardly have to blow ...

 is it possible that my son is allergic to nesquick the Chocolate powder you put in milk and not to Chocolate?
candy? thank ...

 I seem to be allergic to all cosmetics. Is there an organic line anyone knows of that I might try?
I have used all the cheaper products for years (Maybaline, etc.) Then it seems my body chemistry changed, cause I can't use certain hair products, body soap, or cosmetics. I have since tried A...

 i have itchy bumps, what are they?
I have tiny itchy red Bumps randomly on my legs and arms and a few on my stomach they itch what are they? they are about the size of a bug bite but have stayed much longer than one. they itch bad ...

 What is the best allergy medication when you have watery eyes?
I have allergies just want to know what kind of over the counter medications work best for your eyes. Others that I have tried are for runny nose, sneezing etc....

 Have you had allergy testing for migraines?
My dr said he wouldn't test for food allergies for my migraines. Has anyone been tested and what were the results? Also did you have a hard time convincing your dr to try an allergist?

 Why does sunlight and other bright light make me sneeze?

 how to remove a mold?

Gary L
Is goat milk good for you?? I've heard it helps allergies.?

dats depend on individuals. sometimes some people r allergy to goat milk...

basically,goat milk is better than cow's... with the higher values of nutrients and benefits... That's y goat milk is more expensive...

However some does not drink goat milk...bcause of the unique taste and smell it has...
dat's why goat milk r add to some product for the external benefits. goat milk are said to have whitening properties to one's skin..and it can make theskin smooth and sillky...

therfore..all in all, goat milk r benefical.

Goats milk is very rich and creamy product . Not for every
body. If you have allergies you might want to try Soy Milk.
Not all are the same , light soy by Silk is pretty good .
Plus soy protien is a good all around product for our health
and , can be found just about any where these days.

True Brit
It's an acquired taste, certainly. If you're used to cow's milk, it is sharper.
And yes, it is good for you, I'm sure as good as cow's milk is.

biker babe
Goat's milk is good for you especially with acne and eczema. It's getting past the taste.

gangadharan nair
Goats' milk is more easily digested by humans than cows' milk and is recommended for infants and people who have difficulty with cows' milk. The curd is much smaller and more digestible. Moreover it is naturally homogenized since it lacks the protein agglutinin. Furthermore, goats' milk contains less lactose, which means it will usually not trigger lactose intolerance in humans.
Contrary to popular belief, goats' milk is not naturally bad tasting. When handled properly, from clean and healthy goats, in a sanitary manner, and cooled quickly, the flavor is unremarkable and inoffensive. Also, it is necessary to separate the strong smelling buck from the dairy does, as his scent will rub off on them and will taint the milk.
Goats' milk is also used to make popular cheeses such as Rocamadour and sometimes feta, although it can be used to make other types of cheese.

Nutritionally speaking Goat milk is superior to Cow's milk.Many milk sensitive people are able to tolerate Goat milk,but not everyone.Goat milk's protein molecules are smaller and thus less likely to provoke an allergic reaction.A person with dairy allergies can experiement with goats milk with the permission of their doctor.Many people with autoimmune disease and nutritional disorders derive immense benefit from raw goats milk.Goat milk is easier to digest then cows milk and easier to tolerate.But people with dairy allergies need to procceed with caution and move slowly to see if they can tolerate Goat's milk.But only with caution.

From Dr Bernard Jensens research
on goat milk website:
Dr. Jensen visited some of the oldest and healthiest people in the world in the Caucasus mountains of Russia, and found that an important part of their diet was clabbered goat milk. Goats are the most important dairy animal world wide as they are hardier, less expensive to keep than cows, and can thrive in challenging terrain.

Dr Jensen has found goat milk to be an important healing aid in the following conditions:
irritable bowel syndrome
hay fever and allergies

The fat in goat milk is in smaller globules than cow's milk which makes it easier to digest. It contains more short and medium chain fatty acids, which also helps digestion, as they are easier to break down. The smaller globules make it naturally homogenized.

Goat milk is a good source of protein and healthy fats, and contains important minerals such as calcium, magnesium, as well as numerous vitamins. It contains greater amounts of vitamin A than cows milk. The goat converts all carotenes into vitamin A. This is a great advantage, as many conditions make it difficult for humans to make vitamin A out of carotenes. Because all the carotenes are converted, goat milk appears whiter than cow's milk.

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