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Jenelle A
I stand up and I go blind, what does it mean?
When I stand up (usually) and I go blind. Everything gets black for a few seconds. It usually happens when I was sitting on something comfertable like a couch or a bed. My mom is allergic to corn and she says that use to happen when she was younger. Is there a way it isn't that? Could I take an allergy test and see if I am allergic sence this happend to mom when she was young. It advanced for her into passing out when she ate corn.

Frickin Chicken
Everyone gets that when you've been sitting down for a while and quickly get up.

Thumbs down for the truth, i love you guys.

u r going blind byhjuikloplokm,./;'[]pooiuytrewqasdffgbe…
ur answer is in there

Maddy P
My mom said it happens if you are tall and skinny, it happens to me and my sister.

Allergies aren't genetic, but you need to go to doctor!!!! ASAP!

Holly <3
that happens to me 2! Sometimes, i stumble around, and i get dizzy. My mom said that it has to do with low blood sugar, or the way my body precesses sugar

You need to go to the doctor right away. Regardless of whether or not it's just an allergy, you need to get it checked out right away.

it means you need to drink more water, stand up slower, and follow up with your doctor.

this happens to me when i stand up after lying down on a long bath. ur body is just used to this one position so when u stand up ur body and eyes has to adapt to a new setting.

well i dunno if i'm scientifically correct but hopefully it's not something severely bad.


it probably isnt a food allergy.. it seems to me youre getting light-headed when you stand up and thats you black out for a second. it could be when your comfortable, blood isnt flowing properly, so when you stand up it rushes down from your brain. doesnt sound too serious but if its consistent i would see a doctor just to make sure

You need more iron.
I'm anemic, meaning there's not much iron in my blood and I've got to take iron pills.
When I don't, the same thing happens to me.

go tell a doctor and take an allergy test

that happens to me all the time....like wen i get up from sllep and sit on the coach for like 30 min and wen i wanna get breakfast i go to de kichen and i get all dizzy and blind for like 5 second i think its part of my life..cuz i fainted in 4th 5th and 6th grade in a row

the same exact thing happens to me too. i went to the doctor and he said it was from the concussion i had a couple years ago. its an afteraffect he said. it can happen to anyone that has had a head injury. so this may be y its happening to u. but whatever it is its annoying and gives u a like 5 second headache

Grant R
I used to black out like that. You are just getting up too fast after relaxing somewhere. Get more exercise and stop standing up so fast.

Movie Hunter.
Its the blood rushing to your head. its from getting up to fast. i get it all the time. I usually tilt my head forward and it passes in a few seconds. i know it can be scary some times when it all gos black. but dont worry.

See your doctor soon, do you also feel dizzy or weak as well when this happens? The blindness will be caused by a loss of blood flow to the head. It may be linked to anemia (iron deficiency) or other allergies but your doctor will work out what it is your allergic to.

You were laying down and stood up to fast. You're body was shocked by the change and you felt light headed. Then everything went black for a second because you were disoriented.

It is because your blood circulation is not pumping blood to your brain. And it takes just a few seconds for it get to your brain.
You should see a doctor as it may be a warning that you have a problem with your heart or some other problem.

this does happen me too sometimes,it's like as if there are a whole load of stars infront of my eyes and they prevent me from seeing for at least 10 seconds. So seen as I dont think im allergic to something I just put it down to the fact that maybe I stood up too quickly...But seen as your mother suffered from this it would be best to have an allergy test.

Armani B
Have you eaten corn?
It is very possible for adults to pass allergies like this to their offspring.
I could also mean that you have poor circulation.

Chris S
that's just a head-rush

all the blood in your body suddenly rushes to your brain

don't worry its perfectly normal..happens to everyone

instead of asking people on yahoo answers, i would call a doctor.

Its not a complete description, but it could be hypotension (a drop in blood pressure). This sometimes happens when people stand up from a laying or sitting position suddenly. Normally your body adjusts to the sudden change in body position, but in some people this process does not work correctly and people will get dizzy, faint, or black out on standing. You should see your doctor who will be able to perform tests to determine the cause of your condition and suggest ways to help you.

I have the same thing happen to me. Basically what is happening is that when you change position kind of fast, the blood can't reach your eyes in time so you can't see for a few seconds. This implies that you could have slightly low blood pressure. Try changing your position slower and also eating saltier foods helps raise blood pressure.

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