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I sneeze with my nose plugged and my mouth closed?
Could that do any harm?
I can't sneeze normally. It hurts, makes my throat itch, and causes me to sneeze even more.
Additional Details
But it is bad!

Moo Cow
I don't think so. I do that sometimes if I'm in public and it's very quiet, and it doesn't seem to cause me any harm. The body sneezes to get something out of your nose, though, so the thing is, if you don't sneeze it out, it'll still be there, and will probably cause more sneezing later. I'm never heard of making your sneezing worse just because you did it normally, though, so it might not actually be as bad as you put it.

You'll Die.

Angel arenas
no harm your still alive well anyway see you later

Dan Koster
I don't think so. A sneeze is simply very quick exhalation in order to clear the sinuses. By blocking it in, you are creating some pressure on your lungs and inner ear, but it shouldn't be enough to concern you. Besides, ever hear of someone going to the hospital from a bad sneeze? The worst thing is probably that whatever triggered the sneeze in the first place is still in your nose.

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