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I keep having to blow and blow and blow my nose again?
Why? I had a really bad sore throat this week, but it went away yesterday... So now I'm just stuck with a stuffy/runny nose and LOTS of blowing. It seems like there's never ending snot! Also, a mucusy cough.

I am thinking I'm recovering, but what can I do about my nose? I've been using a nasal spray.


hmm me too. It lasted about 3 weeks. An infection that comes in through the nose, hits the throat and runs down into the lungs.
I alway like to let my own body heal things as much as possible because it makes antibodies that stop other infections.
However codeine with added phenylephedrine lowers the temperature and the ephedrine dries up mucous. You only need 2 three times daily while it's bad and then 2 night and morning.
So long as (or when) the mucous is not discoloured then it's not too bad. If it becomes discoloured for any length of time it may be be necessary to take a cough medicine for wet cough.

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