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 flaky ears?
why is the inside of my ears always itch and get flaky? I have tried anti dandruff shampoos,peroxide,hydracorizone cream,antibiotic ear drops, and just about every thing you can think of this is ...

 should schools ban chocolate and peanut butter since so many children have allergies to them?

Additional Details
my son had a sever asthma attack today and spent five hours in the hospitol because he came in contact with chocolate at lunch, we do not allow chocolate in our home ...

 Why does pasta make me feel so ill?
At first I put it down to coincidence but now I'm pretty sure there's something about pasta that doesn't agree with me.
- I can't finish a plateful. I adore pasta, it's ...

 i always been hot headed. now that i take steroids people look at me different. what do i do?
i always been hot headed. i have the attitude, when there is a punk being an idiot im the one with the audacity to tell him off, but now that i take steroids people think its roid rage and that i ...

 Am I allergic to grass?
Yesterday I was rolling on the grass and my arms, hands (the only part of my skin that wasn't covered) got a lot of bumps. The bumps are red and a little itchy....

 I'm allergic to Peanut Butter, but not allergic to peanuts...how can I make safe Peanut Butter?
For some reason, I get allergic reactions to Peanut Butter. Maybe because it touched machines that process other nuts(which I AM allergic to), but when I eat peanuts straight out of the shell, NOTHIN...

 I just got a piercing that isn't healing because of nickel allergy, what do I do?
I got a piercing 3 months ago and it hasn't healed well at all. Turns out the 14K white gold stud seems to have nickel in it an I'm allergic to nickel. Is there anything I can do to heal ...

 When I wake up my voice is gone? Throat filled with mucus?
Every morning I wake up and have no voice. My throat is filled with mucus and I have to drink two cups of hot chocolate (no milk, just the powder and boiing water). I have to clear my throat ...

 How can i tell if I am allergic to a certain type of food? What are some symtoms?

 how can i tell if i am allergic to latex?

 What can i do if i ate it by accident?
I am allergic to seafood(shrimp, crab, lobster, etc), and i recently ate at a buffet. Everything was good, until i got the dessert, the cookies. My throat started to close up and feel itchy. I got a ...

 Where can I get Claritan D for my Seasonal Allergies?
I usually take Allegra, but ran out. I've heard Claritan D works 24 hours and helps allergies.
Do I need a prescription for Claritan D or Can I just buy it at my local pharmacy or grocery ...

 can one die from severe hives?
I'm pretty sure I am allergic to gluten's (celiac) My feet have are so swollen I can barely walk on them. Antihistamines do not seem to be working on the condition. Can this condition cause ...

 is it possible for someone to be allergic to water?

 Am I allergic to Banana flavored "Laffy Taffy" and "Now & Laters"?
Every time I eat a banana flavored candy (Now & Laters or Laffy Taffy), I feel like my throat is closing up and it's hard to breathe. I can't stop coughing. I always figured it was ...

 Please help - mosquito bites!?
i am absolutely COVERED in mosquito bites, and i seem to have reacted much worse this time with many of them being hugely swollen. and the itching is driving me insane - i got less than 2 hours sleep ...

 My wife's eye is very red and bloodshot. Any idea what might have caused it?

 Does anyone know of anyway to get over sinus pain without having to take medication?
Get headache and congestion....

 My son is allergic to...?
cow's milk, gluten, oats, wheat, egg whites, peanut butter (he has eczema). Now my concerns are cooking. Do any of you know where and what brand I can get goat milk products (not just goat milk) ...

 I'm allergic to cats, is there any way to get rid of this allergy?
I'm allergic to cats, but I don't wanna be, where I live there are LOTS of cats, and I can't touch them without havine to sneeze and scare them away (Im not allergic to dogs though, I ...

I have runny nose what is the fastest way to get rid of it?
my nose is so runny and i used a hole roll of toilet paper. what can i do for it to go away the fastest, is it safe to use flonase until it goes away for this runny nose?

il più felice bumble l'ape
? ... :/

Just wait?

dog poop now
you can snort some cyanide. it won't be runny....ever again......

using a hole of the toilet paper is not going to help

just keep standing at one place , the 'running' nose will run off by itself


this is gonna sound really strange, but sticking tissues 'up there' will help heaps

Benedryll Sinus/Allergy...it"s new

Amanda S
Viks vapor run and boiled orange peels

a hot shower followed by an orange and or zicam

I don't work for zicam, but I have tried it.

gargle vinegar with warm water dis will make u vomit all ur phlem them blow ur nose it shud b really clear

Mai S
lie in bed or sleep sleep sleep. don't go on computers, outside and stay inside..eat healthy food although they maybe be discusting but thats the only thing you can do and take pandol if you must

Jove Hans
Depends why it's running. Is it dusty in your house? Vacuum. Do you have a cold? Get some sleep and chicken soup. Did your boyfriend break up with you? Drink some wine.

I have the same problem sometimes too. You could get this special cream from the chemist's which dries up the area round the nose. It works really well! I don't know what it's called though, sorry!

well it depends where its going and what its up to

if it has simply been to much of a concern seeing it run around then id suggest calling the police and telling them you smell something fishy

Fly in the Ointment
Claritin (loratidine) or Zyrtec work great.

Paul s
boil water on ur stove wait until it starts steaming the get a towel put on head then put ur face about 1 ft above it

Hi there,

Great question. I have allergies and completely understand your runny nose predicament. Being a serial hayfever victim also makes me a self proclaimed expert on runny noses.

I find the best thing is a decongestant spray, for some reason I find them the most effective. You can buy generic ones from the pharmacy for as little as $5. They work on the basis of evaporating the water from your sinuses. As a result, your nose will stop dripping. Just make sure you don't take them for longer than a week straight, because it stops the bad gunk from flowing out of your sinuses, which can potentially lead to a sinus infection needing antibiotic treatment.

There are also tonnes of decongestant tablets available at the pharmacy. These work on the same premise as the nasal sprays. From my own experience, these work very well too, but I prefer the sprays. Best thing about the sprays and tablets is that they are usually a once a day treatment. Too easy!

Cold and flu tablets, containing pseudoephidrine or phenylepherine also remove the water from the sinuses, stopping those annoying nose drips. You need to take these ever 6 to 8 hours though, and cannot take other painkillers in conjunction unfortunately.

If you cannot get to the pharmacy, try some old fashioned euycalyptus and pepermint oil in hot water. Use a basin, bucket or anything you have. Put a towel over your head and lean over the bucket. Clears out the sinuses like a charm. I even splash a little eucalyptus oil around the shower or bath to have the same effect.

The sinus irrigations are great. they are safe to use with a runny nose and i find them great for a stuffy sinus. They are inexpensive and can be used as much as you like. If allergies are contributing to your runny nose it may help to rinse out any of the allergens.

On the topic of allergies, those once a day allergy tablets and sprays from the pharmacy are fantastic. They work differently to the decongestants because they contain corticosteroids - or anti-inflammatories which mitigate the inflammation causing the allergies. These are generally a little more expensive than the decongestant tablets, available at your pharmacy.

I should also stress that you need to consider the cause of your runny nose. If it is a cold you can manage it with the products mentioned above. All of them will work but your pharmacist could advise you of the best. Just make sure you dont stay on them for longer than a week as this will predispose you to sinus infections, like i mentioned before.

other causes such as allergies may require long term management. allergies can arise at any time in your life, so just because you have never had them in the past, doesn't mean you will never develop them. Once a day tablets or sprays may be needed, so consult your pharmacist.

If it goes on for longer than a week, time to consult your GP.

Hope that helps!!

i use 2 never use nasel spray, but 1 time i did and it was like heaven. i'd say use nasel spray. now i always do and my nose is never runny. lol. good luck

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