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 Can my sinus problems be cured?
i have really bad nasal allergies. Every morning i wake up and blow my nose for about 10 minutes, then drain with a netti-pot. most days i have a lot of pressure in my sinuses. It seems like when ...

 why am i allergic to all types of metal? (piercing)?
the first time i got my ear pierced, i used 14k gold earrings. Then i switched to silver and had an allergic reaction. I got it repierced with the same gold afterwards, and then had an allergic ...

 How to get rid of a stuffy nose in 1 day!?

 any of you ever had an allergy test done?
whats it like? what do they do? does it hurt?...

 I'm allergic to dairy products: I want to know is it ok to drink whole organic milk instead of regular milk
Would I have the same reaction with the organic as I do with the regular milk....

 is it possible to become allergic to meat..?
for the past week, everytime i've eaten meat or beef i've become sick. my stomach starts hurting alot and i get the runs. is it just bad meat or am i becoming allergic?

PS: ...

 Do the allergy-free goose feather comforters work?
I've tried and I get itchy when I use goose feather bedding. However I went into a store today where they assured me they have bedding with goose feathers but anti-allergic. I'm doubtful ...

 accidently took 4 benedryl?
i accidently took 4 benedryl. i missread the box and thought it said take 4 every 6 hours.

it said take EVERY 4-6 hours.

i feel kinda woozy and dizzy but otherwise fine.

 Are people who are allergic to cat hair always allergic to dog hair too?

 Milk subsitute for 19 month old?
Your Question
Milk susitute for 19 month old?
He has not been doing well on Pediasure, it is lactose free, but still milk based, no appetite, loose stools, got his appetite back on soy milk,...

 Just started Flonase yesterday and it doesn't seem to be working properly..?
It's actually Fluticasone (generic for Flonase) but I started the spray yesterday morning and this morning and it doesn't seem to be making a difference whatsoever - I am sneezing up a ...

 Just been restricted to gluten free foods only...please help in any way u can?
So Im 16...today i went to the dr and had blood work done because they believe me to be celiac, well after the blood work my dr restricted me to a gluten free diet....and I wuldnt neccacrrially call ...

 I'm trying to find panties for my 3 yo daughter who is allergic to the elastic in regular panties. No luck yet
I've tried searching for latex free children's clothig as well as allergy information and can find no links to special underwear for allergies. Someone please help!...

 How can I get this fluid out of my ear??? HELP!!!!?
My allergies were really acting up last week. My eyes were swollen, itchy, watery. My head was sooo stopped up and a major headache, sneezing, and last but not least nasal congestion. Now for the ...

 Have I got sinusitis and how can I treat it without paying too much money?
I suffered with colds constantly on and off all year last year, recently I have had minor migraines and headaches and my sinuses are killing me. My friend said that I could have sinusitis which she ...

 development of nut allergies?
okay so, back when i was in grade 10 (I'm 1st year university now) i developed an allergy to melon and carrots, also my whole like i have been allergic to all pollens and planets like grass, ...

 Question about Allergy Testing?
i went to a doctor office who said they will test me for environmental allergies but not food. i want to test for everything, do some places test for both? also they said that i have to come back 5 ...

 allergic reaction to period pads?
apart from pretty bad situational stress.

over past year or so, if i wear a period pad, at any time - period or no period - i get a pretty strange reaction, my blood pressure drops, ...

 Fear of having a food allergy?
When I was in high school I witnessed a fellow classmate who was from mexico having a severe allergic reaction to a salad dressing she ate. Her throat closed up and she ended up going to the hospital....

 do you think i'm allergic to perfume ?
So I was in class and a girl at the seat opposite me sprayed some perfume (it might have been victoria's secret but i'm not sure) and then as soon as it spreaded around the room and i smelt ...

I've been suffering with my allergies for a long while now...?
maybe I have a sinus infection my head has been killing me and I don't want to eat anything, nose stuffed all the time until I take nasal spray can I just see my family doctor for diagnosis? or do I have to find a allergist or ear nose throat doctor?

go to your family docter because im sick doing the same thang as you are you dont have a sinus infection you have a cold or a the flu you mint need a flu shot.good luck on geting well.

Seriously, no use for you to see any doctor. My husband has that ("sinus") for long2 time. He has gone to all kind of doctors and the best answer he got "just bear with it". During festive season, where we have to do spring cleaning, he will surely fall sick, and cannot celebrate that happy occasion. Very sad and pitiful to see how he suffer.
But recently, he has used Liquid Zeolite for just few days, and without realising, after doing spring cleaning, he is well! In fact at this moment, our family (myself and my son) is having Hand,Food&Mouth disease. His immune system is so strong that he is not infected by this virus.
So, if you want to know more, you can email me at [email protected] because I don't mean to advertise here.

I suffered with "allergies" since I was 10..I got strep throat constantly and like 10 sinus infections a year. Finally last year (11 years later) I went to an ear eyes nose throat doctor. he said my sinus passages were too thin and were not draining properly and forced mucus, etc down my throat so my tonsils were chronically infected and would reinfect themselves. I also had a deviated septum. After an obnoxious allergy test it all came back negative and I never had any allergies. I had surgery for removal of tonsils, adenoids, deviated septum fixed and my sinuses grinded open to be wider. best thing i ever did

John Ng
Yes there is a way to deal with allergies and I must admit that I too, was once an unbeliever in any form of allergy symptom removal. There is a way to test for the allergies through applied kinesiology and there is a way to remove the allergies through a new technique called electro-acupuncture, which has no penetration of the skin. This technique has only been licenced for use over the last three years. It is a device that you put against the skin and various acupuncture points located throughout the body. Results are guaranteed and 80% of the clients have their allergies removed on the first treatment, permanently! I strongly encourage you to visit our website at www.nosugarplease.com for further information.

your family doctor should be able to help you out, short term. If you want to find out what you're allergic to, you would have to see an allergist. But if your family doc can give you something that works, then I wouldn't worry about the rest.

If you had a sinus infection, you would have a fever.

Although your family doctor may have more knowledge of your family background, an allergist specializes in the diagnosis, prevention, and managment of allergy relate conditions. However, your family doctor should give you a referral.

An allergist should give you a skin test, in hopes of finding the allergen. Usually it's dust and pollen, but often times one can not be found.

The one thing that has helped me is using a dust mask during those allergy seasons. This mask can be worn around the house, which is where the dust and pollen level is the highest.

Even during the night the mask will reduce the amount of irritants which enters your system. You may go through 7 - 10 masks per week, but it is a small cost to pay concidering lessere headaches.

The mask will benefit you also when you do have a headache. As long as you are being exposed to the irritants, you will have a more difficult time aborting the headache.

Seeing a specialist is always the correct thing to do. Nevertheless, you will play the biggest part in the management of your allergy condition since there is no known cure.

Hope this answers your question!


American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology

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