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 My nose keeps bleeding y?

 where do you ITCH right now? (10 points to whoevers itching same place as me).?
first to mention the area. No more that 2 areas each plz!...

 What relieves a cold??

Additional Details
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 I have bought some new shoes & they have caused an allergic reaction?Am I entitled to a refund?

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How can I prove it was the shoes?...

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 why some people get scared of a peanut?
i threw a party at my house and this girl i know who is 26 fainted due to a peanut on my floor. she had to go to hospital. i heard of people having phobia by eating peanut butter but never heard of ...

 Question about the common cold!?
Hey everyone! i got this cold..well actually my nose is just runny and all that...but anyways i was just wondering how do you get a cold other then from somebody else? and what do you do to get rid ...

 Do you pick your nose?
Every morning?

 I have runny nose what is the fastest way to get rid of it?
my nose is so runny and i used a hole roll of toilet paper. what can i do for it to go away the fastest, is it safe to use flonase until it goes away for this runny nose?...

 What Are You Allergic Too?
me nothing that i have come into contact with or smelled or tasted yet but im sure if i go somewere outside the us i will find something im allergic ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to water?

 My nose has been stuffed for like 3 months?
No temperature, no coughing...
I always need Nasal Spray before I go to sleep and the stuffed nose wakes me up.
3 or more months! is this normal???...

 Is there a way to avoid a runny nose?
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 Drinking milk when you're lactose intolerant - can it kill you?

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 My nose is runny and I don't want to blow it.?
Any other ideas to take care of the problem....

 can anyone suggest a good allergy medicine for me?
so i have AWFUL seasonal allergies and its spring and there is a TON of pollen where i live (tennessee) . like, you could drop a ball on the ground and it'll make a yellow poof.

 The question's personal...?
ok so i have these little red bumps in between my lips of my vigina and they arent std's or anything i think they are from my laundry soap because I went from using high dollar "no dye no ...

 flaky ears?
why is the inside of my ears always itch and get flaky? I have tried anti dandruff shampoos,peroxide,hydracorizone cream,antibiotic ear drops, and just about every thing you can think of this is ...

Universal language
I've always heard that carrots were good for the eyes. Do you know of other things, or is it mainly vitamin A?

Additional Details
Someone said they keep the eyes healthy, but don't improve eyesight. Do you know if anything does besides glasses?

Ive heard that carrots are good for vision and for your skin. Also, I've read in magazines that they help prevent cancer.

yes thta is true but you would have to eat so much but that is ok. caratine is the item from carrots that you want. Vitamin A. take care not sure what has this in it eitehr.

i knw tht if u eat to many carrots u turn orange lol

yeah that pills. they come in all types vitamins

Although the beta carotene in carrots was long believed to be good for eyesight, I think it was pretty much a myth invented by mothers to get kids to eat their carrots!

Actually, beta carotene DOES convert to Vitamin A, which is essential for proper optical functioning, but you'd have to eat a LOT of carrots to get enough Vitamin A to really make a difference.

New research has shown that zinc and vitamin E may help prevent -- and even possibly reverse -- macular degeneration, a common eye problem. But who knows whether tomorrow's research will confirm that?

It's more likely that the health of one's eyes are far more dependent on genetics than diet.

carrots are yes food for your eyes but do not improve your sight. they keep your eyes healthy

Are you asking what other things have vitamin A in them?

Well, carrots are definitely the best source, but any fruits or vegetables...broccoli, apples etc. all have some vitamin A in them.

As for other things that are good for your eyes...never sleep with contacts in...used to to that...bad idea. Also, just make sure you always where sunglasses (coolness points too), and never let your eyes get too dry.

Nutrition wise...Vitamin A is pretty much THE thing for your eyes, and skin and hair too.

In My Neighborhood
Carrots good for the eyes... somewhere I heard this was a way of keeping the truth from the enemy. we could bomb their targets better than they could bomb ours. "Its because we eat more carrots" but the truth was , we had radar, and they didnt...

Vitamin A

no idea. my grandma just tells me to eat them so i can see stuff when i wake up in he middle of night and not see monsters, or she used to when i was little

High in fiber too.

YES .RAW CARROT JUIVCE IS GOOD FOR THE SKIN TOO........................all the other veggies like beetroots,bell peppers etc with a beautiful colur can do wonders for our hgood health

thats a myth!

Beta carotine is good for your eyes. Carrots have it and other vegetables have it too. Sweet Potatoes are a good source.

Carrots are def good for the eyes cause of the vitamins (Dont eat too many at one go though, You might turn orange) :P but onions work well too!


cat lover
Yes it is...as U said it is very high in viamin A.

Darren G
Do you see bugs bunny wearing glasses?? I DONT THINK SO!!!

Vitamins made for the eye should contain Vitamins A, C, E, B2 and minerals Zinc and Selenium. Of course eye vitamins now may contain the popular new Lutein. Lutein is an antioxidant whose true value is still being studied but is already gaining much attention. Lutein is concentrated mostly in the retina, lens and macula and thus it is assumed that having an efficient amount of Lutein will keep the eyes healthy.

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