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 My nose is like a faucet, its been occuring all night, help?
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 i have hives!!!!?
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 What effects do you get when you drink alcohol and you're allergic to it?
All I see is that people get red or get red blotches on their skin....

 Allergic to anything?food,animal,dust etc...?
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 Everytime I drink milk, about 5-6 hours later I get gas, Why?
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 what kind of rash is this?
pic is on my 360 page. its all over an 8 year olds body and quickly spreading within today it started and now its from head to toe. the hospital gave him meds for dairy allergy but its gotten even ...

Nikki D
I'm trying to find panties for my 3 yo daughter who is allergic to the elastic in regular panties. No luck yet
I've tried searching for latex free children's clothig as well as allergy information and can find no links to special underwear for allergies. Someone please help!

Linda G
Maybe you could but a slightly larger size and turn the elastic over into the pantie to form a casing. Also you could get bias tape (100% cotton double fold), and sew it over both sides of the elastic.

you should try cotton panties like Haynes there should be good for her good luck.

maybe until you find cute, pretty ones for her that she can wear--have you tried little boys boxer breifs? maybe they wouldnt bother her........

Not trying to be weird just helpful...I have a pair with no elastic at all because they tie on each side. Now I know that is a grown up thing so you wont find it in the kids section but what if you cut off the elastic, and sewed a cute little piece of ribbon on them? Or sew your own. Undies would be a pretty simple pattern.

Tina of Lymphland.com
To find out more about our products either call our toll free phone at 1-800-WWCARES (1-800-992-2737) or E-mail us at [email protected]


These places have alot of special needs underwear and stuff for people with disabilities, allergies, etc. One lady I know got underwear that totally snapped, no latex band of elastic at all. I'm not sure which site she used it was either the top one or in the group at the 2nd link I posted.

Ryans Mom
Contact an allergist. They should be able to supply you with some company names, and maybe even a cream or lotion to put on her to help the irritation. I also wonder if you turned the underwear inside out if that would help her?

I'm 25 and still allergic to the elastic in underwear, bras are worse than panties! My allergy to the elastic is due to latex.
Get your daughter checked for a latex allergy. I am severely allergic to latex, it can cause anaphylaxis so is really crucial to get tested. If she is allergic to latex she may also be allergic to some foods such as banana and kiwi fruit, rubber gloves and other rubber products. Also, don't let her scratch any little competitions or lottery scratchy as the rubbery coating is also latex, getting that under your fingernails is hell!

If you can check the elastic, make sure it is not the white stretchy rubbery one. Instead try and get the shiny clear stuff, silicone.
Check out anaphylaxis Australia, you might get some help there as more people in Australia suffer from Anaphyalxis than any other country.

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