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No day but today♥
I'm freaking out now, please help!!!?
Okay so I've been having really bad allergies for 3 months now and for the past 2 weeks I've been using Sudafed nasal spray for congestion like 3 times a day. I was silly and didn't fully read (nor pay attention) to the directions. I looked online and it says taking the nasal spray for longer than 3-5 days can cause damage to your nasal tissue and cause chronic congestion. I've been getting congested more easily now, and after reading that article I'm REALLY scared. :(
At the moment I don't have health insurance so I can't see a doctor so I'm asking you guys!!!
Additional Details
Yes, now I have stopped using it.

Does anybody have suggestions on decongestants for allergies? I'm suffering from these damn allergies!

I got blisters on me fingers

your going to have to see a doctor now you dont have a choice because that could be seriouse go to a walk in clinic are something!

El Derado
First off take it easy, stress will only make it worse. Breath deep. Get some rest. Gargle Listerine. Now go to a clinic. You should be able to get in and out of a clinic for like a hundred bucks, and you should be able to get a prescription for something to help you out which you should be able to have filled for pretty cheap. Look on google for a clinic.

if ur not feeling anything wrong in ur nose then ur okay!!!!!1

Joanne P
Can u take anything else

okay dont panic . stop using nasel spray .leave ur nose alone what u really need to do since ur congested is just blow ur nose. And i suggest takingg Zertec. my friend had the same problem and her doctor told her to do that .

Heart Felt
Get someone to take you to your friendly local pharmacist, ask to speak with him/her privately, tell what happened, seek and follow advice. Quit freakin out, what good would that do? Chances are that you caught it quickly enough, not permanent damage, the body heals itself. Best wishes!


I just read that and overuse is not good for you so I would just stop using it and try leaving your nose alone.

Miss F
Stop using that and go find a natural saline solution spray for your nose... it will clear out your congestion and any bacteria lurking up there.

Not sure what you guys have available in the states but ask your pharmacist for saline solution spray that isn't medicated.

Mike P
stop using the nasal spray.

start taking claratin and generic sudafed pills.

you'll be fine.

Be honest,It will take a while to find the best answer for the your question.give a look at resource here http://www.healthinsurance-onlinetips.info/health-insurance-for-free.htm for your reference .

i know a lot of people who have allergies and even me!i use nasal spray but only once and i didnt like it .....the medicine i use for allergies succh as congestion, watery eyes, runny nose, etc................zyrtec or loratadine......they both work great and really help you......but 1 good advice i wil give you is dont keep on using the medicine forever like each 3 months change the medicine like for these 3 months use zyrtec....then after those 3 months use loratadine for 3 months and keep on switching them cuz my doc told me that when u use the same medicine for a long time it wouldnt work anymore.......now i know you will say but how do i know its right for me well just ask the pharmacist if you cant see the doc....hope i helped and good luck:):):)

Stop using it. You don't want to damage the lining of your nasal passages. But it's not likely you've done permanent damage since it's only been two weeks.

See your pharmacist (they're free!) and maybe you can get a pill for your allergies (e.g. claratyne).

Buy normal saline nasal spray and use that. continue to use it until your nose is not bothering you anymore. the mucous membrane basically has to heal and regenerate the liquids it secretes. Normal saline is not medicated and will not dry out the mucous membrane and can sometimes help with the congestion.

I also would not recommend using the nasal spray for allergies, I know it seems to work faster because it goes into the membrane and takes effect much faster. But it can be addicting and can ruin your nasal cavity forever.

Good luck

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