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How to cure my blocked nose?
ive had a blocked nose for around 3 days now.
it gets much worse at night when im lying in bed, so bad that i cant even slightly inhale through it.
Ive tried the vix inhaler but its not working.
please can someone help me so i get some sleep tonight.
Home remedies would be best.

Keep blowing your nose until theres nothing left. ^^

ive had a cold for a week now i know what you mean at night i couldnt even sleep just blow your nose all the time and stay at home

try allergy pills, i personally hate the cough syrup too. the best thing is at family dollar. there brand of allergy pills worked better than benadryl,and everything else. keep up with the vix inhaler. and also try filling a mixing bowl full of steaming water, to where its just about to boil, you dont want to burn your face, but get it hot enough. stick your face over it every couple of seconds until your nose starts to run, then blow until you cant blow your nose anymore. take the allergy pills religiously.

answer mine please:http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AiyTZploi4Sr_M51rbIaPNvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20080917104940AAoGhMH

Mel G
stuff mint leaves up ur nose, weird, but helps

OK First you need nose drops and at night you need to be proped up on 3 to 4 pillows. Try running your shower to get the room steamed and sit in it for 15 minutes. Also put hot face cloths on your face and inhale the steam. Run a COLD vaporizer close to your bed you need cold steam . Also try a hot heating pad on your for head, but you really need nose drops to open up the sinuses. try NOT to blow your nose a lot it can break a vessal and cause a nose bleed.
All home remedies

Rochelle R
Ive had this before when I was very young. But it lasted for about 6 years. And yes I couldnt breath out my nose and I would panick and have to get up and walk around for abit but as soon as I went to bed it would start again. In the end my doctor thought I had something wrong with my nose so when I got an operation done and my tonsils taken out I felt better. But a couple of years later I felt the same again but not as worse. I find if ly on my side it helps ut nose sprays really dont help and make my nose even more worse. One thing which does help is instead of sleeping with one pillow have two or three and dont lay them down on the bed have them right up it does help. hope this prepares you for years to come! Hopefully its just a cold and it will go soon though! and dont try to blow your nose it really dosent help, honestly.

jazzy kazzy
put vix vapour rube in a bowl of hot water place it in you room over night

Boil the kettler put in large bowl, put head over the owl and cover head with a tea / hand towel. Inhale the steam through your nose to clear... add some vic / eucalyptus to the water - even better!

use one of those spray things that go up your nose i have one and it works really well


Turn off central heating, open window and have your bedroom as cold as possible. Also take OKqueen's advice.
P.S. No alcohol tonight.

Try this simple technique:

Breathe in, then a let little bit out so your not full. Hold your breath for about 5ish seconds, then start breathing as little as possible while trying to stay still for about 10 seconds.

This keeps the Carbon Dioxide inside, and naturally, your body's defense would kick in and open your nose to let in more air.

Try inhaling menthol crystals disolved in hot water.

Do you know anyone who has horses?
Twenty minutes mucking out a stable should clear your nasal passages, I am not winding you up, the ammonia in the wee, clears it in no time!

Hannah G
Olbas oil on your plllow or on a wad of tissue by your nose.
Try those Breathe right nasal strips--They really do work--They hold your nostrils open.

wander round with toilet roll stuffed up your nose it works!!!!

Jesus Saves
Antihistamines are the answer, as they reverse the vasoconstriction in the nose which causes it to become blocked.

I also agree with smudge.ellie's reply; stuffing your nose with tissue when indoors (I wouldn't recommend this outside lol) does actually provide temporary release on an evening - at least until you get to sleep.

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