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Additional Details
wow all great answers thanks
my son has allergies and he has them all year we got a apt to find out what exactly causes it i think dust and this house gets it ...

 Why do I get hives if I'm not allergic to anything?
They just appear usually on my head. Then I take prednisone which I don't like. Any reason or treatment?...

How often do you make your children eat foods that they're allergic to?
My youngest is allergic to walnuts and I'd love it if she could build up a tolerance for them.

elaine a
"when they desrve it or when you can settle for 13"



Wacko Jacko

Ummmm....never. You could kill someone doing that. You don't build up a tolerance to an allergy.

Wow, that is very stupid. The only thing you will do is make her reactions worse, or kill her. Stop being a psycho.


I am allergic to rats, and at first it was fine, then i started to get a rash every time i held them. About 6 months after i had them i had a full blown allergic reaction and had to be rushed to hospital gasping for breath. All the blood vessels burst in my face and i had to have an x-ray to see if my lung had possibly collapsed from the force.

So to cut a long story short, don't give her a single walnut and get her tested to see if she's allergic to other nuts. The more you give them, the stronger the reaction gets.

DON'T DO THAT!!! yes, she CAN build up a tolerance to them, but you can't give her small enough amounts at home!!! If you are really that desperate for her to be able to eat them, take her to the doctor and ask them about it. They can give her the most minuscule amounts till she can tolerate them. But DON'T do it yourself!

uh if she's allergic to them don't give them to her.

Cthulhu's Spokesman
Your kid is allergic to walnuts, so you're gonna shove them down his/her/its throat..that makes a lot of sense.
I've always been allergic to cats, but MY parents never force-fed me those things, EVER. I turned out alright without ever having eaten a cat. Missing out on walnuts for the sake of safety is something your kid will just have to do.


or at least I wouldn't.. they could get very sick or even die!

You should NEVER give your child a food they are allergic to. This can, however, be done with a professionals supervision just in case of an "overdose." They can monitor the eventual tolerance of the food. It also depends on how old the child is. If they are past toddler years, they could possibly not be able to tolerate the walnuts.

My mother did that to me when I was very young. I had an allergy to eggs and she kept feeding a bite everyday, then 2 bites and so on and so on. It worked, I'm no longer allergic to eggs. In your case, I would be very careful and let your pediatrician know what you are planning to do and ask him for his advise. Allergies these days are much different now then allergies 30 years ago. These days people seem to be allergic to everything. Good luck!

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