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 Is it possible to be allergic to popcorn?
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I dont eat too much cake or anything and I dont eat the full ...

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The Lone Wayfarer,aww,so ...

 i have this feeling in my throat is it serious?
i have this fuzzy like feeling in my throght is it anything serious?my mom thinks it may be just allergies
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yea i live in phoenix arizona so there is alot of dust so ...

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 Has anyone heard of an allergy to shave gel?
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How do I get rid of my sore thoat. I think it's from allergies or a cold. Lozenges don't seem to help.

If you take a cup of warm water and put salt in it and gargle it about 2 to 3 times a day it should help (it helps me, even my Dr. recommended that to me).

I used to suffer a lot with sore throat when cold/flu season came around. A few months ago I started using Activate Immune Complex. It is a natural vitamin and I also gargled with Breath Away mouth rinse..this helps to reduce bacteria and viruses. Also use Counteract Drops. All these are very good.

Sore Thoats are caused by bacteria in the crypts of the tonsils. To kill the bacteria gargling with Cepecal or Listerine. Continuing to gargle with either of these will ensure the bacteria is kept to a minimum.

If the sore throats still are persistant you may very much need some antibiotics to get rid of the bacteria.

There is this great product called Airborne. It's all naturally made so there aren't any type of medications in it just herbs and vitamins. You can get it in any store like Walgreen's or Rite Aid.

I use echineacea and colloidal silver. Go to your local health food store and they should have it in stock. Gets rid of most anything. I got rid of strep throat in 3 days!

Salt Water or Pickle Juice

I would agree with the warm lemon juice and honey methods.

You should also increase your intake of Vitamin C to about 500-1000mg per hour. I would also recommend an increase in your zinc intake. Of course I would only recommend this for a temporary basis and if it does not seem to help within the next week you may see a doctor.

hot tea with lemon juice and alot of honey

Kind of old fashioned, but cayenne pepper and honey with some lemon juice.

Put some honey and cayenne pepper in a small bowl with some lemon juice and eat/sip small bites with a spoon.

hot tea with fresh lemon juice,and dress warmly
that's the trick of spring u might think it's warm but thats the time the temperature is changing.

It is a cure that my grandma taught me. It does wonders:
get some lemons and obtain their juice, about 4 or 5 ounces will be enough. Important: do not add water. Do gargles with it, as deep in your throat as you can go, then spit it all out. Do that with all the juice until it is gone. Then obtain some more lemon juice and mix it with natural bee honey, and drink it. The sore dissapears in the first 24 hours, it is as effective as an antibiotic. Trust me.

Anti-biotics worked on me when I had strep.
Heavy-duty cough drops and strong green tea work on regular sore throats. Lots of orange juice helps. Hot soup helps south and if you don't also have runny nose problems, milk helps coat the inside of your throat with that vitamin d stuff. It almost always helps.

Lemon water. My dad used to just pour lemon juice down his throat.

Double D
i know that it doesn't help you much this time but try taking multi vitamins daily!!! i work with children and am training to be a nurse so i was forever getting anoying things like that, and vitamins helped me loads. now im lucky if i get 1 cold or the such like a year!!!!!

Gargle with really warm water (1 cup) and salt (1 TBL) about 3 times a day. Green tea (antioxidant) and/or Chamomile tea, wedge of lemon and honey. If it gets worse or you start having a fever go to the doctors it could be something else that needs antibiotics.

On a small bowl, pour honey, squeeze a lemon in it, warm it up for 30 seconds or less on your microwave..then slice a banana...mix it up, and eat it.

It's an old fashioned remedy my ancestors always made for soar throats, and it has always worked for me.

Hope this helps.

i agree, make some hot tea with some lemon juice (real lemons) and add some honey in there

Tina of Lymphland.com
I get really bad sinus infections, not sure why probably allergies. What I do if it has a burning feeling to it, I take maalox and gargle or use chloreseptic throat spray to numb it. I also gargle with salt water. Sounds weird but alot of times the soreness is from post nasal drip, I take pop, add salt to it and gargle. The bubbles in the pop and salt seem to pull the **** out of there pretty good. Ginger ale and chicken noodle soup soothe it too if you like either of those.

you could have strep. if it doesnt seem to go away, go see a doc

Warm Salt Water, Visit the Doctor

try gargling warm salty water. salt is a natural antibiotic and is also very soothing. put in about 1 teaspoon to a glass of water. If you have a cabbage, soften a few leaves in boiling water, drain, and wrap them in a teatowel or something long enough to go around your throat. leave on for as long as you can, preferably over night.This always works for my son. No sore throat in the morning! good luck and hope this was helpful.

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