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 what's the best way to get rid of a blocked nose?

Jordyn B
How do I cure a stuffy nose?
You dont know how many altoids i have eaten, how many jogs ive took, everything! NOTHING HELPS! I just want to be able to sleep at nite with out at night without having to get up to blow my nose! HELP ME! 10 pts. best answer, if i can figure it out at least... love the life ur in :D at least you probably dont have a cold... or stuffed nose, also how long does it take for a cold to go away. on average idk so ive had it 4 2 days and i need ur help!
1 horse went to a race and 11 one, lol im random

This sounds gross, but try a Netti Pot. (You can find one at your local health-food store). It washes out your sinuses and can really help if you're battling allergies or just general stuffiness. And, a cold generally takes 7-10 days to go away... more if you're taking tons of cold medications. Cutting out sugar helps your immune system (which is one of my least favorite factoids).

chew some garlic

Buttercup B
you probably have allergies. Welcome to everyone else's world. Do you have a pet? If you do think about that for a minute. Go to the docs and they will put you through a series of allergies test to pin point what is causing your sniffles. Also if you eat a lot of dairy you might want to cut back on that. Dairy causes a lot of mucus (google it if you are curious) I would start with that...and go from there. You are not alone dear.

anytime during the day and deff. before bed blow ur nose, spray it with nasal spray and rub some vapor rub under your nose. trust me it works.

GO blow it

Josh B
Try a neti pot. I swear it works.


zeth hardy
i stuff gum up my nose and no more bugies coming out



its wierd i know but it works

Hot shower with a lot of steam, afterwards vicks vapor rub. Spicy curry always helps too!

Spicy food always helps, but if you don't like that I always take a few nasal decongestant pills you can pick up at the local drug store. Afterwards I use some nasal spray. It can be a complicated process, but ive tried everything, even random home remedies I found online, but Nasal decongestant pills and nasal spray works every time.

betta lover
ohkayy jus take
umm allergy pills and it will
stop me too i have HAD cold for 4-8 days ! ! ! ! !
its annoying me too

Angela J
chew minty gum OR there's this stuff called Canola oil, its reallly reallly minty smelling, you rub a little on the rims of your nostrills and BAM

brown eyes
Get a pot of hot water and put your face over it and they cover your head and the pot with a towel and the steam will help clear up you stuffy nose

Katef C
hot steamy bath with smeeling bath salts

or epson slats

stand over a boiled hot pan of soup or water

eat spicy mexican foods

such as jalepenos or really hot salsa

eat really hot suop

make chick soup and but tabasco sauce in it

Shangri La
cayenne pepper eat it some how...

Darren J
If you are sure it's allergies, Change all your sheets, blankets and pillow cases. Vacuum your room and get an ionizer/air cleaner. don't bring any clothes or shoes into your room that isn't clean. You need to eliminate any pollen molds and/or dander that you may be allergic too. Oh absolutely no pets... Your room can be a sanctuary if done right. Oh and don't open your windows.

Drink orange juice or sunny delight
Get as much Vitamin C as possible

And get some salt water nasal spray. Sounds weird, but totally works.

eat spicy food!
they clear your sinuses.

Stick a rock on your head and put a lemon on your nose then take cat hair and sprinkle it in you nose then when you sneeze you will get out all the junk in your nose then listen to Barney
! ja ja ja Just kidding bout barney!

ive used these tissues before that have like vix on them and not only does it get rid of all the gunk but it keeps your noise clear(:

also try eating really spicy foods it tends to clear nasil conditions

Put vix under your nose it will clear it right out

I love dogs! girl
umm put vapor rub on your nose not IN your nose ON your nose! It always works! :)
Hope i helped

I like red chili peppers. Get a spoon and fill it with crushed red chili peppers and if it gets to hot use ether sugar or milk. Ttyl. I hope this helps, I know what it feels like.
P.S. 3-4 days most of the time.

lay down and put vixen on!

Em Janey
tablets or maybe go to the doctors!!

buy a bottle of afrin nasal spray

nasal spray, zycam works wonders for shortening your cold, also take a sleeping pill.

Did you try Reactin? Works for me.

try to get some nose spray. that may help if its caused my allergies. and a little bit before you go to bed try some benedryl. it makes you really drowsy and knocks the cold right out of you. i do this when im sick and it really helps. so try it but take it at night. and get a good nights rest. also take a hot steamy shower. and put some vicks vapor rub on your chest or right under your nose before bed. drink lots of water. good luck and i hope this helps!!! :)
answer mine please!

I sometimes eat hot Cheetos when I have a stuffy nose. That works for me but try putting a tablespoon or two of vicks vapor rub in water and boil it. Then put a warm damp towel over your head and breath in from the boiling water. It's a bit extreme I know but it works.

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