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 I'm allergic to cats, is there any way to get rid of this allergy?
I'm allergic to cats, but I don't wanna be, where I live there are LOTS of cats, and I can't touch them without havine to sneeze and scare them away (Im not allergic to dogs though, I ...

 Every morning i have itchy eyes, tickly throat,blocked nose, and sneezes.DO I HAVE AN ALERGY/ALERGY PROBLEM?
i have cats and dogs in my house, so could i be allergic to them?
Additional Details
i do have hay-fever, but it's horrible weather, raining, so it couldn't really be hay-fever ...

 am i allergic to weed?
okay well yesterday i had smoked weed (marijuna ) for the first time and i took about 5 puffs . i got high and everything then i went home and fell asleep i woke up the next morning and i had rashs ...

 Adults only please.?
Last week, I noticed that my hands where getting a rash on them. I found out that I'm allergic to the latex gloves I wear at work.
If someone is allergic to latex gloves, would they be ...

 Food allergy possibility....?
My son was with his father for the weekend and he had a food allergy while with him. His whole body turned red. He said it was because he ate broccoli. My son is 3 years old and at my house we eat a ...

 How to cure my blocked nose?
ive had a blocked nose for around 3 days now.
it gets much worse at night when im lying in bed, so bad that i cant even slightly inhale through it.
Ive tried the vix inhaler but its not ...

 How can you tell if you're allergic to a certain food?

Additional Details
Every time I eat onions (of all things) I get horrible stomach aches, acid reflux, nausea, and vomitting. My parents thought it was just an onion thing but not ...

 What's wrong with me? Allergies or something else?
My right ear is clogged and I can't hear very well, as if I have water in it, my nose is plugged up and kind of runny at the same time, and my head feels like its going to explode and hurts all ...

 Is it true that butter causes lung cancer????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

 Can a person who is allergic to peanuts eat peanut butter?
I know it sounds like a dumb question but let me explain. This couple I am friends with used to be my roommates. The girlfriend says she is allergic to peanuts. Well I have seen her eat peanut butter ...

 I cut and cut and idk don't know why?
Ok before anything is said I AM NOT EMO ok get that through your head now.

ok then now that we have that ...

 How do I keep bees away from my yard, with a child that's allergic?
allergic to all types of bees, I live in the country in a subdivision....

 How to get swollen eyelid to go down?
Me and my daughter just wike up this morning and I noticed her left upper eyelid is swollen. I tried holding a warm rag over it, but it isnt helping. Shes only two, should i take her to the doctor or ...

 How do you no if your allergic to milk?
EVERYTIME I drink milk my stomach starts hurting real bad!! so i didn't drink it for a week and I was fine.. now just now i tested it and I thought I will try a glass now and see my reaction so ...

 Can someone become allergic to something that the person has never been allergic to before?

 Why was my snot orange?
The other day my allergies were really acting up and I had to blow my nose like a million times that day. Once I blew my nose and my snot was orange! I didn't have a nose bleed or anything, it ...

 Is it possible to be allergic to alcohol?
I very rarely drink. Just the occasional half-glass of red wine with a meal, and even that is only about once a month.
I just had half a glass with my meal, and I could feel myself flushing, my ...

 every time i eat ice cream i get a Reaallyyyy bad cough ! help. im worried and i dont know yyy. ?
ate a ice cream i dint get it so i thought i was fine but today i went to the store with my friend and i got an ice cream and like an hour later i started coughing like crazy and i still am! and my ...

 I get sick when i eat bread?
whenever i have bread, or any thing that has flour in it i find i get sick! why is this?...

 My dad is very allergic to cats, ways to reduce symptoms?
my family has never really had a pet before because my dad is super allergic. now my brother and i are going to try again. is there any way that he can reduce his symptoms? and i need advice on how ...

How can i tell if I am allergic to a certain type of food? What are some symtoms?

Allergy symptoms vary depending on what is causing the reaction and the part of the body where the reaction occurs. Symptoms can include:

runny nose
tearing eyes, burning or itching eyes
red eyes, conjunctivitis
swollen eyes
itching nose, mouth, throat, skin, or any other area
difficulty breathing
hives (skin wheals)
skin rashes
stomach cramps

for me I have a rash under my arm pits and under my breast. I itch some and have a little upset stomach.
The only thing i am not sure what food group I am allergic to now.
hope this helps

Phoenix, Wise Guru
I get a weird feeling in my throat if I eat some foods I'm allergic to. Hives, rash, fever, digestive issues, swelling of the throat and face are also some symptoms, but there are many and they can be completely specific to you. I get hard painful bumps on my fingertips if I take certain medications. It just depends on you.

All the previously mentioned symptoms are correct. Another one that was left out is asthma. My daughter gets asthma if she eats anything containing yellow # 5.

There's so many different symptoms, ranging from dry mouth to pain, with all kinds of stuff in between.

The best way to know is to go to an allergist for a test.

There is really no acurate way to answer your question. Each person is different, and has different reactions to things. it all depends on your own individual body chemistry.

StarGazer ♥
Patients present with skin symptoms, throat tightness, shortness of breath, lightheadedness and/or stomach symptoms. The symptoms usually develop within half an hour of ingesting the allergen.
Rarely, food allergy can lead to anaphylactic shock: hypotension (low blood pressure) and loss of consciousness. This is a medical emergency. Allergens commonly associated with this type of reaction are peanuts, nuts, milk, egg and seafoods. Latex products can induce similar reactions.
Food allergy is thought to develop more easily in patients with the atopic syndrome, a very common combination of diseases: allergic rhinitis and conjunctivitis, eczema and asthma. The syndrome has a strong inherited component; a family history of these diseases can be indicative of the atopic syndrome.

u break out

rash, hives, fever. My brother used to eat shellfish all of the time and one night after he had shrimp, he broke out it all of those. Has been allergic ever since.

You break out in a rash after you ate something, or you barely make it to the toilet in time...

hives itchey and swelling and stomache ache

my daughter breaks out in hives all over her body...very itchy

What are the symptoms of food allergy?

The complex process of digestion affects the timing, location, and particular symptoms of an allergic reaction to food. All of the symptoms of food allergy occur within a few minutes to an hour of eating. A food allergy can initially be experienced as an itching in the mouth and difficulty swallowing and breathing. Then, during digestion of the food in the stomach and intestines, symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain can start. Incidentally, gastrointestinal symptoms are those that are most often confused with the symptoms of different types of food intolerance.

As mentioned previously, the allergens are absorbed and enter the blood stream. When they reach the skin, allergens can induce hives or eczema, and when they reach the lungs, they can cause asthma. As the allergens travel through the blood vessels, they can cause lightheadedness, weakness, and anaphylaxis, which is a sudden drop in blood pressure. Anaphylactic reactions are severe even when they start off with mild symptoms, such as a tingling in the mouth and throat or discomfort in the abdomen. They can be fatal if not treated quickly.


Food allergy or food intolerance affects nearly everyone at some point. When people have an unpleasant reaction to something they ate, they often think that they have an allergy to the food. In fact, one out of three people say that some member of their family has an allergy to food that has necessitated a change in their diet. Actually, however, only about 1% of adults and 3% of children have clinically proven allergic reactions to food.

This difference between the prevalence of clinically proven food allergy and the public's perception of the problem is due primarily to misinterpreting food intolerance as food allergy. Food allergy is an abnormal response to food that is triggered by a specific reaction in the immune system and expressed by certain, often characteristic, symptoms. Food intolerance also is an abnormal response to food, and its symptoms can resemble those of food allergy. Food intolerance, however, is far more prevalent, occurs in a variety of diseases, and is triggered by several different mechanisms that are distinct from the immunological reaction responsible for food allergy.

People who have food allergies must identify and prevent them because, although usually mild and not severe, these reactions can cause devastating illness and, in rare instances, be fatal.

headache, drowsiness

It is easy to confuse a food intolerance with an allergy because both conditions can have similar symptoms. If you have a food intolerance you can usually eat a small amount of the offending food without it causing a problem. However, those who suffer severely from food allergies can experience symptoms after the smallest amount of food comes into contact with their lips or even their hands if touched. Symptoms typically occur, within minutes to 2 hours after the person has eaten the food to which they are allergic.

Symptoms of food intolerances can include:
-Diarrhea and flatulence.
-Stomach pain.
-Nausea and vomiting.

Symptoms of a food allergy may include:
-Swelling of the lips, face, tongue or throat - this may lead to suffocation .
-A tingling/itchy sensation in the mouth and lips.
-Stomach cramps.
-Feeling of weakness - caused by a drop in blood pressure.
-Vomiting and diarrhea.
-Blotchy, itchy skin rashes.

It is important that if you experience any kind of allergic reaction after eating (especially peanuts, nuts and seeds) that you contact your doctor for further advice and avoid that food until then. Even if the symptoms are mild this time, like a tingling lip, the next time you eat that food you might suffer a severe allergic reaction (anaphylaxis).

I hope this helps you!

Gothic Girl
hives, ichiness, rash, burning feeling, feeling hot

Rash, itchy throat, stomache ache

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