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 I am choked with catarrh i am a non-smoker its driving me mad anyone any advice?

 please don't think im dum,but I wanna put bleach in the humidifier,?
I hate germs and I really think if I put some bleach in the humidifier it will clean the air,when I put alittle my boyfriend grabbed the kids and ran out the front door,and said well have a happy ...

 can someone alergic to milk eat cheese ?
Im lactose intolarent but cheese is already fermented... can I have like 1 piece of it ?...

 does rubbing vicks onto a chest help a cold ?

 Are you allergic to anything?
I'm allergic to red wine (I think)...

 Any housecleaning tips for someone who struggles to clean their own house b/c of allergies? Should I hire out?
I don't know what all I am allergic to, other than when I was tested many years ago, and found that I was allergic to dust mites, mold, pollen, etc...all the things I seem to struggling with now....

I think my hay fever has started. Has yours?...

 is it possible to suddenly become allergic to something that never bothered you before?
Ordinarily i am not allergic to orange juice or lemonade concentrates. I recently have developed a weird blistering of the tongue when I drink it. Whats up with that? I have no problem with the ...

 Am i allergic to weed?
I've been smoking weed on and off for the past year and it used to not have much of an effect on me but now whenever i smoke i get horrible headaches and usually throw up. I get really strange ...

 Help!Perfume gives me migraines and effects my breathing.?
I'm a receptionist in a dental office in a very affluent area. Perfumes trigger my migraines when the perfume has been applied too much. Expensive perfumes seem to effect me more that the cheap ...

 my mom is allergic to bees and got stung and she took her epipen thing but what do I look for...?
before I have someone take her to the hospitol?...

 What's the best cure for a post nasal drip?
What's the best cure for a post nasal drip? When the back of your throat itches really bad?...

 Pain in left side of throat while swallowing food drinking water.?
since 2 weeks before i have pain in left side of my throat while drinking water and swallowing food. i have survive doctor and he advised some pain killer and antibiotics. when i take medicine pain ...

 i have hives!!!!?
i had hives now for 10 years, out of the 10 years i was 2 year hives free, i am aware of my food allergy it's wheat, peanuts, shell fish, milk, eggs. i am not eating those items at all, i have ...

 What are the symptoms of pink eye?
My left eye has been watering and itching and all day and past several days, around the tear duct, if you touch it, it feels like there is a needle poking it. And just earlier tonight, it itched, and ...

 What effects do you get when you drink alcohol and you're allergic to it?
All I see is that people get red or get red blotches on their skin....

 Allergic to anything?food,animal,dust etc...?
Im allergic to hot sauce even though I like it, it swollens up my lips and if I eat to much my lips breaks & I start to bleed...


 Everytime I drink milk, about 5-6 hours later I get gas, Why?
I can eat ice cream, yogurt, cheese all kinds of dairy but the second I drink a glass of Milk (2%) or chocolate milk about 6 hours later I get this horrible rumbling on my left side under my ribs and ...

 what kind of rash is this?
pic is on my 360 page. its all over an 8 year olds body and quickly spreading within today it started and now its from head to toe. the hospital gave him meds for dairy allergy but its gotten even ...

ok guys thanks soo much in advance... my friend is allergic to cats,and her step dad bought her 1 but he doesnt kbnow shes allergic. and what if the cat rubs its tummy aginst her leg what will happen?...

How can I get this fluid out of my ear??? HELP!!!!?
My allergies were really acting up last week. My eyes were swollen, itchy, watery. My head was sooo stopped up and a major headache, sneezing, and last but not least nasal congestion. Now for the past 2 days my left ear is sooo stopped up. I can feel fluid in it when I tilt my head. I've tried peroxide, alcohol, sweet oil drops and it is not helping at all, infact may be making it worse. I can hardly hear out of this ear, and when I talk it soulds like I'm in the bottom of a barrel...Please help, it's driving me insane!!

Ben S
Consult a doctor. How'd it get there anyways?!? That's WEIRD!!!

Nikki H
I'd stop putting anything into your ear for sure. Simple and silly but have you tried laying with that ear down for an extended period of time? That is how I generally get water out of my daughters ears...from swimming.

u need to drain ur ear. take a hot shower and the steam will start to break it up. right after u get out lay on a heating pad that u would use for sore muscles. cover the heating pad with hand towel so if it does start to drain the first time it woun't be all over everything. if it does not work the first time but u can hear popping and cracking noises then its working and try again in a about 2 hours. its a work in progress but it will eventually drain out. when it finally does clean carefully with a q-tip. repeat till u feel better. if it worsens u might have to go to the doc's to get special ear drops. wish u well.

baby girl
go to the doctor and get some ear drops

You need to see a doctor. Could be a bad ear infection. You may need an antibiotic. I would also take some Mucinex and drink plenty of water. Also, NEVER TAKE HEARING LOSS LIGHTLY! If you can't hear or are hearing things strangely out of your ear, you may have a sensory-neural hearing loss. In this case, time is precious. To increase chances of your hearing return, you need to be treated with Prednisone (steroid) right away. The best advice is to see an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist) just to be safe. Most physicians are trained for general medicine. Since you are having a specific problem with your ear, your best care will come from the specialist. I know because I lost hearing in my left ear and have regained a portion of it at this point. I may have gotten more if any of the numerous physicians and ER doc's had listened to me when I said I couldn't hear out of my ear. I didn't get the medicine until much later than the critical window of opportunity. When this happened to me, I was also suffering from severe allergy problems. Best of luck to you!

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