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 My nose is always blocked everyday. My mom says it has something to do with when i sleep (Around 12 A.m)?
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 My boyfriend is a snot eater! ?
My boyfriend eats his snot all day. He will pick and eat, sneeze and eat, and blow his nose on his hand and eat it. I am being serious. No Joke. Surely this is not healthy. Why would you do that?

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 Is it possible for one's allergies to go away?

 what are histamines, or what do anti histamines do ?

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 If it's not a fruit allergy, what is it?
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 I've had allergy shots for 12 years. Not retested since. When do the shots peak and no longer work?
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 Symptoms of Allergies?
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 swollen, itchy irritated eyes would anti-histamines work (look like been punched!)?

 i've got hives, i took benadryl, claritin but won't work, what should i do?


 What is the best eczema treatment?
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 Allergic to mosquito bites?
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 Am I allergic to soy?
Everytime I drink soy my throat gets reeeeeaaaaaallllllllyyyyy itchy.

How bad is my baby's peanut allergy?
My baby has a peanut allergy blood test # of 3.9. I know she's allergic (you're allergic if your number is over .35) , but how severe is 3.9? The doctor said "very significant" but he's not a talker, so I was wondering exactly how bad it is.

Katie B
That is a rather severe reaction. At her first exposure, she'll likely have a mild reaction. Do not be misled by this... allergic reactions become progressively worse.
Make sure that you follow your doctors instructions and if he gives you a prescription for an Epi-pen, get it. Anaphylactic shock causes the throat to swell shut. Without proper and immediate medical attention, it can kill.

You need to be very vigilant in keeping anything that could have even come into contact with peanuts or peanut oil away from your baby. Make her own food at home if she goes to daycare. Make sure that when she goes to school her epi-pen is with her. This can be life threatening if not taken seriously, but doesn't have to be with a concerned mom such as yourself. By the way, get a doctor you can relate to - one who is not a talker is of no use to your baby.

I'm sure your doctor made it clear that you need to read labels on everything you feed your baby. Peanut oil is used in so many foods today. A peanut allergy of this kind is very severe....can cause your baby's throat to close up and swell. I'm sure there are websites and books that can help you. Good luck!

That is a severe reaction. Exposure to peanuts or products containing peanut oil or even manufactured in the same plant can cause him to go into anaphylactic shock. You really need to be carrying an epi-pen jr. for him at all times! If at any time you have to use the pen, it goes in the thigh muscle, he needs to go to the ER immediately afterwards. Allergies this severe should NOT be taken ligthly. My son has a severe allergy to wool and we have to carry an epi-pen wherever we go. We only found out because he went into anaphylatic shock - swollen lips, passed out, throat swollen, covered in hives. Hospitalized for 2 days to control it.

Peanut exposure can be fatal. Not trying to spook you, but I would start a no peanut policy for sure, since your child has tested at over ten times the minimum allergic level.

When you go out to eat, you have to tell the waiter "no peanut or peanut oil in the food, please."

Labeling of foods are beginning to specify if they use peanut oil in their processing so your job will get easier in the long run.

I was interviewing a candidate for employment in the Allergy/Asthma area at my company, and we agreed peanut allergies are on the rise, but we don't yet know why.

Quite severe.

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