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Amie G
Help asap please!!!!Gluten free and casein free?
I am trying to put my son on the "AUTISM DIET" but I have a problem being that he only drinks milk he really doesn't eat any real food and I need a milk like product does any one know?????

larry L
A diet to cure autism is only effective if your child is allergic to wheat or gluten. It he is, that is how your child became autistic in the first place. Those who advocate special diets for autistic children who are not allergic to milk or wheat are quacks, charlatans, simpletons or liars.

Any anecdotal evidence you have heard to the contrary is useless, because they don't take placebo effect into consideration; and mental conditions are especially susceptible to suggestive influence by the parents and doctors and patient.

Everyone has given you very good suggestions, but you have to be careful with soy, rice, coconut, almod and potatoes. Many people on the autism spectrum tend to be sensitive to them. Also take sugar away from his diet, it just feeds bad bacteria which causes an increase in intestinal inflammation.

The fact that he is only drinking milk is an indicator that he is not supposed to have it. With my son I find that if he craves a food to much, it's not good for him.

Think of his craving for milk, sugar, etc as an addict craving the drug of his choice.

You may have to just take the milk away cold turkey. Get him a sugar free juice instead and put him on Super-Nuthera multivitamin and Super-Nuthera Companion which is a multimineral with calcium included. You can get these from Kirkmanlabs.com.

Get him on digestive enzymes as soon as possible, herbs-wholesale.com is a good place for low priced supplements.

If he is not eating, maybe from intestinal inflammation. Start him on a liquid diet. Look into the SCD diet, which is the Specific Carbohydrate Diet. You can learn about it at: www.breakingtheviciouscycle.org

There are lots of nut milks, also soya milk (but not more than a couple times a week, as soy in excess has issues of its own), and also it is said that finely ground quinoa can be used in place of milk in shakes, as it has a creamy texture and taste. It's also quite high in protein.

try rice milk or soy milk. i use rice milk myself. it tastes good.

We use hemp milk with our daughter. She loves it.

Soy is out if you're trying GFCF for autism reasons. Try Rice Dream flavored vanilla and if you're having a really hard time, slowly switch by doing 1/4 Rice Dream and 3/4 milk, then gradually change. Vance's potato-based is ok, but really, it's time and persistance.

Heidi N
Diet was one of the last things I did. When I wasn't happy with the fact there were still symptoms left after giving supplements and all, I finally did the diet. And it made a great big difference. What I did was just not buy milk and bread any more. I tried to replace it at first, but then we just got used to not having it. As long as my kids get their gluten free cookies, cereals, etc. they are happy. We were milk addicts! What a miraculous feat that was. We drink Rice milk with cereal, and that's it. I replaced ice cream with Breyers natural fruit popsicles. Sometimes I buy that Rice milk ice cream. We don't eat any bread. We only eat oats and rice and potatotoes for our starches. I do have to cook differently.

I have heard of people using coconut milk and almond milk and even potato milk. You can always find them on the internet if you can't locally. Always check for additives like MSG.

I never tried it but understand that rice milk seems to be the best alternative to regular milk. Here are two web sites that have lots of help and recipes too.

I know this sounds harsh, but eventually he will eat. My son has been on "the diet" for a while and some things are gross and not appealing to a little boy. I have found that if you buy bread you are probably going to throw it out and at 5.00 per loaf it will probably not last that long. If you have a bread machine, try Bob's Red Mill brands, they have a casein free/gluten free mix..that isn't too bad. I would also recommend the kid-friendly ADHD and Autism Cook book. It is a good place to start. Since you are starting out you are probably looking for regular grocery store foods. Ham (not cured in whey), hot dogs like Hewbrew National Fat Free do not have casein as most hot dogs do. I see that your son only drinks milk. A good alternative is the Rice Dream Vanilla Flavored milk- it is now gluten free. I would look to blend maybe a banana in it or something to make it a little more appealing, some ice and he can have a smoothie. . It is overwhelming and people will tell you just about anything. Remember that once you find a few things that work for your son it will get better. My son has shown great improvements and is even starting to speak a little bit, which is HUGE! I would go to the gfcfdiet.com website, they have a large list of things that are available for this diet. The only thing is to try not to replace things he likes with sugary things. Like cookies, candies, or things with high fructose corn syrup. You will find that it can hinder your child as well. Hope this helps!

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