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I am allergic to peaches.

I am also lactose intolerant.
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I am also allergic to chamomile tea....

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a sudden my mom is starting to wheeze and cough and cant
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Why does this happen?

Thanks. =]
Additional Details
Yep, I get really bad hayfever....

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increased urination
weight loss

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Help!Perfume gives me migraines and effects my breathing.?
I'm a receptionist in a dental office in a very affluent area. Perfumes trigger my migraines when the perfume has been applied too much. Expensive perfumes seem to effect me more that the cheap ones. Unfortunaley the patients in our office often wear the best perfumes. Some patients wear so much you can still smell it long after they have left the office. My migraine medicine costs almost $400 for 15 pills, yes thats right, 15 pills. I am in my 50's and I must work. I am at an age where people don't want to hire you and all I've ever done is dental reception. My employer pays me very well. I am also sensitive to my other chemical smells. My co-workers understand and they watch what they wear, but to tell a patient that their perfume is killing you is a no no. I have resorted to mailing out annomous letters letting them know their perfume is applied way too strong and how it effects people with chemical sensitivies.

You also might try to see if a better exhaust system can be installed/adjusted to exhaust out the fragrances that come in.
You might could place a small fan aimed to push away air in that comes in front of your face, or even load it with a deodarizer (sp?) onto the fan that is not harmful to you, to combat the gragrances.
I feel your pain! I get so annoyed that folks put that much perfume on. A woman/man should put just enough on to allow a hint of the fragrance, and people will wonder about it, not be assaulted with it.

That's a drag. I'm also allergic to perfumes, but not as much as you. Why don't you consult an allergist? They can detect the precise ingredients that you're allergic to, then give you a series of de-sensitising treatments. However, I honestly don't know if they prescribe this for migraines.

(I'm going to be de-sensitised against cat fur, rabbit fur and rye grass.)

As another lady who takes triptans, I'm pretty sure I know which medication you're talking about. I don't know if you've tried the injections but it's something to consider -- they often work much better for me than the tablets.

Also, if you haven't seen a neurologist, please see one as soon as possible. There are preventative measures available to help reduce the effects of the chemicals or the severity of the migraines you'll develop. I know because I'm taking medications to help mine. There is a trial offer for one of these medications. You could call your pharmacist and get the name of the medication and look it up on line. It helps IMMENSELY!

The other and most helpful thing to me is BOTOX injections. I get them every three months. Not cosmetic! They are for my migraines. My neurologist gives them to me in my temples, just behind my ears, in the occipital nerve area, and down my neck. You won't believe the wonderful results of this treatment. If you can't afford the treatment, try to see if there is a clinical trial being performed in your area.

I wish you all the luck in the world!

My doctor sent out a letter asking patients not to wear perfume when they come to the office because of problems that it causes other people. You might talk to your boss and see what type of a reaction you get.

Try talking to your allergist about inhalers. Some types of inhalers help with sinus related allergies, and they cost a whole lot less than your pills.

You are endangering your job. People will most likely put two and two together since they will know the anon letter came from someone with access to their address, and then they put the recent dental office visit together with the address and reach a logical conclusion of who mailed the anon letter. As soon as someone calls the office to inquire if anyone there mailed it, the other employees who know of your allergies will know you mailed it. Remember, there aren't any secrets when it comes to office staff.

Just say to the pt. what a lovely fragrance you are wearing, I could smell it as soon as you walked in. What is the name of it? That gives the message that you are inquiring because you like it, ( a compliment) and they are wearing too much.

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