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Has anyone heard of an allergy to shave gel?
I used Satin Care shave gel when shaving the other night. When I dried myself off, my legs were suddenly very very itchy. I thought I rubbed my legs too hard with the towel, but the itching persisted. I went and rubbed ice on my legs, and then promptly applied anti-itch cream. However, the scratching from the beginning of the irritation left horrible red marks all over my legs.
Two questions at this point: Do you think it was an allergic reaction, and how badly could the scratching have damaged my skin?

Blunt Honesty
Could have been an allergic reaction. Try a different shave gel. Unless you scratched to the bone, you will heal over time. The skin is constantly repairing itself. I doubt you could withstand the pain you feel while causing permanent damage with your finger nails.

Damage can't be permanent - I'd moisturise and leave your legs uncovered when you sleep tonight. [unless you'd freeze]
This happened to me - best to do a skin test beforehand like they recommend. [too late now, but]

Peter H
One of two things could have happened to you.

There are multiple chemicals in your shaving gel. One (or more) of them has caused a reaction on your skin. There are two grades of reaction one is an expression of intolerence the other is a fully expressed alergy.. Both are caused by your immune system deciding to react to the chemical(s). This reaction to things that are around you can start at any time in your life.

First, stop using the gel.

Next, find a doctor who is an alergy specialist, take the list of ingrediants in the gel. He/She will be able to do safe tests and see what parts of the gel are hurting you.

If you have any other products in the house with the same ingrediants you need to know this.

Don't panic, its unlikely that your skin has suffered permanaent damage.

At a mature age I found i had developed reactions to polyester, indoor mould and the exhaust from a gas heater. Now I know I can manage things to stay safe and well.

Hope this helps.


you can be allergic to anything including air or the sun

Yes,you had an allergic reaction-and your skin isn't damaged from scratching-- people are allergic to all kinds of stuff- for instance,i am allergic to clear gel deoderant....not the spray, or the solid, just the clear kind!!Weird,huh?

Anything is possible. With all the additives and dyes and perfumes, you are probably allergic to one of those things.

Scratching didn't damage your skin. And yes. People are allergic to all kinds of things.

could have also been a bad razor.
But try a small patch of gel on the inside crease of your arm and if it gets red then your probably sensitive to something in it.
You can take Benadryl and use cream hydracortisone to help.

yes you probably have sensitive skin. dont use that kind again get some for sesitive skin. the damage will most likely go away and be fine in a few days.good luck

Use a clean shaver next time...no its want a allergic reaction but it could be so see a doc for that ....your skin isnt badly damaged just see a doctor.

Is this the first time you used it? If so, then an allergic reaction just might be the case. Try a sensitive skin shave gel. Or Aveeno. You may also try going to the Organic Foodstore in your area (Wholefoods, etc.)

The scratch marks will go away. You may have them for a couple of days.

Shave Gels like Skintimate or Satin Care are loaded with moisturizers, and are designed for your skin to absorb. So, I'd drink lots of water to flush out your system... and maybe wash with a mild soap to dry out your skin, but not re-irritate them.

Allergies to shave gels are possible. In fact, many have a warning to stop using them if you see rashes or irritation.

If you don't use the gel again, your skin might recover. However, if it has you concerned you can talk with a dermatologist about this.

Tommy D.
take some anti-histamine - its a general anti allergen-you could have had one to any of the no doubt hundreds of chemicals in those gels and creams-hay fever tablets have it-loratadine is one i know and see a doc. the antihistamine will stop the itch in the mean time.x

Djembe J
Most all of these mass market gels and cosmetic preparations contain dozens of toxic chemicals. It is best to go to a health food store and get something safe. Remember, if it can't be ingested it probably shouldn't be put on the body. A topical dose, for instance, of a drug, can have up to 10 times higher absorption than an oral dose!

Tracy E
Yes I think it could be a reaction as the same thing happened to me not too long ago. I too itched them very much but thankfully for me they didn't do any damage -

All I can say is that I soaked in an oatmeal bath and it really helped out with the irritation.
Hope it isn't too bad for you

i dont think its a allergic reaction, sometimes it happens after i shave and i don't use shave gel.....the redness will be gone in a day or two

After you legs clear up, try the gel again in a small area on your leg. If the itching starts again then your allergic to Satin Care. If you still having problems with itching, try some benadryl. Don't think you damaged the skin.

to say all of that.. next time put baby powder on it.. you just burned your legs that is all.. the ice will induse the pain.. the anti itch will burn the surface. next time for any burns..

BABY POWDER.. EVEN SUN BURNS.. don't use oils or lotions.. use baby powder.


so i know from first hand.. just 3 weeks or so ago.. i got sunburned.. and baby power took away the pain and i tanned.. most of the time you will not peel it all depends on how Burnt you are.. oils will make blisters.. but baby powder softens the skin and makes it happy..

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