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 i have this feeling in my throat is it serious?
i have this fuzzy like feeling in my throght is it anything serious?my mom thinks it may be just allergies
Additional Details
yea i live in phoenix arizona so there is alot of dust so ...

 I lost my nose, help!?
I was surfing the internet one day, my nose was itchy. So i decided to scratch it, and, omg, like my nose was gone! Would anybody be able to tell me where it might of went to. Because i really need ...

 I've always heard that carrots were good for the eyes. Do you know of other things, or is it mainly vitamin A?

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Someone said they keep the eyes healthy, but don't improve eyesight. Do you know if anything does besides glasses?...

 What are some fizzy drinks that can help an upset stomach???

Additional Details
I don't have soda or ginger ale.
My parents gave me tonic water and it was nasty!!!! So if you have recipies to make it better.........

 My mom seems to be the only one slightly allergic to our cat, does vaccuming help?
Does vaccuming the house every other day help relieve the symptoms? My mom isn't like crazily allergic, she just has slightly watery eyes sometimes and sneezes a few. I know the best way would ...

 Has anyone heard of an allergy to shave gel?
I used Satin Care shave gel when shaving the other night. When I dried myself off, my legs were suddenly very very itchy. I thought I rubbed my legs too hard with the towel, but the itching persisted....

 How do you know if you're allergic to something, but you can't figure out what?

 Best cure for the common cold?
It's only october and I'm already on my 3rd cold of the season! I really don't feel like dealing with this, I feel like i've been sick for months. What's the best way to get ...

 i have a purple spot on my nose but nobody punched me in the nose?

 is my nose really horrible?
i am really obsessive about my nose! i think its horrible! i mean people say im pretty and what not but some people just tell me i would be gorgeous if it wasnt for my nose. i think im going to get a ...

 How do i know if im allergic to milk?

Additional Details
I dont get rashes or anything but if i drink a little glass of it, it makes me feel really sick so if i drank abit more id probally be sick what do you think?...

 What works best for you?? Claritin, Zyrtec or Benadryl?? Please someone all I want is sleep!?
I haven't had sleep in about a week, my dr. said that I have a viral infection (it's like the flu and will last anywhere from 6-8 weeks) She said that I should take an antihistamine to dry ...

 if someone is allergic to bee stings, what happens to them when they're stung?

Additional Details
its actually my little boy and he has a severe nut allergy. He has an epipen 4 that but i was just wondering if it would be the same kind of ...

 My nose keeps bleeding y?

 where do you ITCH right now? (10 points to whoevers itching same place as me).?
first to mention the area. No more that 2 areas each plz!...

 What relieves a cold??

Additional Details
Please answer!...

 I have bought some new shoes & they have caused an allergic reaction?Am I entitled to a refund?

Additional Details
How can I prove it was the shoes?...

 Help me please!!! Sunburn itch, contemplating suicide?
I have a mild sunburn that has stoped burning and now it itches. If I had a gun I would kill myself to stop this itch. Really. I have been slathering on aloe with lidocaine, spray on solarcaine, ...

 why some people get scared of a peanut?
i threw a party at my house and this girl i know who is 26 fainted due to a peanut on my floor. she had to go to hospital. i heard of people having phobia by eating peanut butter but never heard of ...

 Question about the common cold!?
Hey everyone! i got this cold..well actually my nose is just runny and all that...but anyways i was just wondering how do you get a cold other then from somebody else? and what do you do to get rid ...

Just me
Okay my WHOLE body itches. Literally, head to toe. I have not changed soaps, laundry detergant, and I lotion my body A LOT so I do no think it is dry skin.AND it is NOT an allergic reaction. Even my scalp itches. ANY REASON WHY I AM?? I have been stressing out about a lot of thing.. could that be a symptom or something? HELP

Additional Details
It has been like this for 2-3 weeks

i think its chicken spots
i hope ur not older then 16 because people older could die easier of that

♦♣Black Jack Queen♥♠
go to the doctors. sounds like the 'shingles'

Sounds terrible I hope you feel better soon. Maybe you have been taking really hot showers?

You really need to see a dermatologist (skin-doctor) then. That kind of itching on such a large scale over such a long period of time is very odd. Professional treatment is the way to go.

Hope you get better soon!

You can develop allergies as you get older. Stuff you use your whole life might turn on you.
Unless you are taking pain medication, that will make you itch as well.

who cares
I had a similar skin condition I suggest you go to the doctor they are the only ones who can probably diagnose what you have...

vist a

go to the emergency room

Destiney M
what have you been stressing about did your bf/gf break up with you?

dun Dun DUN
oh dear, go to the doctor!

take some benadryl and then go to a dermatologist.

umm you are prob nervous alot,or juss need to take a shower or that its really humid in the summer i would take a bath in cold water that would help

Mr. Artless
you might have itchyidus

hmm.....bathe more often and don't be nervous, when you're nervous that makes you itch a lot

Probably because you sweat.When I sweat a lot after I stop sweating I start to Itch.

Dan W
It's irritated
go to doctor

have you been rolling in grass again?

It could be stress. I have the same problem in the Fall and Spring cause by certain pollen in the air. I take Claritin (over the counter) once day during that time of the year and it helps. I take Benadryl if I'm really itching. If you have hives and have a hard time breathing, go to the ER Stat. Make an apppointment with your doctor and he can help. Good luck.

Laura S
hmm...you're stressing out...sounds like a symptom of...

stress. i get the itches when i'm stressed too.

do you have hives? because that could make it something completely different (i know there was something going around last year)

try taking a luke-warm bath (i know, disgusting, right?) because hot water and the water pressure from a shower might agitate the skin even more.

relax a bit. if you're really worried about it, go ahead and see a doctor, but be warned, the first drug they'll put you on is prednisone and on that you'll gain at least ten pounds in water weight (prednisone is a basic steroid used to help kill viruses)

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