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Friend is allergic to cats, I have 4 and she's coming to my party... HELP!?
I'm having a christmas party tommorow, and one of my friends from college who i haven't seen in a while informed my that she is highly allergic to cats. I have four cats. It's kind of a problem.
We're planning on keeping the cats in the bedroom for the evening, but i'm worried about the existing dander in the house.

Is there anything i can do to minimize dander or help out my friend?

real answers please!


Your cats could go on a vacation
'Le resort de motorway'

try putting Zurtec in her food.
Or just offer it to her.
Zurtec is an allergy medicine

Give your cats to the neighbors tomorrow and use those de- furrers all over and put all your cat cages etc. in the your room closet. FEBREEZE!!!!!

Kris L
Put the cats into a bedroom and lay a thick cloth at the bottom ... make sure the door 'seals well.' Do this early enough in the day that you can VACUUM EVERYTHING right away, and then vacuum again right before she gets there. Be sure you have some generic Claritin on hand in case she can't handle the dander ... and keep her AWAY from that door ... do NOT put the 'cats in the bedroom' between the party area and the bathroom, or you could get into trouble with 'dander seepage' ... but the Claritin should help her to stay healthy and not have a bad allergic reaction.

Is she prescribe a good analgesic? Seriously, she should take it prior to going to your house.

That's hard since I have had the same problem at a friend's house, me being the one allergic to cats. Even putting them in another room didn't help me. My problem was touching something the cat had touched. I guess it could be hard to tell your friend not to touch certain areas lol. What you could do is major cleaning or maybe airing out certain rooms the cats tend to be in a lot. Keeping them away from your friend could help a bit but I think it really sits in how well you can clean the area.

The only thing your friend can do is take allergy medicine such as benadryl or claritine before she shows up, and shell probably only get like an itchy nose at most.

Its what I do, i hate cats.

run out and buy a great air purifier.....maybe at an Oreck dealer

put them away in a room and make sure no one goes in there okay

Beth H
Dust and vacuum as early as you can, or tonight if possible, because the vacuum will kick the dander up into the air and may make it worse for her. Use a lint roller to get all the visible hair off of the furniture, and open a few windows while you are vacuuming and for a few minutes afterward. The towel under the door to the bedroom is a great idea too. So is changing the filter in your furnace. Try the 3M allergen reducing ones, they are about $15 but last longer than the cheap ones.

Good luck!

go round the room that u and ur m8 will be staying in and give it at good thourough clean. That way any hair from the cats will be gone. As long as ur m8 dnt go in the room where the cats r she should be alrite. if u have a steam cleaner they r realli good and they would get rid of anything .but if not ur gna have to use ur hands

belligerent assistant
Hi Lucy, my husband is also really allergic to cats and we have to go to events now & then with ppl who have cats.

Its a huge problem and unfortunetly just putting the cats in the bedroom, vaccuming & cleaning isn't going to cure her.

It will help for certain, however if i were you, I'd pick up some liquid benadryl to have on hand when she has her reaction.

Chances are she is aware that she has to carry an anti-histimine with her but in the event that even that doesn't work--you'd be a great host if you could pick up some liquid benadryl and have that on hand.

YOu want liquid vs. caplets as it aborbs quickly into her blood stream faster than caplets.

Don't expect her to stay long either, chances are with 4 cats, you'd be lucky she stay an hour tops. try to also pick up all the fleece, and other products that the cats sleep on because she can & will pick up the dander in the cloth.

MINnie MOUse
i have a cat and my friend mom is allergic and they came to pick her up from my house on day and since my house is clean (not sayin' urs is not) she didn't smell no sign of cat so yea jus vaccum, wipe doen some things a spray... but she should still bring meds jus in case

Auto Schlussel
Have your friend pop as many allergy meds as she can before she comes over. that may give her about an hour before she is overcome with her allergies.

How cold is it outside?? If its not too bad, it could be an option. come up with an idea that would draw everyone outside for something (a game, lights, etc.) and would buy some time for your friend away from the cats.

try putting your cat somewhere else

Can she help you out by taking an antihistamine? I would just vacuum and clean things as much as possible and ask her if she would mind taking some medication just in case there is some dander around. I've known people with the same problem and they usually took medication if they knew they were going to be in a cat person's house. (I have three cats myself).

Jesse Rocks
Explain to your friend that you have 4 cats....by putting them up, you have done your part. Your friend needs to take some allergy meds or something before she arrives.

I have read that after an animal has been in a house, dander is still present AFTER the animal is gone for 25 YEARS....dander is everywhere--you won't get rid of it.

You can spend a FEW HUNDRED dollars on an air filter I suppose....if it means that much to you....I mean like a Hepa filter....or Ionic Breeze....I certainly wouldn't go that far though.


1 UnIqUe InDiViDuAl
tell her to bring plenty of benedryl...works for me...i am allergic to cats also

Travis L
put the cats in a seperate room for the night, vacuum up and dust around the house and that will probably get rid of some dander

I use homeopathic apis in situations like this, buy a little vial and offer your friend drops throughout the party. a naturopath or homeopath will help you with getting some, or maybe a good health food store or pharmacy.

You can try to vacuum, but it will still be everywhere. If your friend is dangerously allergic, she shouldn't come. If she isn't, have her pop some allergy pills and keep the cats out of the room.

im allergic 2 cats so I can help u out
when all the cats r in a different room, I am usually 100% ok. cleaning the couch may help with dander, but usually it fades wuickly

Put them in a room where she won't go into. :)

Your home your cats. She'll just have to deal because you are putting the cats in another room. You could vacuum your rugs right before the party, that should help some. And maybe she could take a Claritin or some allergy pill.

You could pass the vacuum before she comes over. She could also take an over the counter medicine to minimize the symptoms.

Dust and vaccum really well. If your heater has a filter, clean it well. You might also consider (if you can stand it...don't know how cold it is there) opening up a bunch of windows to air the place out.

Vacuuming and cleaning, but also warn her to take some meds before she arrives to help minimize her reactions.

As mean as it seems, this is her problem not yours. If you keep the cats in the bedroom and give the house a good vacuuming, you're doing all you can.

She might have to take the occasional breather throughout the evening, but she undoubtedly has learnt to cope with her allergies by taking whatever meds work for her.

Greet her with love ... and hope for the best.

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