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 I hope this isnt to stupid a question,lol?
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 My ear is clogged up and nothing is working?
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 My nose keeps bleeding?
for about a month my nose has bled every day... is this a serious problem?
Additional Details
david... im not a fan of going to see a doctor, unless i absolutely have to. seems like i ...

Food allergy possibility....?
My son was with his father for the weekend and he had a food allergy while with him. His whole body turned red. He said it was because he ate broccoli. My son is 3 years old and at my house we eat a lot of broccoli. So I was wondering if it possible to just one day have a food allergy? I don't believe so but I just want to make sure. I am going to try feeding him broccoli again and see what happens. What do you think? Thanks
Additional Details
my son's father brough thim to the doctors and they said it is possible to be brocolli but did no tests or anything. They just said to byuy allergy medicine.

You should consult a doctor.

If you suspect an allergy, don't expose him to the suspected cause. The next reaction could be worse.

That he has had broccoli several times before without reacting to it suggests he isn't allergic to broccoli. I doubt that someone could have an allergy for only one day.

If the only thing that happened was that he turned red and he felt warm, it might be flushing instead of an allergic reaction. A high dose of Niacin, for example, can cause this.

I wouldn't think so you should get a docter right away. At three years I would think the boy accidently ate something off the floor or something. Broccili is healthy I would think nobody would be allergic to that. Also at that young of an age an assistance of the docter would be much suitable at that time.

anything is possible. just because you ate it before, doesn't mean that he isn't allergic. he could of develped something. i think that some other food got into the broccoli some how. broccoli isn't really an allergine. you should talk to his doctor about this.

TX Mom
Whole body turning red doesn't sound like an allergic reaction.

It is possible to suddenly develop an allergy. I was several days into a pennicillin prescription, when this tremendous case of hives came on. Nothing else could have triggered it.

Sure. Try the broccoli. Just have some benedryl standing by just in case.

TX Mom

Well no offense but thats a horrible its like saying im going to try to give my son a bee sting because i dont know if he is allergic what if he gets a serious reaction and just because of you! take him to his pediatrician and he will determine

Just Mee
It was probably something else, it would probably have been very mild if he was developing an allergy to it. It sounds like he's just trying to get out of eating his vegetables, lol :)

See a Doctor it might be the allergy or a diffrent one

You can most definitely all of a sudden have a reaction to something you have eaten many times before. That is how it happened to me. I ate shellfish nearly every week then one day BOOM! If he had a reaction that severe, I would keep benedryl on hand and get in to see his doctor.

it might have been a different type of broccoli or there might have been somethin on it that caused the reaction.

Get him checked out you never know it could be severe... i got allergies when i was 4 and it was bad my mom thought it was bcuz i was eating chicken i was just eating it when they noticed.. but it turned out to be peanuts... Do check your beautiful son, it better safe then sorry

bambi eyes
you can actually build a tolerance to a food if you eat it too much, but I doubt your feeding him pounds of broccoli, in children that young they usually have signs of an allergy on the inside of there mouth also, but the broccoli may not have been washed well or sprayed with a pesticide he is allergic to, if you cant figure out what it was I would suggest getting him an allergy test to be on the safe side.


It is possible to develop allergies over time. I was born allergic to dairy, but I know other people who had developed this allergy. Your son could possibly have developed this. You should check with a doctor for tips or medication.

Rubber Poop
You should go to the doctor just incase it wasnt food allergy .
its probably some different allergy . just go to the doctor to make sure .

Elizabeth S
If he had a food allergy, do not feed him what you think he's allergic to! It could be much worse than you think it is, and the reaction could be dangerous. I have A LOT of allergies, I went to the allergist and got scratch tested, it's a sure - fire way to know what you are, and are not, allergic to. I highly recommend going to the allergist and talking to him/her about it.

Could be a food allergy or something else in the environment. Both concerned parents need to be Sherlock Holmes about this problem. What else did he eat? Even a bar of soap used for bathing or laundry detergent. Could be something used in cleaning.

Yes it is very possible. It is like getting a booster shot. When your body has an allergy, it may not manifest itself right away. The reason is when it is first exposed, your body builds antibodies, but does not react because there may not be enough yet. Next exposure it may get closer. Then all of a sudden when there is enough, your bodies immune system explodes into overaction. That's how allergies work, and they can be very deadly. I would advise against giving your child any more broccoli pending a blood test. It really is not worth it to you or your son to put him at risk, especially if his previous reaction was systemic. Keep some benadryl around if it happens again. It blocks the chemical histamine from causing swelling, but it has it's limits. Caution should not be thrown to the wind on this. Hope this helps.

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