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perfect misfit
Every morning i have itchy eyes, tickly throat,blocked nose, and sneezes.DO I HAVE AN ALERGY/ALERGY PROBLEM?
i have cats and dogs in my house, so could i be allergic to them?
Additional Details
i do have hay-fever, but it's horrible weather, raining, so it couldn't really be hay-fever could it?

Michael O
It's probably just swine flu.

Sounds possible - try an air purifier

it depends on how long youve had the symptoms and the animals
cuz it could very well be that your fan is on...if thats the problem then i had the same thing my eyes would get dry and everythign would be clogged up

Yes,it could be hay-fever because of the season.
Maybe in your room you have some dust.
With cats and dogs my eyes all puff up and my throat hurts but that is only with long hair animals.
I hope this helped! :)

Lo ♥♥♥
it sounds like you do have hay fever we are all battling it right now i know piriton works on me but i know how you feel


pixie's live for ever
yes it could be that i get it now hate having to buy tablets

Eliza Dolittle
well....it is hay fever despite the weather, if you doubt my decision go 2 your gp and have an Allergy test

Kunwar Singh
Eat good amount of vegetables, salad, fresh fruits, dried fruits, curd and drink fruit juices, milk, buttermilk and plenty of water to remain healthy. Add pulses and dried beans in your food to get good amount of protein. Avoid alcohol, tobacco products and aerated cold drinks. In spite of eating healthy food, you must make sure that you are not constipated and your bowel movements are regular.

It is pertinent to mention that no disease or disorder can be cured if constipation is not corrected since constipation is the main cause of all health sufferings. However, the following home remedies are suggested for you:

1. Take one or two banana daily.

2. Boil half tea spoon turmeric powder in a glass of milk and drink twice a day. You can go for turmeric capsules in case you don't prefer to take turmeric powder in milk.

3. Squeeze half lemon in a glass of hot water and sweetened with a tea spoon of honey. It should be taken daily on empty stomach before breakfast. If you are allergic to citrus fruits, you should avoid taking it.

Take care and remain blessed with good health!

eliminate the problems and if the irritation stops you have the answer or you can try over the counter remedies for allergies

John M
Could be you've been eating the pillow!!!!

maybe you have a little hayfever. try taking some antihistamine tablets & see if that solves the problem.

p.s. yes...it can still be hayfever even in the rain!! i get sneezing fits when it's wet!

Richard T
1. Definitely

2. Cats are famous for causing allergies. Maybe they are worth it though.

3 It's summer and things like Rose Bay Willow herb are out. Don'r suspect the animals yet.

learning the lesson
As you wake up with this problem I`d be inclined to suggest it may have something to do with your bedding/pillows...Anti histamine should work.

Yes it could be hay fever. But it sounds like you have allergies. Get your doctor to send you to a Specialist and make sure you listen and do not take medication for the 2 weeks prior to testing.Make them give you a list of what you can take. I go through this and I end up with a infection right after the testing is done so they try dot to put me through this very often. Cats is normally one of the worse animals to be allergic to but I'm allergic to both. If they out doors they bring the outdoors in with them. It makes me terrible sick and mold could be another allergy and with rain comes mold another one of my many allergies and I believe there are 5 different types and I allergic to 2 of them. I go to and Asthma and Allergy Specialist and you need insurance coverage because it is not cheap.

Dr Frank
It sounds very likely and the group of conditions, asthma,eczema, hay fever and allergies do tend to occur in the same individuals.

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