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 I just got a piercing that isn't healing because of nickel allergy, what do I do?
I got a piercing 3 months ago and it hasn't healed well at all. Turns out the 14K white gold stud seems to have nickel in it an I'm allergic to nickel. Is there anything I can do to heal ...

 When I wake up my voice is gone? Throat filled with mucus?
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 How can i tell if I am allergic to a certain type of food? What are some symtoms?

 how can i tell if i am allergic to latex?

 What can i do if i ate it by accident?
I am allergic to seafood(shrimp, crab, lobster, etc), and i recently ate at a buffet. Everything was good, until i got the dessert, the cookies. My throat started to close up and feel itchy. I got a ...

 Where can I get Claritan D for my Seasonal Allergies?
I usually take Allegra, but ran out. I've heard Claritan D works 24 hours and helps allergies.
Do I need a prescription for Claritan D or Can I just buy it at my local pharmacy or grocery ...

 can one die from severe hives?
I'm pretty sure I am allergic to gluten's (celiac) My feet have are so swollen I can barely walk on them. Antihistamines do not seem to be working on the condition. Can this condition cause ...

 is it possible for someone to be allergic to water?

 Am I allergic to Banana flavored "Laffy Taffy" and "Now & Laters"?
Every time I eat a banana flavored candy (Now & Laters or Laffy Taffy), I feel like my throat is closing up and it's hard to breathe. I can't stop coughing. I always figured it was ...

 Please help - mosquito bites!?
i am absolutely COVERED in mosquito bites, and i seem to have reacted much worse this time with many of them being hugely swollen. and the itching is driving me insane - i got less than 2 hours sleep ...

 My wife's eye is very red and bloodshot. Any idea what might have caused it?

 Does anyone know of anyway to get over sinus pain without having to take medication?
Get headache and congestion....

 My son is allergic to...?
cow's milk, gluten, oats, wheat, egg whites, peanut butter (he has eczema). Now my concerns are cooking. Do any of you know where and what brand I can get goat milk products (not just goat milk) ...

 I'm allergic to cats, is there any way to get rid of this allergy?
I'm allergic to cats, but I don't wanna be, where I live there are LOTS of cats, and I can't touch them without havine to sneeze and scare them away (Im not allergic to dogs though, I ...

 Every morning i have itchy eyes, tickly throat,blocked nose, and sneezes.DO I HAVE AN ALERGY/ALERGY PROBLEM?
i have cats and dogs in my house, so could i be allergic to them?
Additional Details
i do have hay-fever, but it's horrible weather, raining, so it couldn't really be hay-fever ...

 am i allergic to weed?
okay well yesterday i had smoked weed (marijuna ) for the first time and i took about 5 puffs . i got high and everything then i went home and fell asleep i woke up the next morning and i had rashs ...

 Adults only please.?
Last week, I noticed that my hands where getting a rash on them. I found out that I'm allergic to the latex gloves I wear at work.
If someone is allergic to latex gloves, would they be ...

 Food allergy possibility....?
My son was with his father for the weekend and he had a food allergy while with him. His whole body turned red. He said it was because he ate broccoli. My son is 3 years old and at my house we eat a ...

 How to cure my blocked nose?
ive had a blocked nose for around 3 days now.
it gets much worse at night when im lying in bed, so bad that i cant even slightly inhale through it.
Ive tried the vix inhaler but its not ...

 How can you tell if you're allergic to a certain food?

Additional Details
Every time I eat onions (of all things) I get horrible stomach aches, acid reflux, nausea, and vomitting. My parents thought it was just an onion thing but not ...

Drinking milk when you're lactose intolerant - can it kill you?

Milk and milk products have never killed a lactose intolerant. If you are lactose intolerant it means that your body does not create the lactase enzyme and therefore can not break down lactose. All this means is that you will become ill if you try to eat/drink it.

There are plenty of simple solutions. The best I have come by is Lactaid (tm). It is a pill that is completely simple to use. You just swallow it down before your first bite and forget all about those problems before. They also have Lactaid in chewable form and tons of over the counter food alternatives.

If you feel uncomfortable going oh-so-unnatural, you've always got Soy! The best soy milk, in my opinion, is Silk. They also make yogurts and other yummy foods!

nope but it will give yu a bad gut and make you crap out!!!

not sure but you will feel like you are shitting your brains out!!

Munya Says: DUH!
No, but it'll feel like you're dying, as you sit riding the porcelain honda!

Drink acedophilus milk instead.

ummmmm.... if uer lactose intolerant and u don't no that then uer an idiot! but yes it can kill u in severe cases

No it does not , however you will have diarrhea which will dehydrate you which can harm you. Just stick to lactose intolerant milk and dairy products.

lactose intolerance is the bodies inability to break down lactase the sugar found in dairy foods, if you have an intolerance of dairy items such as diareah or severe stomach craps but consuming dairy will not kill you unless you are allergic to milk

Nicole B
I am not aware of anyone actually dying from it, but you can get pretty bad diarrhea and gas.

The only time drinking milk can kill you is if you have a severe ALLERGY to it and go into annaphylactic shock. If you only have intolerace, then no, you will have stomache cramping and diarrhea and if you keep doing it then you could dehydrate yourself and send your electrolytes off balance and could theoretically die from those complications, but that would take a long time. If you just want some ice cream and don't have any Lactaid handy.....eat it.....deal with consequences and move on. BTW....dysentary isn't caused by lactose intolerace.......unless the milk is tainted with amoeba!

most definitely. dysentery

Elisa R
No matter how severe the intolerance, the effect is not lethal to healthy adults. Infants who are lactose intolerant are in more danger than adults, but still, I haven't found any deaths in relation to intolerance. A milk ALLERGY, however, is much different.

Vicky S
possibly...its extremely dangerous. u cood end up in the hospital.... u know what i mean.....

No, but it makes your stomach uncomfortable.

Don't Know
Not that I am aware of. All I have studied so far is that it will make you have allergic reactions.

Depends how severe the intolerance is.

If very severe yes it can kill you

Listen, you are lactose intolerant and so am I and so is every human being on the face of this planet! Do you know why? All humans have a lactose intolerance when it comes to pasteurized milk. This is all just a word game though: lactose is milk sugar. We are not allergic to milk sugar; we are allergic to milk. No enzymes=junk food. Milk is junkfood. Think you need it or a baby needs it? Think again. Pateurized cow's milk is sensitizing you to an unnatural non-food allergenic protein.

Consider this: man is the only animal who figured out how to remove enzymes form milk.
Milk is a very common example of an artificial, manmade food about which a century of advertising has created the illusion of a healthy staple.

The same ideas apply to other processed foods. That means one that has been devitalized by the food industry by removing all the enzymes. Problem is, only the enzymes made it a living complex in the first place. Now your body does not recognize what the foriegn material is.

The above comments about milk refer only to patuerized milk. Raw milk is a differant story.

You may ask well why do the other people who drink milk not have the same problem I do? I will say, that everyone's tolerance level is differant, just because they have no signs and symptoms yet does not mean they won't. DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!! No one will do it for you.

I am not a doctor. I am a Nutritionists, and I am a licensed live blood analysist and a paramedic and a skeptic and a nonbeliever in conventional wisdom! There is a saying that states " if the doctors of today do not get educated on the subject of nutrition, then nutritionists will be the doctors of tomorrow"!

To answer your question though of will it kill you? No not right away, but it is causing problems now and those problems will get bigger. Good luck!!

No but it can give you a stomach ache and diarrhea

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