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Don't you think that all these people who claim they have a food allergy is all a big con?
it was unheard of 30 years ago. now you have people who are allergic to nuts, mils , eggs, even if they see nuts or smell them they claimthey can have an attack.

I know what you mean. I don't believe everyone who says they are allergic actually is. It isn't a con, but a mistake. That is not to say some food allergies are not very real.

No one is saying they don't exist, just that it is exaggerated.

Brad W
People who are severely allergic to one particular food is actually a real problem. I seriously doubt its some con to boost the sales of Epi pens. People who have allergies to everything under the sun however, in my experience have an underlying psychological problem.

During the middle ages, the vast majority of the European population were allergic to cows milk. I doubt there was some milk con during that time. It is just a particular genetic disposition presenting recently in our time for particular foods such as peanuts. Back then those who were able to drink cows milk had stronger bones and healther/longer lives. Which in turn meant they could pass on their genes and let the trend continue. When diseases struck the population, good old survival of the fittest kicked in. By the end of the middle ages the allergy had dropped to a very low level.

erin o
Because we eat so much processed food and ingest so many chemicals, our bodies are having more and more difficulty differentiating between serious threats and things that aren't actually bad for us. This causes an allergy to something that is seemingly harmless. Trust me. As someone who was recently diagnosed with an anaphylactic tree nut allergy...these aren't made up. Try eating something and feeling your throat close up within seconds of swallowing and then tell me the allergy is a con.

Unfortunately food alergies are very real! I am alergive to apple juice, and Banana's. It could be the things we do to grow them these days that have altered them. TIme has changed how we grow out fruit and take care of our foods. Milk could be as simple as drugs that are fed to the cows or have traveled down the line of cows from mother cow to baby cow. There are so many things that could affect why we have grown allergies to certain things. Me I know my throat swells, I get hives, I itch, and I get nausea when I get aroudn these things. I dont even know it is there, my fiance kissed me after having eaten banana chips only 10 minutes before. I didnt know I could taste them but I got severaly ill that was why.

Kristy Lynn
Food allergies are on a rise but in no way is it a con. Do not be so naive, people with peanut allergies (for example) can have a deadly attached if they walk into a bakery that is cooking peanut-butter cookies.

i wouldn't call it a con but a lot of people say they have an allergy when they actually have an intolerance's many people don't understand the differences

The gene pool is breaking down. There are lots of other problems besides allergies that were unheard of 30 years ago.

Proud Momma
I am outraged and offended.

You are an uneducated idiot if you think it's a con. I suppose my son thought it would be fun to fake his projectile vomiting and choking when he ate dairy and egg. He was just so smart as an infant that he knew the ingretients in his teething cookies and his baby food.

Do some actual research and try to understand what is happening inside the body when the food allergen is introduced.

It is people like you who MURDER innocent children by giving them the very food that they are allergic to because you don't think it's real.

I can not even begin to express how much I hate you right now for making that comment.

well if come into contact with peanuts i could die, if i eat one i will die

believe me its very real

im the same as drumbum, i have anaphylaxis and its no way a con, its extremely annoying and limits what we can eat, even if i did want attention wouldnt put myself through that to get it

jacqueline m
No its not a con it is true - my daughter developed an egg allergy during her first pregnancy 10 years ago and it could kill her - she is slightly allergic to the white of the egg but very allergic to the yolk- we have searched it out on internet and it stems right back to the budgie she got 10 years ago that caused the allergy - she has to carry her epi pen with her at all times because when she takes an attack her lips swell and throat closes over and she starts choking and it could kill her - her first child grew out of the allergy he was born with but her second child now 2 years old cannot eat anything with eggs in it as she could also be a carrier of the allergy, so before you think its a con get your facts right first.

lmao a con?? you cant be serious.. It's pretty hard to fake any side affect of an allergy attack, being rashes/hives, swelling or worse.

Love Life
they may seem over-reactive but wouldn't you be if eating a certain food caused your windpipe to swell so you can't breathe?

omg no! i have serve allergies to many things! (im allergic to over 30 things!) and break out in hives from them and my throat swells up from certain things! it wasnt unheard of thirty years ago! many pples had all the same allergies just no cures for them! i used to be allergic to eggs, chocolate, milk (aka dairy products) and peanuts .. but thankfully i out grew them ...

You ought to have someone close to you that has had this problem since birth. Today's news is a revelation to parents of children with this awful condition.You would not be so stupidly ignorant then!

Schipperke mom
It's definitely not a big con when you see hives and rashes coming on their faces as soon as they touch it...

No, I know it's not a con. I know some people may use it as an excuse or for attention but there was a girl in my sorority that was allergic to nuts. She asked everyone not to use any nuts or peanut butter, but one of the girls used a knife to spread peanut butter then she washed it off and put it in the dishwasher and ran it. The next morning she used the knife while eating breakfast and within 5 min. she could not breathe. We had to call the ambulance and she almost didn't make it. I never really thought food allergies was a big deal until I saw my friend almost die of it.

LARA, age 82
Allergies are very real.

No. My friend clinically died from eating shrimp for the first time when she was 13. Luckily she was revived. She'd never had fish before and didn't know there was such a thing as food allergies.

I ♥ Purple
Ask a doctor this when they are dealing with anofalactic shock patients...you can't fake that!


They are very real. It's possible that 30 years ago doctors were unable to identify allergies for what they were.

I have an allergy to nuts and have been admitted to the E.R. for simply being around them. How dare you think it's all an act? How dare you say it's a con? Trust me, I would love to go into a new place and eat a handful of nuts, but I can't. I can tell you that no one wants these damn allergies.

When I am around them , and when others are around them, a process called Anaphalaxsis occurs. Throats swell shut. People go into comas. People DIE.

It's people like YOU that make our lives miserable, and scary. You could kill somebody...can you live with that?

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