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Does my bed have mites? And how do i get rid of them? im an extremely hygenic person but they wont go away...?
I hoovered the actual bed, all round it, sprayed flea and tick spray and no change, so might be something else, i have no idea. I havent been bitten or anything but it feels flea ridden, its disgusting. My bed has never been longer tha a week without getting changed. God knows what it is?
Additional Details
Its more of a feeling of fleas or something, and i defo only get it when im sitting on my bed, its weird. Feels all itchy! Get peoples point that it could be paranoia, but im not really the type to get paranoid about anything, it is physical itching all over me as soon as im near my bed, doing my **** in!

how old is the mattress? You can get this special dust mite spray to kill them at tescos.

You could wrap your pillows in a plastic bag and place them in the freezer for 24 hours. Wash your bed linen at a high temperature.Cover your mattress with a plastic sheet.
This won't get rid of mites but it will substantially reduce their numbers.

I heard an interesting method to get rid of bed bugs / mites on the radio a few years ago on BBC Radio 4's "Home Truths".

This woman rang in, and said when she had bed bugs, she took a small dose of sleeping pills and went to slep in the bed. The drug was absorbed by her blood. When the mites came out to at night to feast on her, they bit her and ingested her blood. The drug then had an effect on them.

Naturally, a pill designed to make a fully grown woman fall asleep for a few hours would work thousands of times better on something thousands of times smaller. When she woke up, the bugs were still knocked out or dead from an overdose. She then simply swept them away.

Might want to consult your doctor before taking sleeping pills.

And you could always buy a new mattress.


Are you doing this because you see bugs or do you just think there may be some? If you are hygienic, don't see anything, and haven't been bitten, then the chances are your bed is fine. Vacuuming your bed and changing your bedding weekly will keep the dust mites under control. They feed on the dead skin your body loses. You can get a mattress protector that is waterproof, anti-microbial, and a dust mite barrier. They fit like a fitted sheet and can be washed and dried at a warm setting. This will give you another layer of protection.

I think you should go to your Gp and tell him your problem he may be able to prescribe something to calm you and you'll probably relax and find that being so worked up about it makes you "think" you are being infested with bed bugs, try it! and if no lick just buy a new bed and start afresh. good luck.

Pour boiling hot water in all hidden corners of the bed.
Then no more

All beds have microsopic bugs of some kind. You can buy pillows and duvets and under sheets that are made so bugs arent able to live on them

You could also be allergic to yoru detergent taht you are using on the sheets.

You may also want to look into a chemical free spray that works to control mites etc like Kleen-Free or something like that.

the concept of the enzyme based sprays is that they work to dissolve the exoskeleton of the bug onto which they are sprayed and that makes them shed their skin early and die.

And of course, it could just be in your head.

Good luck.

Flying Fid
All beds have mites, they will not hurt you.
A cure for getting rid of them is to leave your mattress outside on a freezing night, the cold kills all of them.
As it is now summer you cannot do this, you will have to wait. I should not get worked up over this, you cannot do anything about it, we all have them and it is not worth getting bothered about.

Lauren B
put ur duvet/sheets in the freezer? thats what i do with dust mites

So you're very hygienic, haven't been bitten and haven't seen anything? What on earth makes you think you have mites? Sorry but it sounds like you're a bit paranoid, just try to forget about it until such times as you actually have have any evidence of bugs.

I know how you feel though, I kept getting what I thought were bites and was paranoid for ages about bedbugs! It turned out I just had an allergy.

Everybody's bed has mites they're all around us you can't get rid of them....

Alana C
It sounds more of an mental issue than anything else. All beds have mites.

Im pretty sure what your talking about is in your pants.
And their not mites

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