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 What can I give my 1 yr old if he's allergic to diary? How will he get calcium?
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 I don't remember anyone having peanut allergies growing up, now i hear it all the time. Why the increase?
I grew up in the 1980's for the record....

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I am trying to put my son on the "AUTISM DIET" but I have a problem being that he only drinks milk he really doesn't eat any real food and I need a milk like product does any one know??...

 itching in the throat is it an allergy or acidity?

 Does Hay fever Ever Go Away ?
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Will I have it for the rest of my life ?
Do I stop being allergic to it with age ?... If ...

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 I've got a question about allergiesÂż?
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 are you allergic to anything?
are you allergic to anything? im allergic to benedryl, doctors always laugh because i got a allergic reaction to something that was sapposed to help my allergies. =)...

 What medicine should I use to treat my son's allergy?
Nothing works. He is almost 5 years old. He has itchiy nose and eyes. I have tried Children's Benadryl, Claritin, and Reactine (Zyrtec) Is the American Zyrtec the same as the Canadian Reactine?...

 Do you ever get bloody noses?
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 I'm allergic to dark chocolate, does white chocolate have the same ingredients?and could I eat it?
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 Can a person become allergic to cats (cat hair) even if they weren't when they were younger?
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 Im sick...:'(?
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 Is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
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When I'm around her and she smokes..
I find it hard for me to breath..
And I get really bad headaches..
and sometimes I feel like I'...

 If a person was sick, (sore throat, and cough) how long should they wait to go visit the doc?

I don't know what I did wrong.... I have used it before and I needed to get rid of unwanted hair above my upper lip so I left it on for the time it told me and now it is BRIGHT red! HELP PLEASE! ...

 am i allergic to cats?
well my friend owns a cat and i went to her house and after 15mins of being in the same room with the cat my eyes started to water and get itchy i kept sneezing and my face became ...

 What are you allergic to?

Does anyone have any suggestions for managing bedroom allergies? Please no sarcastic answers?
If you have any websites, that will work also, thanks!
Additional Details
Just wanted to say that these are all great answers. I appreciate every one of them! I will try to extend the ending of sumissions! Abbey

Vaccum regularly. Get you an air purifier. Wash your bed sheets in hot water at least twice a week. Cover your pillow with hypoallergenic cover and also your bed. Dust on a regular basis with a damp cloth. Hope this helps.

I have to dust and vacuum my bedroom alot plut I use the Febreeze Allergen Formula and an Ionic Pro air cleaner. My fiance is allergic to everything!

yes i had allergies real bad especially when i got into bed and tried to sleep i got frebreeze allergan reducer and i spray my bed with it every night it has made a huge differnce

I'm assuming you're talking about the allergic problems you're having when you're asleep in your bed. get yourself a good air purifier with a HEPA filter, change your linens once a week and wash them in HOT HOT water, and get a pillow cover that zips up on one side to keep dust mites from invading your pillows. also, blinds are easier to clean than curtains b/c they can be dusted. curtains have to be washed and pressed, which is a pain in the butt. vacuum a couple of times a week to get the dust up out of the carpet, if you have carpet. if you have hard wood, use a dust mop or a Swiffer mop type thing.

If you have carpets in the bedroom I would take them out. Rugs/mats also. If you want mats use the light washable type.
Does anyone smoke in the bedroom?
Clean regularly.

Avoid wallpaper, it is a haven for mould.

A thorough cleaning. Dust and wash every corner of the room. Wash every piece if bedding including pillows, or just buy new ones, also but the dust covers to put on the pillows before you put clean pillow cases back on. Vacuum off mattress and also cover this with a dust cover, sold all over. Walmart, Zellers etc. If the allergies are really bad. Also use an air cleaner. I used to have to do this for my son when he was small. He had severe allergies to dust.Sweet dreams.

Dust mites in the bedroom are a trigger for people with allergies and asthma. Every home has dust mites. You can't see them; they feed on invisible skin flakes in pillows, bedding, upholstery and carpeting. You can control them by keeping bedding clean and by controlling dust.

To Control Dust Mites in the Bedroom
Use special dust mite-proof covers to keep dust mites from going through pillows and mattresses. They’re sometimes called “allergen-impermeable” covers. Wipe covers with a damp cloth every week. If you don’t use covers, wash pillows at least 4 times a year, and replace them every year.

Don’t use carpet in the bedroom. Use linoleum¨, vinyl or wood flooring and washable area rugs. Wash rugs once a week.

All other answers were good ones - for me, it helped to get rid of any down/feather pillows and comforters. No curtains, only blinds that I can regularly dust/clean. No carpet. I wash the sheets often in hot water. All this has seemed to help. I still have to take Allegra everyday, but I sleep so much better and usually wake up pretty clear.

just want 2 know
I use fabreeze allergen reduser and I have severe all season allergies and it seems to work real great. and if you have pets or rugs there are also some other fabreeze pruducts to reduce pet odors and so forth, and you can visit your doc as well but try fabreeze you aint got nothing to lose

Get rid of any pillows or blankets with feathers. Make sure you have clean sheets, and bedding. Open the windows to get rid of dust mite poop because it is light and will float in the air and out thru the window, for an hour every day or as much as needed. Try a air purifier that is meant for allergies. Vacuum if there is a rug.

Who me?
u should dust regularly to keep the dust population down
do u have animals that shed and leave dander
what exactly are u allergic to in the bed room

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