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 Yes OR No Question: Do you suffer from inflamed sinuses or any allergies Yes OR No?
I just wanna no how many people on here suffer similar problems to me


 A friend of mine has allergies she says to an ingredient in wine called sulfites? I can see the problems ....?
she has with her eyes, burning itching, and after a while her eyes close up. She just puts a cool wet wash cloth on her eyes until they get better, then she finally is able to open her eyes.

 My boyfriend has 4 cats...... I'm allergic to cats...what should i do??

 How do you stop a runny nose FAST?
I have to go to work in an hour and it wont ...

 When ever i smoke weed, my heart races etc. But the main thing is that my face swells up for three weeks?!?
This has been a struggle for me for the past 10 years, I pray for an answer to why this happens! i love to have a toke here and there and i need to know how to prevent this from happening. could it ...

 Has anyone else's hayfever just gone mad today?
I get it from May, and take antihistamines every day. Even so, today it just went wild. My bf had the same thing. Did anyone else get this? Is there a particular sort of pollen about today that has ...

 infected earrings?????????
I got my ears periced almost 2 months ago and now they are red and puffy and realyyy itchy and struff I can wear regular earrings in 14 days and IT IS NOT FAIR!!! what can I do? I put polysporin on ...

 How to raise a child with food allergies?
My two year old has multiple food allergies including milk, soy, wheat, eggs and peanuts.

He is very thin and it is a daily struggle to find tasty and healthy meals due to the elimnation ...

 I've broken out, had a sore/swollen mouth/throat and my skin felt like it was on fire after i had peanuts?
or peanut products, however I ate two fries that were fried in peanut oil and other then a slight itch but nothing too bad im fine. Does this sound like a peanut allergy or something else? My sibling ...

 How often do you make your children eat foods that they're allergic to?
My youngest is allergic to walnuts and I'd love it if she could build up a tolerance for them....

 Is There A Laundry Detergent That Cleans And Won't Bother My Skin?
I am having terrible skins problems from laundry detergent. All my clothes are washed in a front loader and I have tried just about every brand you can think of. I have tried natural detergents ...

 What are YOU allergic to?

Additional Details
I am not allergic to anything, that I know of! :)...

 My eyes won't stop watering.... Help?

 Can't stop Coughing?
i've been coughing for a couple weeks
no symptoms of cold or fever
any advice please?
Additional Details
also have no allergies, despite the mistakened ...

 Mosquito's?? What is the best way to stop them biting? Without using Deet?
I get a bad reaction andend up with lumps the size of eggs. They itch and are unsightley. I am going to the Carribean in the New Year. Please help....

 i get a tight chest when theres dust in the air is it serious?

 i think my stuffed animal is sick?
i had the flu 12 years ago. and i think my stuffed gumdrop is coming down with it. (poor Mr.Bean)
what ever shall i doo!?...

 i have been sick, and now both of my eyes are blood shot red,what do i do to get get rid of the red eye?
they some times hurt,but i went to bed last night and when i woke up it was really hard for me 2 open my eyes because eye burger type stuff was in them,but now they are just really red....

 Help! Woke Up With Bloody Nose..?
Just today, when I woke up, I got up to get a tissue to blow my nose and found the my nose was bleeding...my nose hasn't bled in a long time... Why do you think I woke up with a bloody nose? I ...

 My eye keeps itching me really bad. How can i make it stop?
i guess it is sprin allergies or something but it really itches and after i itch it it gets all red and itches more....

Does allergy testing hurt?
I'm getting allergy tested tomorrow for many things and i'm really scared. I hate needles so much and I'm freaking out. I'm getting the kind where they have alot of needles and they stick them in your arm all at once. My sister got it and she says it just goes under your skin, but doesn't that sound painful? I'm really scared, but i'd really like te total truth so I know what to expect and I can prepare myself. Please help!!!!

Nick R
They use butterfly needles, for allergy testing.
They do not hurt. They are like having a small baby lightly pinch you. I have had this, before and it really doesn't hurt.

Candy luver
Sorta hurts not really

Stacey Mccauley
Here i s an excellent site with some wonderful options for you. It will definitely help you. Have a look. http://webmd11.notlong.com/AAlTBr3

ask for a scratch test (Not sure of the details)
But from what I kow they just scratch you with something holding an allergen

It doesn't hurt at all, it does usually itch a bit though, they just break the skin with tiny little needles, to see if your skin has a reaction....you will be fine, don't worry

not to much

Nathan M
The most common allergy test is a scratch test. They scratch your skin (usually on your back) with small pins tipped with certain chemicals to mimic many different things. If your skin shows a reaction, they'll know you're allergic. It doesn't hurt

No... they numb it really well. I am so afraid of needles too and beleive me, you can do it :) When you go in think about something totally differant like what happened to you this week and you wont feel a thing...

Depends on what type of allergy you are being tested for. If you are allergic to something that you are not aware of and you are being tested, you may show the symptoms of that allergy. So, in my personal opinion it would vary from test to test. Most allergy can be tested with simple blood test and I had some tests done and the only pain was the needle.

When i had it done they just poked me with this plastic thing that had an allergen(peanut butter, cat dander, ect.) on it. It just felt like a quick little pinch barely anything. I have really sensitive skin so that might of been why i felt the little pinch it was more of an irritation though. But if it something you are allergic to it is going to itch. I was allergic to cat dander, mushrooms and peanut butter and they all itched so bad and gave me huge hives like up and down my arm.

No, it doesn't hurt. I've had it done once, all it did was sting for a moment.

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