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Shmeckles McHooker
Do you think it's fair for a whole school to ban peanut butter just because one kid is allergic to it?

Billy Costigan
No. Ya know, he could eat something else. Were the other kids threatening to stuff his face with peanut butter if he doesn't hand over his lunch money? Or did the government deem the peanut butter a "terrorist threat". *Rolls eyes* :)

hell no!! that's like being waay overboard pc or something. that doesn't even make sense. kids can be allergic to all sorts of stuff, it's up to the kid to know what to stay away from. jeez, i think we better ban all peanuts from the face of the earth just so this kid doesn't come in contact with one.

Freaky One
I think they should ban it, but not because of that.

Vick (Philadelphia Phreedom)
That is we-tall-did.

I would send my kids to school with sardines and onions if their school did this.

This boy in my class just sits in the art room with his friends who don't have peanut butter with them when they serve peanut butter. my school allows it and it's better for him and for all of us.

Yes, They do it for a reason and if one kid is allergic and one is not, and is eating it, then he touches the allergi person, they could pass the germ-Peanut allergy is very common but the most serious in most people. It can lead to passing out and having breathing problems suddenly.
Tina x

xx Sweetie xx
Iit's a very hard issue but maybe schools should maybe have a separate table for those with peanut allergies at school but then the parents wont like their children being isolated from their child's friends. I don't know whats they can do for the best. At the end of the day a child's life is a very precious thing to loose.

I am against banning peanut butter in schools. So many things contain nuts and it would be impossible for people to make sure that what the children take to school doesn't contain nuts.

Yes I do think it's fair... even peanut dust or traces of peanuts like if someone at the lunch table had peanuts and they didn't wipe the table down really well and the kid that's allergic to peanuts sits there it could KILL THEM.

♥l我爱她 ♥
No my school just put up signs the day we eat stuff with peanut's in it

Its a precaution, my kids school dont allow parents to let their children take in any food except for a packed lunch because a nut allergy can be fatal, id rather be safe than sorry i wouldnt want anyone to come to harm especially a child.

I think you need to put yourself in the parents shoes that has this child and think about how you would handle it? Would you home school to just save putting other kids out of their comfort zone of having no peanut butter or would you just avoid it and allow them to have it after they get home from school?
Done be selfish to another child's sufference.
Be fair.

Jennifer L
Peanut allergies are very deadly. This isn't like getting a rash or a stuffy nose. And it does not take much to cause a full blown anaphalactic reaction if someone is sensitive enough.

So yes, if a child with peanut allergies is sitting at the same table with a child eating a peanut butter sandwich, it is possible that there would be enough exposure for the child to have a reaction and die.

This restriction isn't about fairness or political correctness. It's a legitimate precaution to prevent a death in a child.

I think that trumps PB&J.

ETA: A person with peanut allergies doesn't have to eat peanut butter to start a reaction. They can have a reaction to a peanut product simply being nearby to them! It's not the same as being allergic to food coloring, unless having food coloring in the general vicinity kills you. Obviously, some people here really don't understand how deadly peanut allergies can be!

­ revenginator ✘
No. Guns are dangerous, but they don't ban them in schools, so why ban peanut butter?

Yes I think its fair. Some here are saying that if peanut butter were to be banned, then why arent schools also banning other foods that other kids are allergic to. Well this isnt always valid as many kids allergic to peanuts suffer severe reactions, while most other food allergies are not as serious.

Even if a kid tried to stay away from peanut butter, what if one of the other kids eats it, gets it all over his hands, and then touched that kid. There was a newsstory here in Canada not so long ago about a guy who had eaten peanut butter earlier in the day, and had then kissed his girlfriend later on believing he no longer had any left in his mouth. Well, she died from an allergic reaction. I'm not saying kids will go around kissing each other, but this is just to show how serious the allergy is.

Kids can eat peanut butter at home if they want to. For parents and students who think the ban is a hassle, please put yourself in the position of a person with the severe allergy or of their parents. We're talking about life and death in many cases, so dont get mad about it being a hassle, because it really isnt a hassle. You just need to make a tiny change. There are plenty of other things to eat!

Guido McUnstoppable
Refer to your 'swift punch to the throat' question and the problem is solved.


yes i think it is very fair, if that kid comes into conatct with the peanut butter, it would most definitly be fatal for him.

I would say that the kids life is more important thats a childs want of peanut butter

If that kid is so allergic that simply breathing in the scent will cause him to go into a potentially fatal anaphylactic shock then yes it is.

Richard O
Honestly it's not a matter of being fair or not. It's a matter of being a safe enviorment for children. Nut allergies are extremely sensative. They have started banning the packages of peanuts on planes becuase the molecules floating in the air are just recycled over and over again since there isn't much ventelation in a plane. I find it very insensative that individuals can complain about not being able to pack a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for their childs lunch that is at most 45 minutes of their day. For the parent of a child with severe food allergies, finding somthing to make them for luch is like trying to decifer codes of unpronouncable ingrediants that could end up possibly killing their child. Stop and think about this for a second. If you are near an open container of peanuts or peanut butter you can smell it right? Well it's not your enhanced sence of smell that can travel all the way into the jar, it's actually molecules floating in the air and traveling into your nasal cavity that deposits the smell well..i guess in your nose more than it is in the air. IF these molecules can give off a sent that must mean that they are traveling into your airway and if you have a severe peanut allergy this can cause your throat and tounge to swell and be fatal. So is it fair that a child has to wait untill they get home to consume a peanut product so that a child who lives already in caution can breath a little bit easier knowing that they can focus more on their ABC's and less on the fact that they need to be ready at any moment to use their Epi-pen? (a needle incased in a tube that one must jab into their leg that releases a dose of well almost adrenaline into the allergy victum in order to slow down a reaction and open their airway long enough for them to get medical attention) Or should we just send all children with severe allergies to school with hazzmat suits and face masks so that little jimy or suzy can eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for lunch that takes place for 30 minutes out of the entire school day?

Peanut butter doesn't kill kids, jocks kill kids with wedgies...mainly nerds...lets get rid of all sports activities and P.E. classes and replace them with dance and aerobics!!!

duct tape

Mdme. Mango Keeps it Real
If your kid was deathly allergic to peanuts, you wouldn't want them to be exposed.

Inconvenient, but small sacrifice to not lose a child so young.

ha my sons school did this... its freaking ridiculous... I have NO idea what to put in the kids freaking lunch box without PB&J as an option...

I just pack him a can of tuna and a can opener... I figure the mess he must make opening the can MORE then makes up for the fact that they've banned one of my STAPLE foods!!!

I wanted to say no but reading shrebee's answer changed my mind, I thought people with allergy must actually eat the food to get sick but apparently it's not that way.

Star Dust
Yes, I think it's fair. Why? Because it's not that the child should know to stay away from peanuts or peanut butter sometimes these things just cant be prevented unless they are removed.

If it's on someones hands after lunch and they pass that person a book or a pencil instant allergic reaction. Peanut butter is a very sticky greasy substance without proper hand washing peanut's can be deadly to a person with that allergy.

This is a really hard subject because is it fair to punish the whole because of one student but put yourself in the afflicted child's parents shoes. Obviously this child is not mildly allergic to peanuts or else a ban would not be necessary. I learned recently that some people can become seriously bothered by their allergies even if they come into skin to skin contact with a substance. So what happens when a child inadvertently touches the allergic student on the playground after lunch sending them into anafalactic shock, which in some cases can kill in minutes. As someone who works in a school I know this can be hard on the parents as a whole but give your child a hug and be happy that you don't have to worry if your child is going to die from and allergic reaction at school.

its the same in most schools,even my son that plays soccer isn't allowed to consume any peanut products 24hours before the match,as a kid in his team has the allergy.The young kid wouldn't make it to the nearest hospital,even if we called an ambulance.Unfortunately is has to be this way.we have adapted..I'm allergic to bee's,i was cleaning a dog water bowl at the back tap and got stung,as i didn't have any antihistamine i rang an ambulance and unlocked the front door and didn't remember anything til i woke up in hospital.

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