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 What medicine should I use to treat my son's allergy?
Nothing works. He is almost 5 years old. He has itchiy nose and eyes. I have tried Children's Benadryl, Claritin, and Reactine (Zyrtec) Is the American Zyrtec the same as the Canadian Reactine?...

 Do you ever get bloody noses?
I get them all the time and im just wondering but how do you no if its a problem??...

 I'm allergic to dark chocolate, does white chocolate have the same ingredients?and could I eat it?
I don't know if it is the coco in the dark chocolate or what, I don't like nor drink coco, so could it be the coco that I am allergic too?...

 Can a person become allergic to cats (cat hair) even if they weren't when they were younger?
I wanted to know if I might be allergic to cat's because I am taking care of a cat for my friends and I get really congested and/or have an annoying runny nose. I used to be around cat's ...

 Im sick...:'(?
My nose is red. and it hurts from bloeing my nose what can i do or apply to it?...

 Is it possible to be allergic to cigarette smoke?
I DON'T smoke, but my mom does.
When I'm around her and she smokes..
I find it hard for me to breath..
And I get really bad headaches..
and sometimes I feel like I'...

 If a person was sick, (sore throat, and cough) how long should they wait to go visit the doc?

I don't know what I did wrong.... I have used it before and I needed to get rid of unwanted hair above my upper lip so I left it on for the time it told me and now it is BRIGHT red! HELP PLEASE! ...

 am i allergic to cats?
well my friend owns a cat and i went to her house and after 15mins of being in the same room with the cat my eyes started to water and get itchy i kept sneezing and my face became ...

 What are you allergic to?

 Why can't I breathe after being around cats?
Whenever I sleep over at my sister's condo (she has 3 cats), the next day I can barely breathe. It is really bad. I don't have asthma, but I have used inhalers and they do not work very ...

 Had a runny nose for 5 days but no itchy eyes. Allergy?
Last Friday I noticed I had of a runny nose starting up. I had no interaction with cats. Then later on that day I went and got a kitten as a pet.

It's five days later (Wednesday), ...

 When is a bee sting fatal?
This is the second time in my life I get a bee sting. It healed but I still have the mouse size round mark on my leg. It looks like a light pink bruise.
Someone told me that I should avoid ...

 We all like being clean & fresh. Does anyone else find perfumes used by many too strong & hard to breathe in?
Genuine question asked to both women and men. As a male myself of 47, I find it embarrassing when I have to move from a person because the chemicals used in their perfume cause me to cough and feel ...

 i think ive had allergic reaction, can somebody help me!?
i think ive had an allergic reaction, my whole body itches, especially on my face, my jawline and round my eyes, it tends to get worse at night, i dont have any rashes, my eyes swelled up not long ...

 What is wrong with my nose?
I've been having nosebleeds for about a year now or so now. They are extremely random, occuring when I least expect it. And the weird part of all of this is that it's only been going on in ...

 what conditions make bread mold fast?

 Anybody got any tips/suggestions??
For hayfever??
It is bloody well annoying!!
Additional Details
first 2 answerers tanx for sayin what i already know!!Other suggestions please?...

 every time i wake up, there are too much sneezes and flu (watery flu) and my eyes become red, how to avoid?
when i get up after sleeping, i get almost 10 sneezes and flu. my eyes becomes read and it seems from my face that i have not slept well. but i sleep normaly 8/9 hours daily. pls help if some body ...

 what is the best solution for dry itchy skin?

Do you need to wear a medic alert bracelet if you're allergic to penecillin?

rahhh <3
You really should, because if something were to happen, and you needed medications, and you were unconscious, they can't ask you if you're allergic to anything...so they would see the bracelet and know "Oh, don't give him/her __ or __!"

I keep a card in my wallet that states my allergies as well as any meds I am on. Before you receive a Rx remind your doc of your allergy. Your pharmacy should catch the error as well if you are prescribed a PCN. Also, make sure your friends and family know your allegies, etc. Make sure the information is accessible to emergency personnel in case of an accident.

yes you should..i take tegretol and i wear one..but yes you most definitely need to wear one so that you are not given any penicillan...it could kill you if they give it to you and you are allergic to it..think about that!! and any meds that are in the penicillian family you will be allergic to also..my sister is and one shot of any meds in the penicillian family could kill her...

If your allergy is really bad then you should because if you can't talk the doctors will just give it to you not knowing and you can have a bad reaction.

you should. our favorite one here at our house are the ID on me bracelets. http://www.idonme.com

family website: http://www.shwachman.50megs.com

Not really. Ask your doctor, because depending on your case, you might want to consider it.
At least like write on a piece of paper something like "Hey ER people, I'm allergic to penicillin, so if I'm unconscious right now, don't give me penicillin stuff. Thanks" and stick it in you purse, murse or jacket pocket.
But do check with a doctor or parent about it.

You don't have to but you should have something with you that states your allergies and any medical conditions that you might have. You can print out a free wallet card at:


Just keep it in your wallet along with your driver's license. It's the first place that ER people look if they need to identify you.

do you know me?
YOu should but to be honest I dont and im allergic to penicillin

You really should because penecillin is the most commonly used ingredient in most medicines and antibiotics.

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