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 Any way to physically stop yourself from sneezing?
Sorry its a stupid question lol, but was just wondering if there is an actual way to stop it? Besides drugs and meds? I mean something like holding your nose lol...anything like that? Thanks.

 Can I be alergic to Honey?
I was just wondering.....If someone is allergic to bee's (Bee sting) can they or will they be allergic to Honey?...

 Help! My eyes are VERY swollen from what I think is allergies. Can anyone recommend something!?
I've taken Claritin and Claritin eye drops and they do not seem to be helping the swelling AT all. My eyes are almost swollen shut, I'd appreciate any advice!...

 Can I drink alcohol if I'm taking Desloratadine?
I had an allergic reaction on Saturday because of animal bites, and my doctor told me to take Desloratadine. I've been taking them since Sunday, and I still need to take 5 more pills in the next ...

 allergy symptoms. help?
ok, i think i got an allergic reaction to something i ate, but i dunno.

it started out w/ small white itchy bumps, like hives, on my arms 2 days ago. later that day, my feet started to ...

 Is it true that if you're allergic to cats you're allergic to dogs?

 What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink?
What kind of milk can lactose intolerant people drink? Soy? Almond Breeze? And what are some alternatives to sour cream and cheese?...

 Constant blocked up nose.?
Hi everyone, i always have a constant blocked up nose. I mean i can breath out of it but the canals feel very small and not as open as they should be. Could this be down to sleeping with a fan on ...

 Nosebleeds, nose up or down?
Recently i had a nose bleed and my parents said put your head up and get a tissue then head down.
But like last month when i had it in school the teachers told me to keep it down at all times.<...

 My nose is always blocked everyday. My mom says it has something to do with when i sleep (Around 12 A.m)?
just not enough space..is she correct?...

 Earache, headache, Blocked nose?
I have earache, headache, blocked nose, coughing, itchily nose & eyes

It's a month I am taking some pain killers, etc from Pharmecy.
Today I went to see my GP and he said it&#...

 My throat is really sore & im losing my voice.. Anything i can do to make my voice better?
I really don't know how i got sick. first it started witha runny nose but i figured it was just allergies. then one morning i woke up with a really sore throat. it was so sore that i couldnt ...

 My boyfriend is a snot eater! ?
My boyfriend eats his snot all day. He will pick and eat, sneeze and eat, and blow his nose on his hand and eat it. I am being serious. No Joke. Surely this is not healthy. Why would you do that?

 If I'm allergic to shellfish, but not regular fish can I eat imitation crab?
Or does it have some actual shellfish in it, even ...

 Why won't doctors give my boyfriend an allergy shot?
My boyfriend has allergies and has gotten allergy shots before. When he asks doctors to give him allergy shots now, they always say no and prescribe him some medication that won't work. He ...

 Can one overcome a cat allergy?
If you're around cats enough, do allergies tend to dissipate? I had a friend that was very allergic to cats and when she came around my house that used to have 8 cats, she seemed to get less ...

 Is it possible for one's allergies to go away?

 what are histamines, or what do anti histamines do ?

 Is it possible to be allergic to water?
Every time I drink water I get really dizzy, and the next day I have red blotches all over my skin. Like this is only when I drink water, just water. Not milk or juice or anything, which I know has ...

 If it's not a fruit allergy, what is it?
For the last 8 months or so, when i eat some fruits my throat feels quite itchy. It goes away after a while and it's not very serious but i was just wondering what it is. I dont think it's ...

♥Future Hollywood *STAR*♥
Could i have a nose job at 14?
this isnt my naturall nose.. my nose was perfect until the age of like 10/11 then my bro pushed me into a wooden table and i broke it=(
Additional Details
i probably will want it.. but not now.. i am 14

my nose has a bump on it and is kinda hooked, my brother always makes fun of me and it hurts.... i mean i hate it too... i never like to look sideways because i am afr4aid pppl will see it... idk... it ruins everything in my face... i have rllly great featurs.. but the nose ruins everything!!! wht will happen if i get it now????

my parents will probably say no but im just curious

Well I think you're obviously way too young to get a nose job, I mean you're only 14 years of age. Your body still has a lot of growing to do. I know how you feel about your nose though ... you're self-concious and scared of what people might think but sooner or later you're going to have to get over it. If you have other great features then show them off don't hide anything because of your nose. A lot of young girls your age are self-concious about themselves but you should know that deep down inside, you're beautiful and no can bring you down because of that. You need to grow more and more confidence in yourself, It's really not that hard at all.

It may be the best thing to wait until you're around 18 but you may be able to have it done earlier. You said it hurts so it is worth having it checked out by a doctor.
I hope parents one day wake up and realize that broken noses are not triffles. The injury is too close to the brain area, and likely blocks your nasal passage. If you are still hurting or if you tend to bleed a lot, then it's a good thing to have the doctor look at it.

M fan
Don't worry about it. You can do it when your older if you really want, but the little things that you might not like about your self, are the things that people who like you will think are really cute.

Also, smack your brother in the face with a baseball bat while he's sleeping. Then you can laugh at him for having metal screws in his face when the doctors try to reconstruct it.

A *good* plastic surgeon would not perform a rhinoplasty on a 14 year old.

Probably since you're still growing, no good Dr. would do it anyways.
Wait til you're old enough to make that decision for yourself.

Nicole K
You will probably find doctors won't be willing to do it because of your age, i should think they would tell you to wait till your 18 as you are still growing!!
Only way they might is if it is for a medical reason but this doesnt sound the case for you!
Its a pretty horrible procedure and can be very sore afterwards.
I'd wait till you are 18 and if you still want it doing then go ahead!!
Good luck

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