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 is it possible to become allergic to meat..?
for the past week, everytime i've eaten meat or beef i've become sick. my stomach starts hurting alot and i get the runs. is it just bad meat or am i becoming allergic?

PS: ...

 Do the allergy-free goose feather comforters work?
I've tried and I get itchy when I use goose feather bedding. However I went into a store today where they assured me they have bedding with goose feathers but anti-allergic. I'm doubtful ...

 accidently took 4 benedryl?
i accidently took 4 benedryl. i missread the box and thought it said take 4 every 6 hours.

it said take EVERY 4-6 hours.

i feel kinda woozy and dizzy but otherwise fine.

 Are people who are allergic to cat hair always allergic to dog hair too?

 Milk subsitute for 19 month old?
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Milk susitute for 19 month old?
He has not been doing well on Pediasure, it is lactose free, but still milk based, no appetite, loose stools, got his appetite back on soy milk,...

 Just started Flonase yesterday and it doesn't seem to be working properly..?
It's actually Fluticasone (generic for Flonase) but I started the spray yesterday morning and this morning and it doesn't seem to be making a difference whatsoever - I am sneezing up a ...

 Just been restricted to gluten free foods only...please help in any way u can?
So Im 16...today i went to the dr and had blood work done because they believe me to be celiac, well after the blood work my dr restricted me to a gluten free diet....and I wuldnt neccacrrially call ...

 I'm trying to find panties for my 3 yo daughter who is allergic to the elastic in regular panties. No luck yet
I've tried searching for latex free children's clothig as well as allergy information and can find no links to special underwear for allergies. Someone please help!...

 How can I get this fluid out of my ear??? HELP!!!!?
My allergies were really acting up last week. My eyes were swollen, itchy, watery. My head was sooo stopped up and a major headache, sneezing, and last but not least nasal congestion. Now for the ...

 Have I got sinusitis and how can I treat it without paying too much money?
I suffered with colds constantly on and off all year last year, recently I have had minor migraines and headaches and my sinuses are killing me. My friend said that I could have sinusitis which she ...

 development of nut allergies?
okay so, back when i was in grade 10 (I'm 1st year university now) i developed an allergy to melon and carrots, also my whole like i have been allergic to all pollens and planets like grass, ...

 Question about Allergy Testing?
i went to a doctor office who said they will test me for environmental allergies but not food. i want to test for everything, do some places test for both? also they said that i have to come back 5 ...

 allergic reaction to period pads?
apart from pretty bad situational stress.

over past year or so, if i wear a period pad, at any time - period or no period - i get a pretty strange reaction, my blood pressure drops, ...

 Fear of having a food allergy?
When I was in high school I witnessed a fellow classmate who was from mexico having a severe allergic reaction to a salad dressing she ate. Her throat closed up and she ended up going to the hospital....

 do you think i'm allergic to perfume ?
So I was in class and a girl at the seat opposite me sprayed some perfume (it might have been victoria's secret but i'm not sure) and then as soon as it spreaded around the room and i smelt ...

 What is the best allergy medication that doesn't cause drowsiness?

 Can people develop allergies?
When I was born the doctors said I was not allergic to anything.
And I guess they were right because I never had any symptoms during allergy season and I never had to got to the hospital because ...

 I'm choking on my cat, please help?
Now that I have your attention through means of a somewhat funny title, can someone please help me? I have severe Post Nasal Drip and I'm choking on my cat, his dander is causing my mucus to ...

 My nose is like a faucet, its been occuring all night, help?
In the afternoon I inhaled too much dust while cleaning the inside of my computer, then my nose kept on running like a faucet all night! Help me! I kept blowing my nose and it keeps on comming T.T...

 I am choked with catarrh i am a non-smoker its driving me mad anyone any advice?

Can you have food alergies to organic and naturall foods?
I have been feeding my daughter more organic and natural foods. She has been breaking out alot latley and I don't know if that is the reason. I took her to the doctor and I have to put her on Claritin for 7 days to see if it makes it any better. I thought the whole point of eating organic was to reduce food alergies?Does anyone know?

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Pants face
Of course you can be allergic to organic food. People can be allergic to anything. Take her to an allergist.

Even if foods are all natural or organic - there may be allergens that your daughter may be sensitive to that could contain dairy, or milk sugars/proteins (Whey, Casein, Lactose), or eggs, or nuts, she could have a sensitivity to glucose. Watch this very closely...

My daughter SEVERELY is allergic to milk/dairy, eggs, nuts, and has a slight allergy to soy. What is very scary about food allergies, or any allergy for that matter is that every time you're exposed to the allergen - the reaction can become worse and worse! The first time my daughter was exposed to milk she got a few hives, the second time she got a few more hives, and the third exposure threw her into an anaphylactic reaction and I almost lost her! Her throat closed up and she stopped breathing.

lil A
it doesnt matter whether a food is organic or not- if its for instance, wheat it wouldnt matter if its organic wheat or regular- its wheat. but sometimes someone can be allergic to the preservatives or chemicals or added sweetners/colors within the product so yes it would help with organics- they reduce added things and keep it as natural as possible.
if your daughter is breaking out i suggest getting her tested for food allergies- ask your doctor about it.

If a food allergy/intolerance is there, organic foods will not stop a reaction from happening.

The best thing to do is leave her diet as it is and keep a food diary. Write down what she eats and what time she eats it. Also write down any reaction she may have during the day and at what time. After doing this for a few weeks compare, look to see if anything is connected. Like every time she has tomatoes she has a rash a few hours later. Then speak with your doctor about this.

While organic is good, the jury is still out if it is actually better. Our bodies are so used to pesticides, some of us have problems with the natural bacteria that is on organic food. It could be more that she is having a reaction to that bacteria rather than the food itself.

I hope this helps :)

Yes, anyone can be allergic to any food, whether it is organic or not. If you are allergic to eggs or strawberries for example, you will be allergic to all eggs or strawberries, including the organic ones.

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