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Can you be allergic to the smell of popcorn?
My boss claims that she is, so we can't eat it in the office...I've never heard of that before...do smell allergies exist?

Kris L
No, you can NOT be 'allergic to' any 'odor' ... but that still doesn't mean that you should eat popcorn at work ... in fact, because popcorn is such a 'messy treat' I'm surprised that it is even an 'issue' where you work. I have 'set up and run' several different kinds of businesses, and I've NEVER had anyone even try to eat popcorn while working ... and I would 'have an immediate talk' with anyone who tried, because 'popcorn' is not an 'appropriate snack' to eat in ANY place of business OTHER THAN a 'theatre.'

workin man
Not to the smell, but you can be serverely allergic to popcorn itself. When it's poped it releses micro particles of it's self into the air. One way to tell (and this is cruel if she really is!) would be to crunch some popcorn in your hand, and touch her. If she is alergic to popcorn, she will break out in welts all over where you touched her in about 10 minutes. If no welts pop up, then you can pop away because she's lying because she does not like the smell.


no, they don't. I am pretty sure she is just trying not to eat it because she is watching her weight or somthing like that. :) She probably loves popcorn, and just doesn't want to be tempted.


no- but she could be over-sensitive to smell and that could cause migraines. and to the person above me-they aren't smell allergies all your listed items are inhaled tiny irritants to small to see-but really there not smelled

Yeah just like people being allergic to cut grass, golden rod, certain flowers, aerosol spray, and certain perfumes. Also dust, pet dander, mold, peanuts, and peanut butter these are all smelling allergies.

A food does not have to be eaten to cause an allergic reaction but eating it does cause great amounts to get into the body and usually causes the most severe reactions. Hives can occur on skin contact with an allergenic food. If the food goes into the wet surfaces, e.g., through a cut in the skin or at the lips (e.g., being kissed by someone who has eaten peanut butter), or in the eye, severe reactions can occur.

D - Man
If she has reactions to the smell of popcorn, then it is something in the popcorn that causes it. A mere smell can not cause an allergic reaction. However, molecules released in the air as a result of making the popcorn can cause a reaction. But if she is that sensitive then she would be having a reaction to tons of foods and objects. Corn is used in making tons of products. It sounds as though she is making it up.

Not sure, but I have to admit I loath the smell of it too!

Since the PC police started up in the 70s, people are 'allergic' to everything they don't like. Actually they aren't allergic at all they just don't like the smell. So now they call that 'being sensitive' to the odor. Which stops people from using perfume, after shave, certain foods, etc.
In a real allergy your eyes swell up, you break out in hives and your wind pipe closes up .. then you need to go to emergency and get a shot of epiniphrine. Been there I know what allergy is!!

never heard of that one.....could she possibly be pregnant? things smell strange to people sometimes when they're pregnant. i love the smell of popcorn :-)

reina del perreoo
no it probably just gives her nausea

Jeff F
no, but you can be a moron..that is possible.

When I worked in South Carolina, there was an employee who went in to anaphylactic shock from popcorn fumes. Popcorn had to be banned from the building. This was an extreme case but it happened.

Many times people lump all negative reactions to substances as "allergic". For a true allergic reaction, the periphial cappillaries must become dialated. As the reaction increases in severity then the airways in the lungs will become constricted. When this happens it leads to full blown anaphelactic shock.

Steven A
I think the smell is the allergy so there just allergic to popcorn not the smell

I don't think you can be allergic to a smell. She might just hate popcorn and tell you that she is allergic to. You should bring some in and see if she is allergic to it!

keaton h
yes my bro is allergic to it my bro has to have a shot at the hospital if he eats it

I'm a paramedic and I seriously doubt she is allergic to the smell alone.

...if you can smell it... that means that there are molecules of it in the air and "yes"...if they have an allergy to it... it will cause them a problem..

I am the Health Clerk at an elementary school. We have many
students that are allergic to peanuts. Two of these students are so allergic that just the smell of peanuts sends them into anaphylaxis. Many people choose not to believe this but it can happen.
There is know way of telling if your boss is exagerating or truly is allergic. One thing is for sure, she doen't want popcorn in the office!

Susan M
Smell allergies do exist. Most nasal problems that are allergies are from small particles in the air. I don't know about popcorn. Maybe she just hates it and it makes her nauseous. She's your boss, just leave it alone, or is it worth it to eat popcorn in the office?

I get migraines from fragrences like perfume, especially in fabric softener. It is really hard when I have to go outside to feed my horses and someone is drying their laundry with a sheet. I start seeing spots and then it gets worse from there and will last for days.

Contrary to what the other respondents seem to think..Allergic people have very sensitive mucous membranes, which can be irritated by lots of different substances including smoke, pollution, cooking smells, perfume and strong odours. So while it would be odd...it IS possible that your boss is allergic to the smell of popcorn (what kind of reaction does she have, I wonder?!)

Yes they exist. And since you doubt they exist, here is a link explaining why. Be a little more compassionate to your boss. After all, this could be life threatening for her.


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